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The credits used in this video come from the opening in Chain of memories. This Video is meant for kh-vids****'s version of Kingdom hearts 3. Again, this is not an officia video, it is purely FANMADE. Dedicated to the kh-vids**** KH3 group To see it on Youtube, click the link below! ***********/watch?v=h1mV0HsnevU
1 May 2009
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OKAY GUYS. See the date of this video? Yeah, we didn't know Marluxia was pronounced MARLOOSHA until we dubbed SERVED. So stop correcting us because WE ALREADY KNOW. Okay, first of all...I didn't write or draw ANY of this comic. Nor did I have permission :D But she found this video eventually and approved, so YEY~ THIS COMIC IS BY IMAGEC0RRUPT3D ON DEVIANTART. NOT ME. *******imagec0rrupt3d.deviantart**** That being said, all the editing and voices were done by myself and my friend Arxaith, although her DeviantArt alias is corpsebridequeen. (*******corpsebridequeen.deviantart**** ) Here are the voices that we performed in order of Organization Numbahs. I Xemnas - SpoonyChan II Xigbar - Arxaith III Xaldin - Arxaith IV Vexen - Arxaith V Lexeaus - SpoonyChan VI Zexion - Arxaith VII Saix - Arxaith VIII Axel - Arxaith IX Demyx - SpoonyChan X Luxord - Well, it was going to be mewhen we realized that Luxord HAD no part o_o XI Marluxia - SpoonyChan XII Larxene - SpoonyChan XIII Roxas - SpoonyChan We also made several of the sound effects ourselves, one of which being the fire crackling noise where we crinkled up paper. I'm actually quite happy with that sound effect ^^ And if you're bored and wanna see our stupid bloopers, watch the attached video n_n AND the comic "Oh so sensitive" was excluded mainly because we didn't have enough time to include it in the video. I'M NOT MAKING A PROFIT FROM THIS VIDEO AND THE SONGS AND COMIC ARE NOT MINE.
6 Sep 2009
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