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Oil wrestling lift and carry.Sexy girl lifting a huge male on her shoulders. The guy must be double the weight of the girl. The girl looks quite calm and relaxed while doing this act.People in the background are enjoying the scene. Excellent and wonderful carry. Its quite strange to understand that how females are able to lift and carry their partners with such ease.Sometime it becomes so difficult for men also to lift other people but some women does it with so much ease. Thats what is called woman power. Some ladies are strong genitically. They get in their genes through their parents.Would love to see this sport to be a added as an official sport in olympics asian and commonwealth games. Will be an instant hit.
20 Jul 2010
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Please Girls! Don't try this at Home.
14 Dec 2006
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Two Russian Girls showing the acrobatic+dance lift Style in non-stop each lift other Clip.
30 Nov 2006
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The dark haired Girl carry him on her Hips like a Baby
11 Dec 2006
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Stretching is the most effective and healthiest kind of #fitness which helps to reach incredible body flexibility and finally do the #splits! You can find me online so anywhere in the world. You can train everywhere: at home, in vacation or during your business trip. Moreover, even with your friends in somebody’s cozy place. You need stretching routine if you feel uncomfortable because: • You sit most of your time. • Your body feels a constant tension. • You can’t relax, your routine is your boss. • You have a permanent headache. • You start noticing you have loose skin. • You lost a taste of life and dream about changes. • You are young mother and you just need the proper recovery programme. • You have problems with your joints and sometimes feel convulsions. • You feel uncomfortable because of backache, leg ache and arm ache. • You are sick of permanent headache. • You don’t feel enough desire or passion. • You are depressed and exhausted. What will you get in case of regular practice for splits stretches? • Wonderful mood? Certainly! • Full relax (full relaxation of all muscles groups). • Antistress effect (reducing mental tension). • Elastic and shining skin! • Completely ready body to desirable split. • Wow-effect! Your nice and very sporty body will have stunning impression. • Magnetic attractiveness for men. Woman doing the split is powerful and able to blow any man’s mind.
28 Apr 2017
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Emma Weberg, 19 (born in october 1989), a young Swedish girl wrestler, 72 kg (160 lbs), who has problems finding female training partners who are strong enough, so she has always been wrestling against boys. She says: its different to wrestle boys, since they are a little tougher and stronger than girls, and thats always good! Her strength as a wrestler is to quickly grab the opponents legs, lift and then throw him/her to the ground.
2 Oct 2009
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Strong woman lift man ! Training her muscular legs!
10 Sep 2010
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Two Girls lifting and carrying each other.Wonderful!
1 Dec 2006
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Girl lift and carry Girl
11 Feb 2007
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learn different knots! In this video,i will show you how to make a barrel sling,a useful sling to lift and carry containers even if its still partly full.i used a pot in this video instead of a real barrel.use a pot just a substitute for the barrel.
9 Jan 2008
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Every year the Arnold Strongman Classic determines The Strongest Man in the World. The events designed by Dr. Jan & Terry Todd feature events that rely heavily on sheer brute strength. The contest features extremely heavy weights for overhead and pulling events as well as for lifting and carrying special implements short distances. The events theyll attempt to conquer include the Timber Carry, Apollons Wheel, Tire Deadlift, Manhood Stones, Heavy Yoke and Circus Dumbbell.For more info, visit *******www.arnoldsportsfestival****
14 Sep 2009
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6 May 2010
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Cute, slim girls doing lift and carry. Girls are dressed in sportsuits and they barefoot. Many ways of carrying - piggyback, cradle, OTS and many more ! Brunette lifting blonde. Enjoy !
6 Dec 2010
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