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What if your BFF was DTF... Tweet it! *******clicktotweet****/ha2t3 SUBSCRIBE: ******* FOLLOW: ******* GET FREE PHONE APP: ******* T-SHIRTS!!! ******* STARRING Bree Essrig ***********/BreeEssrig *******www.twitter****/BreeEssrig Nikki Limo ***********/TrickNiks *******www.twitter****/NikkiLimo CREW Cinematography by Jon "F**king" Na ***********/jonnamean Executive Producer Mickey Meyer ********twitter****/#!/Mickey_Meyer Produced by Patrick Pope ***********/doubledutchoven Production Coordinator George T. Kimmel IV Gaffer Arthur Hong AD Chris Miller PA/Badass Russell Ford *******www.twitter****/wrfIII Editor Nick Gallucci Written & Directed by Michael Gallagher ***********/TotallySketch *******www.twitter****/TotallySketch © 2012 Totally Sketch. All Rights Reserved. --- "Totally Sketch", TotallySketch, Totally, Sketch, "Lez be friends", Lesbian, friends, "Friends with Benefits", Comedy, "Bree Essrig", "Nikki Limo", "Sketch comedy", "Sex jokes", "interactive sex", "Facebook sex", "hot chick", teens, awkward, "what is love, baby don't hurt me, don't hurt me, no more, what song?"
19 Oct 2013
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In the Second Episode of Lez-B-Honest find out about Keisha's secret love interest. Also, Keisha gets a visit from someone from her past. Alex finally finds out about Portia.
22 Dec 2013
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In this episode of LEZ-B-HONEST.... Things with Shawn and Chanel seems to be going well, until...... Dj Storm and Ashley relationship takes a turn. Jade makes a shocking appearance. Portia runs into someone from her past. Renee shows Alex another side of her, but is it good or bad?! Shawna brings everyone together for a night of fun but......something happens.
8 Aug 2014
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in this episode Lez and Mike Nolan hit up the casino to try win money so they can afford parts and fuel for the Space Ship
31 Aug 2014
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Episode 1: The Flowers Episode 2: The Volcano Bong Episode 3: Nortons Revenge Episode 4: Meet MIke Nolan Episode 5: Father's Day Episode 6: Day at the Beach Episode 7: Quinton's Birthday Episode 8: Lez and Quinton charge the scooby doo spooky coaster Episode 9: The Cliff Hanger Episode 10: The Brutal Truth Episode 11: Choomah island
12 Nov 2014
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episode 1 of season 2 'they're back' this mind fuck of an episode will show that there is more to The Big Lez Show than a few stoner jokes and a few giggles the big lez show facebook page *******www.facebook****/TheBigLezShow
17 Nov 2014
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LIKE US ON HERE: ********www.facebook****/TheBigLezShow In this episode you find out what happened 3 weeks before Lez went to choomah island.
30 Jan 2015
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LIKE US ON FACEBOOK *******www.facebook****/TheBigLezShow Nortons birthday is here and his party is about to go off the rails! Lez is still mad that he was never invited... but hat doesn't mean he won't show up...
13 Feb 2015
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Bette being funny: Bette:"Does she seriously think that Jenny's idiotic drivel is reflective of me and my life, at all? I can't answer your fuking whys. You know why? Because it's not me. It's not me. And apart from anything else I am frankly...fuking FLABBERGASTED, I am FLABBERGASTED that she cast such a white actress.She's white.Okay? Was Mary-Fuking-Poppins not available? I mean,really,what the fuk can she possibly know about my life? What can she know? :))))))) Bette: "It is fiction...fiction!!!" Ok Bette you don't have to be flabbergasted anymore...we've seen it and it is fiction...and it's nothing to do with "L word" scenes... Jennifer Beals did a great job with the Bette character...and these are just a few scenes that prooves it!
24 May 2009
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It learns to dance tango in 42 lessons. Clase 25 - Sacada con cambio de frente y empujadita.
24 Feb 2009
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Here I am pulling double duty as radio personality on Power 106 Big Boy's Neighborhood & host/producer of Bet's Rap City. Check Mystial Rip the Mic!
10 Oct 2009
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Ahmet Ipek :) Bizim Ev Hep böyLe a.q :)
28 Oct 2009
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Tango Argentino - Lezione 06 Cambio de frente
14 Jan 2010
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Tango Argentino - Lezione 09 La caida sobre la mujer
16 Mar 2010
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Tango Argentino - Lezione 15 Sanguchito con arrastre
27 Mar 2010
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Tango Argentino - Lezione 17 Sacada con ocho adelante
27 Mar 2010
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