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A great video showing pics form NASA and Google earth / moon. NOTE: all OF MY photos are REAL and on the internet for the taking. You may download all my videos and give them to everyone or do some research and go to: ******* OR GO TO : Google Earth / moon to see for yourself what the truth real is.
19 Jun 2010
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Hundreds of millions of tons of water have been found under the land on the Moon, and scientists believe that this considerable quantity would be sufficient to support life on the planet. Buy your acre of Land on the moon today from lunarland before its to late.
10 Oct 2010
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Checking out the JAXA/NASA high definition videos, I discovered what appears to be a rocket launch from inside the Anaxagoras crater (on the near side of the Moon) - dated 2009. Deduction of dirt/artifact on the camera lens, laser pointer? (for satellite camera), dust, astronaut pee etc... makes me conclude (if this footage is real) that there IS life on the Moon today, now! Download the HD version and check yourself here: Japanese version ***********/watch?v=VrdrP_1gHGE English version ***********/watch?v=LxLWvGQWULU Notice the shadows cast when the "rocket" ascends on the rocks near it! I suggest you all download and save these videos now (save the [22].mp4's for the highest definition available). This is gonna be hard to explain...over to you NASA... :P
2 Jun 2013
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