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I don’t know who is more badass, the chimpanzee who slaps a lioness hard or the man who kept them both at his house as pets.
16 Nov 2017
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Amazingly,the lioness adopts this calf,taking care of her
24 Apr 2007
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Young zebra Kick African lioness and enjoy
4 Apr 2009
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Listen to Director of Operations, Scott Lope talk about Nikita the Lioness his favorite cat at the sanctuary. Nikita was seized by police in a drug raid and when she arrived at Big Cat Rescue she was severely underweight and had developed growths on her legs from lying on a hard surface all the time. Since then eating a grrreat diet and having a one acre enclosure to run around in, she as made a full recovery and is a very large and very beautiful mature lioness! Stay tuned for more spotlights on particular favorites at Big Cat Rescue and if you would like us to feature a particular cat that you have sponsored or just want to know more about let us know: infobigcatrescue**** Thanks for watching and please subscribe to receive notice of when our new videos are posted!
16 May 2009
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Now on iTunes: *******www.itunes****/movies/Lioness Tells the story of a group of female Army support soldiers who were part of the first program in American history to send women into direct ground combat.
19 Nov 2009
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*******www.tekbuz****/lioness-shows-trust-in-man-with-her-newborn-cubs/74460 Lioness shows trust in man with her newborn cubs
8 Mar 2011
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Amy Winehouse's new album tops the charts.
7 Dec 2011
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The lion and the human friend
24 Nov 2016
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Young Zebra Vs African Lioness. Young Zebra is Victorious as the young zebra trys to drown the african lioness, and leaves her pretty banged up.
6 Nov 2009
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Most of the videos of this type are from Lions in captivity. This is the first one by a Lioness. I never came across to any history reference where these type of observations are mentioned. Is it just people from a certain background who fabricate and see things differently or we are actually going through a phase of rapid change in ideologies taking interpretations from these types of incidents, regardless to the faith or religeon we belong to. Your comments will be highly appreciated.
29 Jan 2009
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Young Zebra Vs African Lioness. Young Zebra is Victorious
11 Apr 2009
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Ever seen a lioness sneeze? Then get scared of her own sneeze? It was all a mistake by the safari vehicle. She was getting cosy with her boyfriend instead she ran off, hid behind a bush, stared at us and sneezed. This was at 30 feet - in the wild - we'd become lunch. Personally, I feel we must not intrude on private moments. Tyavarekoppa Lion and Tiger Safari is located in the Shimoga district of the state of Karnataka, India. This tiger yawns and ignores us then casts a sly glance at us. He's nice enough not to eat us though we are at a 10 ft distance and he's not in a cage. Tour director: Nagappa Forest officer: Ramesh Fact file: Spans 250 hectares - 27.5 for animals mainly the big cats. 21 tiger surplus in 1989 now 3 females 6 males as they donated tigers to other sanctuaries. 1989 - Local Panchayat worked for it, Central Zoo Authority jurisdiction now. Tourism allocation 1 cr this year with development of sanctuary. Revenue from Banner ghatta etc getting here as they need annual revenue between 70-80 lakhs for maintenance and ecotourism has to pick up yet. To get there, the best method is to reserve your slot with the river tern resort at *******junglelodges****/V2/Rivertern.htm
16 Jan 2010
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