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Little Mix stars Perrie Edwards and bandmate Jesy share raunchy dance with Claudimar Neto.
12 Apr 2017
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Clip official
23 Jan 2017
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12 Aug 2016
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4 May 2016
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Here is my cover of Wings by Little Mix. I love their music and hope you like my cover! Be sure to follow me on twitter the_temaramelek . Like my Facebook page at . www.facebook****/TemaraMelekOfficial . Visit www.temaramelek**** . and SUBSCRIBE!
31 Jan 2013
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They did not think it could happen...but it did.....Naive CBBC Blue Peter drawing competition winner accidentally opens the gates to hell and unleashes Jimmy Savile on poor little little mix
18 Nov 2012
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16 Apr 2012
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Little Mix's Perrie Edwards has reportedly called time on her short-lived romance with One Direction star Zayn Malik.
13 Dec 2011
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Little Mix star Perrie Edwards is rumoured to be dating One Direction's Zayn Malik.
1 Dec 2011
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What crazy and amazing things happen when two NET10 Genies meet? Anything! Amazing cell phone service, no contracts, even a little mix of Ricky Martin and the Incredible Hulk!
17 Jul 2011
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A little Mix from me I'm beginner so take me slow :-s
7 Nov 2009
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I made this little mix for your listening pleasure. Feel free to get down, there will be more dancing if I'm elected.
27 Mar 2009
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a little mix i put togetherof me beat boxing worth watching
5 Jan 2007
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Just a little mix I made of some NBA playoffs action.
30 Aug 2006
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The Graham Norton Show S12E15, I have edited out movie trailers due to copyrights. Guests: Dame Helen Mirren, Paul Rudd, Leslie Mann, Little Mix Dame Helen Mirren is promoting Hitchcock movie, if you want to check out trailer also Paul Rudd and Leslie Mann is promoting This is 40. Musical performance by Little Mix
13 Mar 2015
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Taylor Swift & Little Mix Brit Awards 2015►► ******* More Celebrity News ►► ******* OMG! That was Madonna taking a massive spill at the Brit Awards today – and first things first let’s focus on what is important here – is the QUEEN of pop okay? This is Clevver’s Trophy Life hook-up and if the fact that she got right up after falling down a flight of stairs TO FINISH HER PERFORMANCE light a straight-up boss is any indication…we’re guessing she’s doing okay. On the real, I was freaking out when I saw this – From what we can tell, this was a classic case of a wardrobe malfunction. It appears as though the cape on her costume was tied too tight – and Madonna herself posted this on Instagram saying: Armani hooked me up! My beautiful cape was tied too tight! But nothing can stop me and love really lifted me up! But guys, here’s the real take away – Madonna proved, yet again, that she is the most professional person in the business by finishing the entire performance because you have to know that hurt. We just really hope that she’s okay! Major props go out to her from our entire Clevver team! Feel free to share your thoughts on Madonna’s performance by hitting the comments section and click here to see what Taylor Swift and Little Mix rocked on the carpet. I’m your girl Joslyn Davis, thanks for hanging and we’ll see you next time! For More Clevver Visit: Website: *******www.clevver**** Like us on Facebook: *******facebook****/ClevverNews Follow us on Twitter: *******twitter****/ClevverNews Keep up with us on Instagram: ******* Add us to your circles on Google+: *******google****/+ClevverNews Tweet Me: *******www.twitter****/joslyndavis
6 Mar 2015
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