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The film opens in the year 1920 at Palampur, India. An architect arrives at a large haveli (manor house). The manager of the haveli, MK, discusses how the owner of the haveli wishes to have it torn down and have a hotel constructed in its place. Later that night, the architect hears strange sounds, and when he goes out to investigate, he is killed by a mysterious force. It turns out the architect who was engaged before him was killed in a similar manner some time ago. The film introduces another architect, Arjun Singh. Arjun is religious (he recites the Hanuman Chalisa every day) and devoted to his family; but he is also in love with Lisa. This meets strong disapproval from his family because Lisa (born of a British father and an Indian mother) is of mixed faith. Arjun decides to marry Lisa anyway. As he travels to Mumbai, his father and his brothers intercept his car, beat him up and try to burn Lisa alive. Arjun fights back and decides to disavow his faith (and thus, his family) for Lisa. He ultimately becomes an architect. The haveli project is handed to Arjun's firm, and Arjun and Lisa arrive at the haveli soon after. Strange things happen (sounds, objects moving by themselves). Arjun is unaware of the events, but Lisa soon senses a malevolent alien presence. Lisa questions Balwant (the caretaker and servant), but he feigns ignorance. He discusses the matter privately with MK, and earnestly pleads with MK to relieve Arjun and Lisa of the project for it will claim their lives just as it killed the others who came before them. The haveli does not wish to be destroyed, says Balwant, and that is why it reacts to anyone who wants to tear it down, including MK. (Balwant himself is unharmed because he is only acting on orders and does not carry an intent to destroy the haveli.) MK is aware of some evil presence, but he silences Balwant with a fat bribe. Arjun leaves for Delhi on a business trip. Lisa experiences stronger events, and confides in a local church priest. At Lisa's request, the priest arrives at the haveli, and immediately senses a strong evil presence in the main hall of the haveli. Later that evening, in his church rooms, he experiences an evil force, and wakes up to find a Baphomet, drawn in blood, on a wall in his room. He consults with the head priest and they quickly conclude that an evil spirit resides in the haveli and is specifically targeting Lisa. The priest returns to issue a stern warning for Lisa. Lisa is away, and Balwant takes the message, but does not mention it to Lisa. Lisa becomes ill, refuses food and water and takes to bed. (Arjun spots her eating a dead animal that night, but is unable to make sense of this creepy event.) The priest returns and attempts to place a cross on Lisa. Lisa transforms into a diabolical personality and attacks the priest. Arjun engages a doctor but it turns out to be fruitless as Lisa's evil outbursts (and telekinetic attacks) simply overwhelm the hospital staff. Now convinced there is an alien force at work, Arjun storms into MK's office and demands the truth. MK reveals the name of the previous owner/occupant, Radhama, and Arjun visits her in Nawanagar. Radhama reveals how it started in 1857 (during the Sepoy Mutiny), when she was a servant at the haveli. A wounded mutineer, Mohan Kant, sought cover at the haveli. He turned out to be a spy for the British forces. The owner's daughter, Gayatri, seduced him to buy time until her uncle arrived. Her uncle and his men hanged him. He vowed revenge with his dying breath, and his soul has remained in the haveli ever since. (Gayatri, it turns out, died in 1896; and Lisa was born on the same day.) Arjun returns to the haveli. The soul of the treasonous soldier has now completely possessed Lisa's body. The priest suggests an exorcism, and decides to perform it himself. The ritual begins well, but the evil soul is too powerful for the inexperienced priest, and the priest and Balwant are both killed. The evil spirit impels Lisa to slit her wrists (so as to die, and eject her soul from her body) when the spirit can carry her soul with it to hell. Unable to physically restrain Lisa, Arjun is forced to reexamine his lost faith. Now, Lisa who is empowered by the evil soul, beats Arjun badly. After Arjun is beaten badly, a possessed Lisa now emotionally tortures Arjun. Soon Arjun feels that only God can save Lisa. Arjun rises up, he limps towards Lisa and embraces her. Arjun then embraces Lisa with full might and begins reciting the Hanuman Chalisa. The evil soul is now being tortured. He tries to run but Arjun holds Lisa's body with all his might. He then drags her into a small room while reciting the Hanuman Chalisa. After some time, the evil soul is in enough pain because of listening to the words. Arjun then says "Jai Bajrang Bali" and the evil soul is flushed out of Lisa's body. The evil soul runs out in extreme pain and is eventually destroyed. Thus, Arjun saves Lisa.
14 May 2012
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The clip lisa arrives from Rear Window (1954) with Grace Kelly, James Stewart How's your leg? It hurts a little. And your stomach? Empty as a football. And your love life? Not too active. Anything else bothering you? Mm-hm. Who are you? Reading from top to bottom: Lisa... Carol... Fremont. Is this the Lisa Fremont who never wears the same dress twice? Only because it's expected of her. It's right off the Paris plane. Do you think it'll sell? That depends on the quote. Let's see now. There's the aeroplane ticket over, Import duties, hidden taxes, Profit markup A steal at $1,100. Eleven hundred? They ought to list that dress on the stock exchange. We sell a dozen a day in this price range. Who buys them, tax collectors? Even if I had to pay, it would be worth it. Just for the occasion. Why, is something big going on?
14 Dec 2011
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The clip Lisa arrives from Rear Window (1954) with Grace Kelly, James Stewart. Powered by: Anyclip. any moment from any film. How's your leg? It hurts a little. And your stomach? Empty as a football. And your love life? Not too active. Anything else bothering you? Mm-hm. Who are you? Reading from top to bottom: Lisa... Carol... Fremont.
4 May 2012
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The clip lisa arrives Part 2 from Rear Window (1954) with Grace Kelly, James Stewart It's going on right here. It's a big night. It's just an old run-of-the-mill Wednesday. The calendar's full of them. It's opening night of the last depressing week of I B Jefferies in a cast. Well, I haven't noticed a big demand for tickets. That's because I bought out the house. You know, this cigarette box has seen better days. I picked that up in Shanghai, which has also seen better days. It's cracked and you never use it. It's too ornate. I'm sending up a plain, flat, silver one with your initials. That's no way to spend your hard-earned money. I wanted to.
14 Dec 2011
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