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The cast talks about being on set of Cinemax's new After Dark series. For more information, log onto Cinemax****.
24 Oct 2009
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Go with Joel Stein and the girls from "Life On Top" as they go get makeovers. For more information, log onto Cinemax****.
15 May 2010
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Glee's episode this week, "Graduation," was the Glee season finale episode. This Glee episode features full performances of eight cover songs, including: "Sit Down You're Rocking the Boat" - Guys and Dolls Performed by Artie Abrams, Rachel Berry, Tina Cohen-Chang, Kurt Hummel and Mercedes Jones "Forever Young" - Rod Stewart Performed by Will Schuester "Single Ladies (Put a Ring on It)" - Beyoncé Performed by Burt Hummel with Tina Cohen-Chang and Brittany Pierce "I'll Remember" - Madonna Performed by Kurt Hummel "You Get What You Give" - New Radicals Performed by the graduating members of New Directions "In My Life" - The Beatles Performed by the non-graduating members of New Directions "Glory Days" - Bruce Springsteen Performed by Finn Hudson and Noah Puckerman "Roots Before Branches" - Room for Two Performed by Rachel Berry and Finn Hudson Watch Mia recap the full Glee Gradution episode! Glee - ***********/glee Mia - ***********/potentialcelebrity Original Air Date: May 22, 2012 Featured Music: Mishal Moore - "Ah Ah" ***********/us/artist/mishal-moore/id97359588 Full Props episode synopsis: With graduation around the corner, Will (Matthew Morrison) assigns the glee club one final assignment: songs to say goodbye to the glee club. The seniors as a group sing "You Get What You Give", telling the underclassmen that it is now their glee club and their turn to take care of it. Kurt (Chris Colfer) reflects on how his experience at McKinley High has enabled other students to be openly gay. His father (Mike O'Malley) meets him in the school auditorium, where he tells Kurt that they grew apart after his mother died, but he felt them begin to grow closer again after seeing him dance to "Single Ladies (Put a Ring on It)" with Tina (Jenna Ushkowitz) and Brittany (Heather Morris) in their old basement; Tina and Brittany then join him on the stage to re-enact the dance. Mercedes (Amber Riley) reveals that she has been offered a recording contract as a backup singer and that she will be moving to Los Angeles. Mike (Harry Shum, Jr.) reveals that he has been offered a scholarship to attend a dancing academy in Chicago. Both revelations upset Santana (Naya Rivera), who does not want to take her cheerleading scholarship to the University of Louisville. Quinn (Dianna Agron) reflects that she will be ending her high school life on top where she wanted to. Later, Quinn returns her cheerleading uniform to Sue (Jane Lynch); Sue tells her that she is retiring the uniform, that Quinn reminds her of herself, and that she knows that Quinn will go far in life. Finn reflects on his high school career, and expresses his belief that he "nailed" his audition for the Actors Studio. While preparing for the graduation ceremony, Finn expresses his disappointment that he was unable to get an honorable discharge from the Army for his father, and questions whether his father would be proud of him. After the graduation ceremony, Finn, Kurt, and Rachel gather to open their acceptance letters -- Finn for the Actors Studio and Kurt and Rachel for NYADA. Finn and Kurt are rejected, while Rachel is admitted. Rachel decides to defer her admission for a year to help Finn and Kurt apply the next year. He tells her that although he loves her, he does not want to marry her if it means she has to give up her dreams. He also reveals that he will be joining the Army to change his father's discharge. Will and the glee club meet them on the train platform to say goodbye, and a tearful Rachel sings "Roots Before Branches" as she boards the train and arrives in New York. Tags- Glee Graduation, Graduation episode Glee, Glee this week, This week Glee, Glee episode 22, Glee season 3 episode 22, Glee season finale, Glee Single Ladies, Glee Forever Young, Glee You Get What You Give, Glee I'll Remember, Glee Beyonce, Glee Madonna, Glee Beatles, Glee Glory Days, Glee In My Life, Single Ladies Glee, Beyonce Glee, Madonna Glee, Glee graduation, Glee full performance, Beatles Glee, Glee Graduation episode, Glee You Get What You Give
28 Sep 2013
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