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This is a new Video I've found! It's about a cool little black Alien, which is performing to a hip hop like Sound! So watch it :)
17 Aug 2006
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My cute little black kitty that loves to fetch his ball (he thinks he is a dog).
30 Nov 2006
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Polo Ralph handbag fans, check out this cute mini bag. Perfect for that little black dress!
23 Aug 2007
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This little black cat looks like he's mastering the art of being a ninja or kung fu fighter. The other cat just owns him like a bar brawler. --Sent via *******heyspread**** : Upload videos to multiple sites quickly
11 Sep 2007
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Redbook Beauty Director Cheryl Kramer Kaye Reveals Her Top Beauty Picks and Winners of Annual Redbook MVP Award Perfect Last Minute Gifts for Every Woman on Your List! This year, we saw “green” eco-friendly beauty products, “pink” gotta-have-it girly stuff, luxury “gold” launches, and of course, the basic “black” everyday favorites. Just like a little black dress, what are the must-have products we can’t live without? Beauty Director Cheryl Kramer Kaye will reveal the 2007 Redbook MVP beauty award winners, discuss how they were selected, and what makes them the must-haves for everyone on your holiday shopping list. For more information, please visit: *******www.redbookmag****/your/beauty-booty-black-2007
9 Feb 2009
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Five holidays looks beyond the little black dress.
13 Feb 2008
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This little black kitty makes a ton of noise when he eats, drinks, poops and sleeps.
5 Mar 2008
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Katherine Akra Shows You Which Accessories Work Best With Your Little Black Dress.
13 Jul 2008
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Trendyswag**** Host Katherine Akra Shows You How To Stay Warm In Your Little Black Dress.
27 May 2009
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Maximum “shock value” in a deceptive package of a regular cell phone complete with colorful screen and fake cell phone buttons. Immobilizer Cell Phone Gun even comes with a fake cell phone camera bump and a little black phone holster to complete the illusion that its nothing more than a regular camera phone. The magic starts when you hit the STUN button, with a beefy zapping sound this “phone” unloads “sick amount of juice” - 900000 volts worth! Your attacker will be surprised, and “shocked” on many levels. Oh and it also comes with a bright 12 LED Flash Light. To activate that you hit the LIGHT button. To recap, you can light the alley by hitting the LIGHT button, or you can light the alley from the sparks that will fly from your attacker after you hit the STUN button. There are two levels of safety and I was pleasantly surprised this mean gadget came with batterries included (3 of the CR2 type batteries). AWWWWWW, DONT PHONE ME BRO! All this for about $59. Details at this link - *******www.gadgetking****/2008/02/29/wicked-immobilizer-cell-phone-stun-gun-900000-volts/
10 Apr 2008
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6 Sep 2008
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The Seven Keys to Jewish Life DVD. What makes Judaism different from other religions? What are the biblical sources for enigmatic Jewish observances? What is the meaning of the Hebrew blessings recited during each ritual? What does it all symbolize? Certain rituals, symbols, and practices have long been associated with the Jewish People, but few non-Jews actually understand their biblical origins and their continuing significance in modern times. "Seven Keys to Jewish Life" explores the seven pillars of Judaism to reveal the manner in which Jews still live to this very day and the meaning behind their way of life. Discover: 1. The Sabbath: Known as "Shabbat" in Hebrew and "Shabbos" in Yiddish, the Jewish Sabbath is observed every Friday evening from one hour before sundown until Saturday evening one hour after sundown. It is a day filled with prayer, Torah study, family, and peace that remembers the Seventh Day of Creation, on which Jews are bidden to imitate the Lord's own rest. It is an occasion for songs of freedom and social justice praising the Holy One for removing the Hebrew slaves from oppression in the Land of Egypt, and for abstaining from the 39 categories of "m'lacha", labor, which He describes in His Torah. "Seven Keys to Jewish Life" invites you to spend a Sabbath with a Jewish family and to participate in the most important rituals this People has observed every week since the Exodus from Egypt. 2. What is kosher?: The video takes you into a Jewish kitchen to clearly explain which foods are kosher and which are not, the biblical sources for "kashrut" (the Jewish body of Law that regulates the diet), and the practical observance thereof in modern times. Did you know that every religious Jewish kitchen contains at least two (and many up to 6!) full sets of dishes? Did you ever notice any myster- ious symbols on the packaging of popular foods you purchase at the supermarket? These are the modern-day signs that the Chosen People of God are still observing His "Mitzvot" (Command-ments) even into the 21st century! 3. Chanuka: The "Festival of Lights" is an eight-day holiday that celebrates, as many know, a miracle of oil that occurred in ancient Temple times. Crucial to an understanding of the festiv- ities, though, is the history of the military victory of the Maccabees over the pagan Greek oppressors who had invaded the Holy Land. An evening with a Jewish family elucidates the traditions, laws, songs, blessings of the lights and thanksgiving for victory and miracle... even which Jewish specialties are favorite Chanuka foods! 4. The Shofar: "Seven Keys to Jewish Life" takes you to a shofar-maker to see the step-by-step fashioning of a simple ram's horn into a majestic biblical instrument (the shofar) whose sound pleased the Lord and awakened the souls of His People to righteousness. Discussion of its biblical history and usage as well as its employment in rituals today is pierced by the sights and sounds of the blowing of the shofar in actual synagogue services. 5. Mezuzah: "...and write them (these, My Commandments) upon the doorposts of your house and upon your gates" (Deuteronomy 6:9). This is the biblical source for those beautiful elongated boxes that grace every Jewish door- way. Inside are hand-written parchments of Torah passages that proclaim the Oneness and Majesty of God and this, His Commandment. "Seven Keys to Jewish Life" opens up the mezuzah case to reveal its precious contents, travels to a traditional Jewish scribe to observe the writing thereof, and even stops in at a Jewish house-warming party, where a crowd of friends and family wait to enter until the blessing has been recited and the first mezuzah affixed to the doorpost of a new Jewish home. 6. Tefillin: "...Bind them as a sign upon your arm and they shall be for frontlets between your eyes" (Deuteronomy 6:8). This ritual, most often described as simply bizarre by outsiders, is perhaps one of the most intriguing and symbol-rich Commandments that Jewish men still observe every morning at prayer. The little black boxes, called "phylacteries" in English and "tefillin" in Hebrew, contain similar parchments to those housed by the mezuzah but are bound to the arms and foreheads of Jewish men as opposed to the doorposts of their homes. Open up these little black boxes, read their parchments, witness their binding, watch step-by-step the long and tedious labor that produces a single set of phylacteries,discover the biblical source for the Commandment, and hear the same blessings and prayers recited for centuries every time a Jewish man donned his tefillin. 7. Tzedakah: Often translated as "charity", "tzedakah" actually comes from the Hebrew root that means "righteousness" and "justice". The Jewish concept of charity is two-fold: by observ- ing the Commandment to give, one comes closer to righteousness through performance of His Law, while the giving itself contributes to the restoration of social balance in a very unjust world. Most people feel that all that really matters is that one gives. But the Rambam (Moshe ben Maimon, the greatest medieval Jewish rabbi and scholar) asserted that there are in fact Eight Degrees of Tzedaka, and that some are indeed better than others. "Seven Keys to Jewish Life" guides you up the Rambam's ladder of righteous- ness and gives vivid examples from the Jewish experience to illustrate how this Mitzvah (Commandment) has not only been an individual concern for each and every Jew, but a whole social organization and way of life for the entire Jewish People ever since their inception. Rich with biblical references and sources for each of the seven pillars and clarified by the practice of real Jewish families, "Seven Keys to Jewish Life" solves the riddle of modern-day Jewish observance for the curious non-Jew. All of the blessings and prayers recited for each ritual are shown transliterated (with the Hebrew words in English letters) and translated in English on the screen as they are recited. Doko Media Ltd. and Biblelandshop**** are proud to have such a significant DVD in stock.
23 Oct 2010
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Little black puppy stads on the ground.
23 Jan 2009
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Gossip Girls Nightly TV News Update with NBC. Celebrity Gossip and Entertainment News Leader. Looking classy in a little black number while matching her adorable son Jayden, 2, who was in a little tuxedo, Britney Spears was all smiles in her new New Year’s Eve home photos she posted on her Web site today (January 7). Mariah Carey Trying To Get Pregnant and More From www.GossipGirls****.
8 Jan 2009
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*******dogthatshootshoops****/ Little black and white dog that shoots a little basketball into a hoop, then dunks the basketball into a bigger little tykes hoop. She really is a cute dog.
23 Mar 2009
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*******videos.webpronews**** Just like the Little Black Dress, social media is here to stay. Webpronews got the chance to catch up with Lisa Buyer, of The Buyer Group, to discuss the pros, cons, and a personal experience Lisa has had with social media. She gives some expert advice on the social media and shares some important knowledge to keep in mind.
8 Jun 2009
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