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This is weird, I'm not quite sure what it was when I found it. I thought it was going to be for reference for my life drawing class. The guy is pretty studly, though. Hats? Pretty funny either way.
5 Dec 2007
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3 1/2 minute preview of a complete series of VHS and DVD videos on Drawing from Life by Ruth Block
7 Aug 2010
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First snow of the year and my life drawing final exam.
11 Dec 2008
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Sydney Hens Nights *******www.art4play****.au Art4Play is THE Sydney Hens Nights expert. Our life drawing classes are the most fun you can have with your clothes on. Our gorgeous hunks get their kit off for your enjoyment and our art classes are a riot - good clean fun for all the ladies regardless of age. Let Art4Play take of your Sydney Hens Night. Call on the national enquiry line (02) 8084 9357
19 Jun 2012
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This is a sample clip from Matts DVD, How to Draw the Hand and Foot a Layered Approach. Come visit his website at mattsillustration****
18 Dec 2007
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Matthew Archambault teaches at the School of Visual Arts in Manhattan N.Y. Visit his website mattsillustration**** if you would like to learn how to draw with confidence.
8 Jan 2008
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Learn how to draw the figure from your mind. Visit mattsillustration**** to learn more.
8 Jan 2008
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Visit www.mattsillustration**** to support the "Tip of the Week"
7 Jul 2008
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drawing a still life. this is a quick sketch.
20 Jul 2008
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very nice drawed cartoon on realtime, you gonna watch it...
30 Sep 2008
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www.cloudstars**** Learn Human Anatomy for artist
8 Oct 2009
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Learn Life figure drawing from the comfort of your own room.
22 Jun 2009
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London Drawing came to the Häagen Dazs Boudoir to let our girls show off their artistic side. Watch the video to see their drawing skills. Find out more about the Boudoir and how you can get involved on our Facebook page: www.facebook****/HaagenDazs
27 Jul 2011
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A short video clip featuring the illustrations from my popular first children's book - Jack's Crayons-Jack Goes Fishing. Jack is a young boy whom possesses the only box of everlasting, magical crayons in the whole wide world. One simple command from Jack and his crayons come to life, drawing whatever Jack has commanded. The drawings in turn, come to life themselves. Guaranteed fun, adventure and mischief all the way. For more details please visit: *******www.jackscrayons****
31 Mar 2010
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If the era of the prophets and the sent messengers was not past, we would have shouted in the miracle! Echorouk welcomed in it premises, the afternoon of September 10th, 2009, the prodigal son Abd Arrahmane FARIH: he is 3 years old and has learns the Saint Koran.! How can a 3-year-old child learn the chapter " Al-Qahf " ( The Cave) and the chapter " Maryam " ( Marie) and narratives of the prophet Mohammed ( SAAWS)? Just by listening to his mother reciting them or by looking at the TV channel of recitation of the Saint Koran with the voice of the sheik Al-Afasy: TV Alafasy (on Nile Sat) when his(her) mother made her prayers. But when she wanted to put to him a channel of full of life drawings, he refused and wanted TV Alafasy! Has one of us already seen a 3-year-old child learning the Saint Koran and that it contains of her chapters (Sura) lengths and to recite them in settle of recitation and without making a mistake in order or mixing between suras and verses? The child prodigy Abd Arrahmane who opens the meeting by the chapter: Al-Qahf ( The Cave). He read it in the way of Hafs according to Aâssim by trying to make as the sheik Al-Afasy. He did not commit a single fault. He read it exactly and in the rules of the recitation in spite of he had caught a cold and has a temperature, He insisted to finish his recitation. Until we stopped him being sure of his learning without fault and in the strict rules of the Koranic recitation. That is needed knowledge it is that the child prodigy Abd Arrahmane has set of the delay to speak. Said his mother. He was already 2 years old and had not pronounced word until he begun just like that with the recitation of the sura of Al-Qahf ( The cave) without any trouble and in its most complete raiding. During his every Friday, his mother recited the sura Al-Qahf ( The cave), every day, she recited 2 suras Al-Moaaouidatayne ( 113-114 ) and the sura Al-Molk ( The Monarchy(Kingship)). When she finished her recitation, she enjoyed a plenitude and an incomparable tranquillity. Magnificence to Allah! These readings of the Saint Koran were able to reach the heart of the child still foetus in the stomach of his mother. Sobhana Allah! Abd Arrahmane said: " I have two week, I look at the channel Alafasy and when I would be big, I am going to buy some bread to my mother! " Original version (Arabic) on YouTube: ***********/watch?v=TmnYz5y0ASA
13 Sep 2009
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A powerful story of Pamand her best gay friend Scott, who's blessed with right-wing Christian adoptive parents. With its dreamlike sequences & very satisfying dose of gay romance, Half-Life draws you into its crumbling and vividly imaginative world.
5 Mar 2010
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