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Classic Game Room presents a CGRundertow review of the Secret Saturdays: Beasts of the 5th Sun from High Voltage Software and D3 Publisher for the Nintendo Wii. Beasts of the 5th Sun is basically a 2.5D platformer, but it also has a lot of elements characteristic of 3D beat 'em ups. The levels give you a series of platforming sections only to break them up with small 3D arenas, where you engage in the same beat 'em up action that defines so many of these licensed games. The platforming is actually enjoyable, however relative that may be, but the fighting is just terrible. Mash buttons, generally the same button over and over, until that handful of enemies goes away. To the game's credit, at least they finally go away. This video review features video gameplay footage of the Secret Saturdays: Beasts of the 5th Sun for the Nintendo Wii and audio commentary from Classic Game Room's Derek.
30 Nov 2012
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Appleseed Super Famicom review. *******www.ClassicGameRoom**** Shop CGR shirts & mugs! *******www.CGRstore**** Classic Game Room reviews APPLESEED for Super Famicom released in 1994, a terrible side scrolling action game based on the Masamune Shirow manga series, Appleseed! Play as Deunan or Briarios and shoot bad guys, fight robots and hate life as you slog through this terrible licensed game with sub par gameplay and ear stabbing music. Appleseed videogame review features Appleseed Nintendo Super Famicom (Japanese SNES) game play. Appleseed fans should avoid this game and read the manga or watch the anime (most of which is pretty bad too except the most recent film which was ok...)
20 Apr 2013
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Bionicle review. *******www.ClassicGameRoom**** Shop CGR shirts & mugs! *******www.CGRstore**** Classic Game Room presents a CGR Undertow review of Bionicle for the Xbox developed by Argonaut Games and published by Electronic Arts. Bionicle is a single-player action-platformer based on LEGO’s Bionicle line. The story includes events from the direct-to-video Bionicle film, Mask of Light. The Bohrok have launched an assault on the Mata Nui, and players must help the Bionicle heroes prevail in the conflict. Characters such as Gali, Tahu, Kopaka and Pohatu are playable, and each level introduces a new one. Some characters have full 3D levels to play, while others break up the action with vehicle levels such as mine carts and snowboards. The gameplay follows a typical formula for licensed games, involving basic 3D combat and platforming elements. Bionicle’s combat is shooting-based, allowing players to absord enemy projectiles and fire them back. This video review features video gameplay footage of Bionicle for the Xbox and audio commentary from Classic Game Room's Derek.
6 Aug 2013
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Pac-Man (パックマン, Pakku man?) is an arcade game developed by Namco and licensed for distribution in the U.S. by Midway, first released in Japan on May 22, 1980. Immensely popular in the United States from its original release to the present day, Pac-Man is universally considered as one of the classics of the medium, virtually synonymous with video games, and an icon of 1980s popular culture. Upon its release, the game became a social phenomenon that sold a bevy of merchandise and also inspired, among other things, an animated television series, and music. When Pac-Man was released, most arcade video games in North America were primarily space shooters such as Space Invaders, Defender, or Asteroids. The most visible minority were sports games that were mostly derivative of Pong. Pac-Man succeeded by creating a new genre and appealing to both males and females. Pac-Man is often credited with being a landmark in video game history, and is among the most famous arcade games of all time. The character also appears in more than 30 officially licensed game spin-offs, as well as in numerous unauthorized clones and bootlegs. According to the Davie Brown Index, Pac Man is still the most recognized video game character in the United States, even more famous than Mario.
10 Jun 2013
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Play as the Predator in this officially licensed game based on the latest chapter of the hit franchise PREDATORS™! Hone your tracking skills and killing techniques to lethal precision as you collect the most prized trophies -- heads of human prey.
29 Sep 2013
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South Park The Stick of Truth: EWWW! AWKWARD SEX KLAXON! [SPOILERS] ★ Help us reach 300k! Join the CVG army: ******* SPOILER ALERT: Be warned: watching this sex scene will damage your soul for all of eternity. It's the one thing every child fears... Is there anything from South Park: The Stick of Truth that you especially want to see? Let us know in the comments and subscribe to CVG for more gameplay from what might be one of the greatest licensed games of all time. South Park: The Stick of Truth is released on Xbox 360, PS3 and PC on March 7th. To watch our South Park: Stick of Truth review, go here: *******
30 Jun 2014
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