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Liquify tool can be used to improve you photos. Examples with Lindsay Lohan, Hilary Clinton and Oprah. For details check *******photoshopliposuction.blogspot****/
29 Sep 2007
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Liquify Filter in Photoshop
16 Jan 2008
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More vids, an awesome design blog, and online printing at *******www.astroprint****.au In this Photoshop tutorial, I will show you how to easily change the size of a nose using the liquify tool. This simple image enhancement is one of the retouching effects that many magazines use when enhancing their photos.
25 May 2009
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شرح كيفية عمل فلتر liquefy و استكشاف جميع ادواته سوياً, ومعرفة كيفية استعماله على لير او صورة مع مثال.
8 Dec 2009
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Two huge names in magic have come together to create a Mentalism miracle that really will give you a reputation! Richard Sanders and Bill Abbott bring you the incredible Liquify! Have someone concentrate on a thought. Ask them to imagine their glass of water as a crystal ball and to focus their thoughts into it. Tearing a corner from a piece of paper, you ask the spectator to dip the paper into the water. Slowly and eerily...THEIR THOUGHT APPEARS ON THE PAPER! Buy your copy today from www.MagicTricks******
11 Dec 2009
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Learn about the liquify command in Adobe Photoshop Elements at www.teachUcomp****. Get the complete tutorial for free at *******www.teachucomp****/free - the most comprehensive Photoshop Elements tutorial available. Visit us today!
1 Jul 2013
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Check out this amazing blender that completely liquefies an Apple iPhone... the liquified iPhone can now be purchased on eBay... For a LOT more funny ass videos, jokes, and stories, go to www.ontigo**** now. Ontigio is updated multiple times a day, so we guarantee you will find something funny. If you like the video, help me out by going to www.ontigio**** and give a digg or stumble on our videos. Or just leave a comment! --Sent via *******heyspread****
28 Jul 2007
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Make animals like the ones on cards using the Photoshop liquify tood.
18 Oct 2007
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Creating sad or mean puppy eyes in this tutorial using photoshop. There are many things you can do with the Liquify Filter, this video will just show you a few.
16 Dec 2008
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Adobe Photosop Tip- Funny and Freaky yet Easy to Do! Morph your family, friends, YOUR EX, and send them a freaky picture of themselves! This tip is easy to learn and will give you hours of laughs! Even great to do at parties.. everybody trips out! Adobe CS photodeluxe 6 7 cs2 cs3 tips tricks magic
30 Jan 2007
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29 Nov 2008
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Donnie's four day hold-up at the airport makes for some heavy duty Photoshop diversion.
15 Feb 2011
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Squeeze It - iPhone
12 Dec 2009
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in HQ:
11 Nov 2009
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6 Aug 2007
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"the sort of distortions and manipulations that might occur on a liquified surface" in Peeli800. made with Liquib Program
7 Oct 2007
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