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Look how gorgeous these little penguins are.
27 Sep 2007
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A new survey from The Little Penguin Wine shows that nearly 40% of men are using pick-up lines and that nearly HALF of women are falling for them.
31 Jan 2008
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The long lost Shadowrun Duels mini-clix get a mention with New Batman Legos including Batman, Robin, Joker, Harley Quinn, Mr Freeze, Penguin, little Penguin Helpers WITH GUNS, and generic Henchman! All this and more, if the price is right! Another great NRFB Toy Review (ok, it's the first REAL one), hopefully you enjoy. First time EVER editing/rendering a video. I know my bottom logo is abit off, will fix in future but for now, it'll do! Coming Soon...THEME MUSIC! *snickers* Check out all the Details and Links at for short :)!
30 Aug 2008
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Swimming with dolphins is a popular Western Australian marine experience. The warm waters are teeming with friendly bottlenose dolphins, who love to swim by and say G'day to their two-legged mates. These playful mammals will delight and amaze with their grace, serenity and mischievous shenanigans. You can spot them leaping through the air all along the pristine coastline, but for one-on-one interaction your best bet is Rockingham, Mandurah, Bunbury or Monkey Mia. The protected bays and islands of Rockingham are home to over 260 wild dolphins which local cruise operator Rockingham Wild Encounters has been visiting for over 20 years. Visitors are taken on a unique 'swim with wild dolphins experience' by crew using underwater aqua scooters to glide effortlessly amongst the dolphins. Other local cruises which explore the Shoalwater Islands Marine Park give visitors the opportunity to observe the dolphins and visit Penguin Island, home to WA’s largest colony of little penguins. Cruises operate daily from mid September to early June. Further south in Bunbury, the Dolphin Discovery Centre is home to around 90 bottlenose dolphins and is one of the few places in the world where wild dolphins freely visit the beach to interact with humans. Join the Dolpin Discovery Centre Dolphin Swim Tour for an intimate swim with wild dolphins in their natural environment and swim on the wild side. Visitors can float and snorkel with dolphins, or cruise out to watch them swim in open waters. At Monkey Mia, 850 kilometres north of Perth, a small pod of dolphins regularly swim into the calm shallows to snare a feed of fish from the hands of specially trained rangers or visitors lucky enough to be chosen. In this picturesque and isolated corner of the globe, dolphins and humans have been mingling for more than 40 years. In Mandurah, you can take a dolphin sightseeing cruise and watch pods dance and play around the boat. This mutual curiosity has earned Western Australia a stellar reputation for providing some of the best wild dolphin experiences in the world. Arranging a swimming with dolphins tour is a WA must-do experience!
7 Dec 2011
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App URL ***********/us/app/i-wish-i-could-fly/id469729521 Pororo "I Wish I Could Fly" Introducing the very first interactive Pororo E-book! This interactive E-book application enables the children to flip through a fun-filled adventure as they listen, watch, touch and learn while reading "I Wish I Could Fly," Pororo's most popular story, in Korean or English. "I love to play all day..." Sing along to the songs and enjoy the various activities and mini games. ▶Production: Iconix Entertainment Co., Ltd. ▶Development: Studio Gale Co., Ltd. Pororo The Little Penguin ⓒSKbroadband/OCON/ICONIX/EBS
17 May 2012
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Cookie is a "Little Penguin" and the mascot of the Zoo Bird House. I shot this video while working there as a Guest Keeper for book research and for my blog, "Parrot Nation."
22 Apr 2011
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Annie Little Penguin Pororo 어린이애니 뽀롱뽀롱 뽀로로 시즌1 29 배탈이 났어요
27 Aug 2009
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Annie Little Penguin Pororo children season 1 21 어린이애니 뽀롱뽀롱 뽀로로 시즌1 21 연날리기 대소동
27 Aug 2009
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This is DVD version of Pororo the Little Penguin which is originally a TV cartoon series made by Korean animation firm Iconix Entertainment.
3 Jan 2010
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enjoy watching... 뽀롱 뽀로로 시즌1 32 병원 놀이
25 Sep 2009
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Like Us On Facebook: *******www.facebook****/donkeytees Cutest little baby Penguin giggling and laughing when being tickled at the Cincinnati Zoo. (Ohio, USA) I have a feeling this is just going to make more people want a baby Penguin for themselves (Which, in this economy, is not an advisable thing, unless you own a local seafood store.) Feel free to share away! Credit given to the anonymous video taker at the Cincinnati Zoo that wants to keep private.
23 Oct 2013
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Phillip Island is a great destination for a family getaway. Under two hours drive from Melbourne, it offers diverse accommodation to choose from, wildlife experiences, and plenty of opportunities to get into the water. San Remo is the last town before leaving the mainland and the gateway to Phillip Island. Drop into the famous local fishing co-op to pick up a fresh lobster and watch the local pelicans descend on the San Remo wharf for their 11.30am daily feed. The first town on the island is the small fishing village of Newhaven -- a popular place for fishing from the pier, surfinf one of the best surf beaches in Victoria, walking along the beautiful Cape Woolamai or exploring nearby historic Churchill Island. On the south-east tip of the island is the quiet village of Rhyll. Wander through the nearby Koala Conservation Centre and Woodland to see koalas at close range or view birds as you walk through the famous wetlands at Rhyll Inlet. Cowes, the main commercial centre on Phillip Island, has a wealth of charming cafes and upmarket restaurants for visitors to enjoy. Take a wildlife cruise to the large fur seal colony on Seal Rocks or enjoy watching hundreds of Little Penguins returning to their burrows at the nightly Penguin Parade at nearby Summerland Beach. Please take me to Australia - find photos, videos, accommodation, sightseeing, tours, car rentals, package holidays and attractions around Australia. A total solution for your holiday, vacation or travel plans. *******pleasetakemeto****
10 Nov 2008
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This lucky little penguin evades a couple of killer whales by jumping up on a raft full of people. This is one of the most incredible videos I've ever seen! Watch more "Things you don't see on TV" at *******www.WhatTheFudge.TV
25 Apr 2009
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For Bookings: *******www.asiatravel****/ For More Video: *******book.asiatravel****/video-travel_destinations.aspx Sea World is a marine mammal park on the Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia. It includes rides, animal exhibits and other attractions, and promotes conservation through education and through the rescue and rehabilitation of sick, injured or orphaned wildlife. Various aquariums depict Australian aquatic habitats. Australian native animal exhibits include seals, rescued injured pelicans, a dugong and Australia's tiny Little Penguins (Fairy Penguins), the smallest penguin species in the world. Sea World also has highly trained dolphins and sea lions that perform in circus-like acts. The dolphin shows are intended to excite audiences as the dolphins leap metres out of the water in unison, and as they are "surfed" by their trainers. Sea World presently (2006) has three polar bears in the "Polar Bear Shores" exhibit, which aims to provide them stimulation through an enriched, naturalistic environment including things like deep water, logs, gravel for digging, a variety of foods and even simulated rain. In 2004, the park opened "Shark Bay". This system of artificial lagoons allows sharks to be viewed from both above water and underwater. Sharks exhibited include large and potentially dangerous tiger sharks and bull sharks. Opened in December 2008 is 'Ray Reef', Sea World's first new wildlife exhibit since 2004. Sea World currently performs four shows. Imagine: Dolphin Experience, is a interactive live dolphin show, performed at Dolphin Cove. Similarly, Fish Detectives, is a live action show involving seals. Waterski Wipe out, is an energetic live water show, set in the 1960's and Planet SOS is a 4D movie, educating the public of what can be done to help save the particular animals homes and habitats. Info taken from Wikipedia**** Credits to Wikipedia**** *******en.wikipedia****/wiki/Sea_world Main
14 Apr 2010
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Original By: MiAAmistew ***********/watch?v=3wTWWjYTe1I Cookie is a "Little Penguin" and the mascot of the Zoo Bird House in Cinv. This edit shows Cookie being tickled towards the end of the clip. Cutest thing you ever seen!
11 Jul 2011
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The clip What's wrong with Mumble? from Happy Feet (2006) with Megda Szubanski, Hugh Jackman And you having such fine voices. Well, it's bizarre. Did anything happen, you know, during early development? No, all fine. Normal incubation. Right. Wasn't it, honey? Yeah. Yeah, it was a tough winter, I guess. Right, right. He did hatch a little late- Yes, I understand. Yes. To think he might spend his life alone... Quite, quite. ...never to meet his one true love. Oh, please, Miss Viola, isn't there something we can do? Well, there is always Mrs. Astrakhan. Mrs. Astrakhan? If anyone can, Mrs. Astrakhan can. Can't sing? Can't sing? Rubbish, darling. Every little penguin has a song. When I have finished... ...your singing will be giving everyone the goose pimple. Now, to begin. First, we must find a feeling. Happy feeling, sad feeling. Maybe lonely feeling. You feel it? Good. Now, let it out. Be spontaneous. That, what is that? I'm being spontan-you-us. Darling, you want to meet beautiful girl?
23 Nov 2011
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