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A requested match by anthonygamer Warakia vs Ash and Dark chun-li i'm sorry for being late man vausei tried to do that as dudley but i couldn't so i tried warakia for my first try and i did it and here is the video for you Just like you asked 220% lifebars Comments and ratings are always welcomed more info or my next matches Dudley(me) vs i don't know i'll think about it Me vs my friend Enjoy comments and ratings are welcomed
17 Mar 2010
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Here are all the fusion characters performed in the game.This is Infinite World and not Budoaki 3.You would know that as you can see the lifebars are differnet, I'm not in Hyper Mode Red when I do fusion and as well you can see Janemba is in the video which he is in IW and we all know hes not in Budokai 3 so stop saying its not IW & get your facts right. -_-
6 Jul 2010
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I recently discovered a full game by the name of KoF Awaken. I looked around for a bit, and soon enough I found a download for it. This full KoF game has a nice look to it and has some unique custom moves for some of the characters (although there's a few I could do without), but the downside is that this project is seriously lacking in terms of main material. Yes, most of the effects look nice and shiny, but that doesn't make up for the fact that the roster is extremely limited. There are only 20 base playable characters, not including the 4 bosses. It's also missing a lot of main characters, such as Terry and Ryo. The stage selection is also very limited, as there are only 12 stages (not including one of them, since it's actually just a duplicate of an already selectable stage). In this video, I'll be demonstrating one of the main bosses, Igniz. Although he's not the final boss of this project, I can safely say that he's worse in terms of brutalness than he was in KoF 2001. His AI is downright relentless, all of his moves have the same godly range and effects, and his added moves only add onto it. Here I try to showcase all the moves for him, with the exception of his Brutal God Project move. As a small side note, I think the version I have might be an earlier version, due to a few specific problems such as the character names not appearing with the lifebars and some of the portraits showing up but not exactly fitting to the lifebar. Some of the stages also don't have music. Overall though, this is a pretty interesting project. Not too good, but not too bad either. If more characters were added in and more stages were available, then it could be improved. As another side note, the 2nd stage seen in this video actually doesn't have any music. I just added it in through Camtasia. The song is called Dream of a Shore Near Another World, from the soundtrack for Chrono Cross. Anyways, that's about it for now. As always, I hope you guys enjoy the video. ^^
9 Oct 2010
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hey, well i'm decided to upload my roster, enjoy , comment & rate please XP. NEW PORTRAITS ADDED & LIFE BARS -------------------------------------------------------- Hey que tal, bueno ps ya era hora de subir mi roster de nuevo chekenlo hay nuevos portraits e instale unas nuevas life bars ------------------------------------------------- THX Sic Graphis Team for the life bars THX babuino23 for the lifebars edits
19 Dec 2013
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