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In this episode we feature Wine Library TV and meet Gary Vaynerchuk. Gary makes wine tasting fun. Wine Library TV: *******tv.winelibrary**** More info: *******tinyurl****/yoqdyd
29 Aug 2007
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Mr. Bean _ The Library
4 Sep 2007
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Producers' Commentary - Reverend Matthew Brewer (John Prosky) and his religious censorship group stage a vocal protest outside Video Library, the only video store chain in St. Louis to carry Martin Scorsese's controversial movie, "The Last Temptation of Christ". For more information about our how our Web Theater works and why we are doing it this way, search for our Web Theater introduction video titled HOTB-BTS-00. HEART of the BEHOLDER - www.Beholder****
11 Sep 2007
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These guys play this hilarious game in a library, where the unlucky ones have to perform a variety of hysterical tasks
8 Oct 2007
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Emilia 14 months old reading books at library
29 Sep 2007
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this guy set the startup sound very loud and long. see the respond of people in the library
1 Oct 2007
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Campaign features dynamic website that allows children to discover new ways to enjoy reading with literary and interactive games The Advertising Council and the Library of Congress announced today the launch of a new series of public service advertisements (PSAs) developed to inspire young people to "explore new worlds" through reading and to promote literacy in all types of learning, including books, periodicals and cartoons. The new PSAs, created pro bono by The Geppetto Group, Walt Disney Studios Home Entertainment and the Brigham Young University (BYU) Ad Lab, are based on classical fiction books The Wonderful Wizard of Oz, and the The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe, as well as stories of King Arthur and the Round Table. The Geppetto Group produced Oz, the original spot, and created the campaign tagline "Explore New Worlds," which encouraged the other two volunteer agencies to create inspirational endings from other classic works of fiction. The PSAs aim to inspire children in grades 4 to 6 to get more enjoyment out of reading and thereby inspire them to become lifelong learners.
2 Oct 2007
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Library item door
30 Oct 2007
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Amy is invited to dinner with the devil in hell; one guest of 13 at a sumptuous banquet, where no one can eat for knowing what will begin afterwards. Amy, however, is distracted by the devil's library; a collection of all the books ever burned by man...
20 Dec 2007
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easy time saving tip on how to create a separate Itunes library for your Ipod.
19 Dec 2007
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you so good person if you can do like this in your library.... very crazy
19 Jan 2008
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fast food order in library
25 Jan 2008
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For all debate coverage, go to: *******www.politico**** James Kotecki pre-game tonight’s Republican debate from the stage at the Reagan Library. The facilities here are AWESOME. And the location is one of the most beautiful places I’ve ever seen.
30 Jan 2008
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This video shows the new function to keep all your music files together that you are working on in Riffmaster Pro slow down music and slow don mp3 software for guitarists and musicians. You can save settings in the media library and keep track of all the song you are working on. riffmasterpro**** slowdowner slow down music guitar software transcribe songs jazz, transcribe, slow, slow down music, guitar tablature, transcription, slow down, pitch change, audio, musician, piano, bass, audio player, lyrics, guitar software, music, midi, loop music, slow music, drums, teach, learn, manage, free mp3 drum tracks. They Call it The Software revolution that's rocking the Guitar Playing world... Instantly Play Any riff of Any Guitar Hero or Monster Player... Imagine this… You have Jimi Hendrix, Slash, Eric Clapton or Joe Satriani, Steve Vai, John Petrucci Mark Knopfler, Eric Johnson,David Gilmour, Jimmy Page or Kirk Hammett (or any other famous guitarist you care to mention) in front of you…. Riffmaster pro the original and best slow down music software You can have them play any of their Solo’s and Riffs for You, Slowly, Note-for-note so you can play along with them. Who would you begin with… Which song would you choose first… Fade to black... A Whole Lotta love… Sweet Child of Mine…Purple Haze… so many to choose from. Slow down music and slow down mp3's. Instantly Slow Down Guitar Solos Without Changing The Pitch!
8 Feb 2008
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Library Dominoes :)
1 Mar 2008
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A daring student streaks through Hodges Library at the University of Tennessee Knoxville in the middle of finals week. Remember how crowded the libraries are this time of year. This took balls... literally.
11 Mar 2008
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