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Info from Licensor: "World-famous slackliner and Daredevil 'Sketchy' Andy Lewis continues to live up to his name as he attempts 260 meters (780ft) highline. Highlining is the modern day version of tightrope walking but without the use of a balance pole. This highline is especially unusual as one end of the slackline is anchored to a web-like structure that is suspended 450 feet above the canyon. This web structure, also known as 'The Spacenet', is the brainchild of Andy and inspired by the Ewoks of Star Wars who's civilization lived in trees. As a spectator, it takes your breath away as Andy stands up and takes his very first step. And even though he is anchored in, he has hundreds of feet to walk out to his destination, and there are hundreds of feet below him. If the slackline were to rupture, Andy's harness would not be enough to save him from falling to his death. After a few falls, Andy manages to make it out to the Spacenet. An impressive sight!"
23 Oct 2017
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I didn't know Jerry Lewis could even play the drums, but I knew Buddy Rich could.
3 Apr 2006
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The Typewriter by Leroy Anderson in this classic scene with Jerry Lewis from Who's Minding The Store.
21 Aug 2006
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Lewis Hamilton spins off at Silverstone UK on 21st sept 2006 in his mclaren mercedes.
8 Oct 2006
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The New World Order has taken over the media and the Government. Clyde Lewis explains his observations at Dantes. Political Black Magic used all the time by the media and the spin machine to keep you uninformed and abiding by their will. "Ground Zero Radio is a unique radio experience. Combining Talk Radio, Music, and Soundscapes, Ground Zero radio applies the idea that theater of the mind can create an entertaining three hours of the most compelling radio broadcast on the air today. Hosted by radio veteran Clyde Lewis, Ground Zero Radio is a show that commands an impressive audience locally and nationally. Ground Zero radio has been heard all over the world and is recognized as the most entertaining talk shows by industry magazines like Radio & Records and Rolling Stone. Ground Zero Radio has been a dominant radio force for more than a decade."
20 Jun 2007
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Jona Lewie's classic Christmas hit, "Stop The Cavalry" mixed with MLK's "I Have A Dream" speech... A Mosquito production.
17 Dec 2006
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Lewis vs QPR
28 Jan 2007
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After a long hiatus, and after shooting a bunch of movies, TV shows, and HBO specials, the one and only LEWIS BLACK returns to the fold on the Opie and Anthony Show, and is greeted with open arms...and the occasional chunk of biting wit
5 Feb 2007
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British X factor winner Leona Lewis sings "I will Always Love You" week 7 of the competition. With Comments from Simon Cowell, Sharon Osbourne and Louis Walsh. Look out for Leona on American Idol 6, Jay Leno and Ellen Degeneres.. Who would have thought she was actually ill with tonsilitus here?
12 Feb 2007
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leona lewis
15 Feb 2007
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Lewis vs Plymouth
18 Feb 2007
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In this film, we meet Lewis Hands, the brains behind an organisation rumoured to expose the massive fallacies in British politics nowadays. If you like it, vote at differentlives****
4 Mar 2007
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