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Lip-locked? Make your natural lipstick last longer Barbara Reyes – Los Altos Aesthetician, Elephant Pharm
31 Jul 2008
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Advice for clever, beautiful, sexual and kind girls. All very simply to make. You just need a napkin and lipstick. He will be amazed!
8 Jan 2009
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Sen. Barack Obama slips up when trying to say Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac at an event in Green Bay. barack obama muslim gaffe lipstick fannie mae john mccain michelle sarah palin joe biden pig cnn green bay stumbles
24 Sep 2008
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While you were canceling your campaign to fix the bankmoney things, someone was having the Best Night Ever! It really is the Best Night Ever with a still new and improved wrap up and Shea Hess here to give you the bestest Wednesday TV moments from Lipstick Jungle, Project Runway, and The New Adventures of Old Christine! You should cancel everything else to catch up with what's down on the inside scoop of the TV tube! Yep.
16 May 2009
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It's the Best Night Ever for the first day of October! So get out your colored gourds, dried corn husks, and pumpkin sweater because it's time to really ring in Fall! So here's Shea Hess with the best TV moments from Project Runway, Lipstick Jungle, and Friday Night Lights (on a Wednesday! We'll see you in the corn maze! Cooooorn maaaaaze!
17 Jul 2009
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Allure Magazine Tests More Than 2,500 Products for Your Face, Hair, Skin and Nails in the 13th Annual Best of Beauty Awards Nothing can get in the way of women and their favorite beauty products, even in a struggling economy. In fact, the $50 billion beauty industry is going strong, launching thousands of new products this year--experts say that it is virtually recession-resistant. Women continue to purchase beauty products, because it makes them feel good and gives them confidence. Allure Magazine's annual "Best of Beauty" issue takes the guess work out of beauty shopping. Now in its 13th year, Allure has tested more products than ever before, consulting cosmetic chemists, dermatologists and hair and makeup artists to find the best lipsticks, mascaras, lotions, shampoos, and concealers. The new categories for this year include-the Best 'deals,' 'men's grooming,' 'splurges,' and 'natural' beauty products. Source: Allure Magazine
3 Oct 2008
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Spreading peace, love and pork door-to-door during Election 2008. It's more fun than french kissing a pig wearing lipstick!
2 Mar 2009
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Spreading peace, love and pork door-to-door during Election 2008. It's more fun than french kissing a pig wearing lipstick!
17 Oct 2008
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Joey's comercial on F.R.I.E.N.D.S for the man's lipstick called Ichiban :-P
20 Oct 2008
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*******www.afterglowcosmetics****/face/ Shop for organic cosmetics, natural cosmetics, mineral cosmetics, mineral foundation, organic lipstick, organic lip gloss, cosmetic brushes. Phone 866-630-4569
14 Sep 2009
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*******budurl****/macgift FREE $250 Mac Makeup Samples. Get your FREE Gift Card from Mac Makeup. Mac Makep face kits foundation powder cheek concealer and primer. All the products from MAC. Shop MAC for free. MAC Lipstick, lip gloss, lip pencil. Distributed by Tubemogul.
4 Jan 2010
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Film di oggi e domani ep15 aperitivo vizioso Music by: Artist 1: The Seventh Alchemy - Lipstick And Black Powder Artist 2: Fast friday - Post Mortem Monologue
10 Jan 2010
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Beauty That Counts™ is an opportunity to give back and affect women and children worldwide, one lipstick at a time. From May 1 - Sept 15, $1 will be donated from each sale of special limited-edition Beauty That Counts™ Mary Kay® Creme Lipsticks. Distributed by Tubemogul.
4 May 2010
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*******TheBestHelpForYou****/beauty-tips -- Beauty Tips Use vaseline to make up your eyes. Use it around your eyes area then apply eyeshadow. Vaseline can make eyeshadow longer. You can also apply it at night or in the morning it can soften the eyes area. Beside that it can also use for lip balm. Before you apply lipstick, apply some foundation first it can make lipstick longer. You can test your foundation on unblemished skin like on your wrist. Use visine to take out redness of your eyes. Another tips for eye, before you apply eyeliner store it in freezer for about 10 minutes. Before you use eye lashes, heat it first with hair dryer. It can help you lock in the curl, make sure it's not too hot. Use cream blush rather than powder blush, it can make you look natural and blend smoothly. To learn more about beauty tips, please visit: *******TheBestHelpForYou****/beauty-tips
24 Mar 2011
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*******www.crimesolutionsstore****/safe-family-life-personal-kit.html - 360-244-4231 SafeFamilyLife Personal Kit Review - People are becoming more anxious and worried for the safety of their families and properties. And so, they go look for, review, and buy home security, self defense/self defence/personal self defense, and crime prevention products. At SafeFamilyLife™, your safety and personal protection, as well as your family’s and property’s, is their utmost concern. SafeFamilyLife™ combines safety and security products with instructional DVDs and manuals and put them together into special purpose kits. The SafeFamilyLife™ Ultimate Personal Safety Kit For Women includes, 130dB Personal Alarm with Keychain and Light, Electronic Pocket Whistle, ½ oz Pepper Spray with Leatherette Holster and Quick Key Release, Lipstick Pepper Spray, Diversion Safe-Book, Product Instructional DVD, and 5 Special Safety Reports
26 Jul 2011
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*******mhlnk****/56D8E221 Cushy lips will naturally enhance the look and feel of your lips by stimulating blood flow and nourishing your pout with powerful vitamin E and B. You can get fuller lips instantly with this lip plumper, so why would you wait to give yourself the confidence boost you deserve? Cushy lips is an instant feel-good product you can carry with you all day, every day. It slips into your purse and you can plump your lips throughout the day without anyone noticing: it looks like a regular lipstick and lip-gloss combination!
29 Nov 2011
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