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Tila Tequila faces off with Lil Wayne as a white guy. Tila chats LIVE on video and gets friendly with the camera on WooMe tv.
24 Dec 2009
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The Song Still 4 La Raza Made in 2006 By Kid Frost Featuring Dimanique, Lil Rob & Scoop DeVille (I Post To Promote =) ) Allso on the album 1218 collection !
23 Jul 2009
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Newest album from LiL Blue Productions!
10 Dec 2008
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The Newest advertisement for the LiL Blue Production's monthly broadcast.
10 Dec 2008
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Lala like Lil Jon's beats!
17 Aug 2009
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this dude is one of lil wayne's ghost writers. He wrote a track on tha carter 3.
31 Dec 2008
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Hot steamy bajan girls on the beach. Pyramid recording artist Lil Rick delivers a super hot soca track that is mashing up carnivals worldwide. He teams up with Jay Will in Barbados for what seems to be Hot Wuk part II.
24 May 2009
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Kevin Rudolf Ft. Lil Wayne - Let It Rock [[XBOX LIVE SPOOF]]
30 Dec 2008
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Lil Eazy - E * Elevate Hope Foundation
21 May 2009
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this is a hot song of the i cant feel my face mixtape with lil wayne and juelz santana. Lyrics Lil Wayne Yea,Ice Cream Hoodie, Bathing Ape Tennis Shoes/ No time for pictures, no time for interviews/ Im gon' get the money, snowstorm or sunny/ try me and i'm comin out my coat armor or somethin/ note on the table, pay me a daygo/ ya cant get the cash? then pay me in yayo/ save me the drama, dont go run and snitch/ if thats ya mama then i'll murk ya right in front of that bitch/ Ima Young Money, Cash Money, Universal solider/ watch out Ms. Syria, i'm kinda feelin ya/ ha, ima headache but they love the pain/ i ask a bitch her name and tell her go board the plane/ Im so sure, i know more, im so more Dwayne/ I know whores that know whores that's always with some more whores/ you ol' whores, i show whores , i go whores/ im always at the store cuz i go more, i go for it, thats so foward/ mami say she so bored wit ol' boy, oh oh/ i leave that pussy so sore, thats right no dough/ bitch get lost in the current, how the dough flows/ niggas call Maybachs LoLo's, niggas got the glock in the chokehold/ i wont fold, till the cops, till the PoPo's, ya hoes/ shout to my stomping ground, Hollygrove/ fuck wit them New Orleans niggas, funeral/ Uptown, Uptown's where i roll, yea/ welcome to the real outdoors, and of course/ that chopper that i tote will split em like a divorce/ and that spiritual force, take 'em way up north/ they say the end is coming, ima stay up for it/ ima chase that money, you could wait up for it/ ima kick to the snare, ima boom to the base/ what more can i say? i cant feel my face/ Juelz Santana Heal up, wheel up, bring it back, come rewind/ ima dealer, dealer, i bring it back all the time/ that coke, that hard, that crack, oh God/ you get caught, ya cant get back, no charge/ leak em out, slow leaking, air em out, no charge/ thats free no prob, thats G. Code yall/ so, no more slow leaking, now he just gotta flat/ flat line, laid on his back flat, half time/ im the crib playing EA Sports, they in the streets til they D.A see they corpse/ plus, the chickies know i stay fresh to my tippie toes/ hit the sneaker store say two words, gimmie those/ gimmie those, gimmie those, matter fact give me those whole 3 rows/ i hit Saks like gimmie that, gimmie that, gimmie that, matter fact, gimmie that rack/ ha, cash laid, tab paid, im out im off to the valle, wheres my car? thank you/ i do better, who better? you never,abuse cheddar, Playboy, Hugh Hefner/ you to nextta my dick, yessir/ i buy a car just because i like the smell of new leather/ im young, im fly, im black, im rich/ i let my nuts sag, i drag my dick, ya dig?/ the whores know i let my balls sag also/ off they drawers, so im all in they torso/ she cant take the dick, i tell her put a sock in it bitch, take the dick/ stroke the stroke, see if she could take the dick/ now see if she could take the brick, you on the team now/ meanwhile im in the kitchen, doing my daily routine/ scale a few things, cook a few O's, let my bitch bag 'em/ give it to my workers, let the strip have 'em/ fiends go bizerk for the work im cheffin/ fiends go to work after the work you sell 'em/ they know they gotta buy more, they head hurt, they eyes sore/ you sellin that cheap rock, sheet rock, dry wall/ they dont want that, they come back for more/ but they come back to me, they dont come back to yall/ i be chef, the chef, you never have to rechef what i chef, comprende?/ rewind, reset, replay, action, i be chef, the chef, you never have to rechef what i chef, comprende?/ A!!!/ *******www.myspace****/flyboymarvls *******www.myspace****/flyboymarvls *******www.myspace****/flyboymarvls *******www.myspace****/flyboymarvls *******www.myspace****/flyboymarvls *******www.myspace****/flyboymarvls *******www.myspace****/flyboymarvls *******www.myspace****/flyboymarvls ***********/fbmmusictv ***********/fbmmusictv ***********/fbmmusictv ***********/fbmmusictv ***********/fbmmusictv ***********/fbmmusictv ***********/fbmmusictv ***********/fbmmusictv ***********/fbmmusictv ***********/fbmmusictv
24 May 2009
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The official video for Pitbull's "Krazy" (Featuring Lil Jon). Music out now in all major online stores. Music video hits iTunes October 20. ©2008 Mr. 305, Inc./Famous Artist Music. Directed by David Rousseau and Produced by Alex Sdoucos.
14 Jan 2009
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the real lil wayne
13 Jan 2009
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Lil' Cease talks about "Notorious" and his upcoming fitness DVD.
14 Jan 2009
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50 Cent briefly describes how he feels about Lil Wayne. 2009!.....And please rate my videos even if you don't like them...Im just trying to make me a little extra money is all. Thanks.
19 Jan 2009
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Scrilla Agadee Ft. Bama Baby & Lil Czar - Show Me Somethin Mp3 leaked NEW 2009!
22 Jan 2009
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Lil Darling canta Time After Time
22 Jan 2009
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