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9:55 -Regenesis 2x2 Is For Real Listen To This Live Recorded Call! Regenesis 2x2 Regenesis 2x2 Review Regenesis 2x2 scam Regenesis 2x2 infinity800 i800 infinity800 review infinity800 scam prosperity formula 2x2 prosperity formula 2x2 review prosperity formula 2x2 scam
18 Apr 2009
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1:33 Rime - Crazy about you - Music Media Factory - LIVE RECORDING! From the singer on Yalla Habibi with Karl Wolf.
17 Apr 2010
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Live Recording Jazz Singer -
19 Feb 2013
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You will here peolpe just like yourself who took that leap of faith and joined the #1 Cash System on the internet today. After hearing this workshop you'll want to join, but this is not for everybody. This for self motivated people, not the lazy at heart.
27 Feb 2008
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0:01 - here's a behind the scenes preview of our rehearsal for a live worship recording to be streamed on - enjoy
26 Jul 2008
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Learn how to record all of the moves you make in Live for later editing and export.
23 Nov 2008
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Meditation Red Deer - Join us for an excerpt from our meditation gathering on Dec 31, 2008. You can listen to the full hour by going to our website at Meditation Red Deer Learn to meditate Guided meditation Meditation for dummies
5 Jan 2009
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Solar Eclipse 15th Jan 2010. Video showing the brilliant solar ring as seen from the best viewing spots in India (Rameshwaram, Dhanushkodi, Thiruvananthapuram)
16 Jan 2010
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The Weather Channel's Julie Martin reports from Cranston, RI where the town is all but shut down due to flooding.
1 Apr 2010
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04 Amsterdam
17 Apr 2011
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Original music and lyrics by Ronna DeLoe, with assistance from Dwight Burtis, Harry DeLoe and Kevin Martin. Find us at Performers: Ronna DeLoe, keys and vocals; Dwight Burtis, flute and vocals; Harry DeLoe, timbales and vocals; Kevin Martin, guitar, congas and vocals; John Keyser, drums; Jacob McCarthy, bass. Video editing and audio by Mark Francis at My Thrill Studio, Winterport, Maine; Video by Kate Tardif. Still photos by Bobbi Berracah. Freeze Frame is a Maine-based band, found at Freeze Frame is: Ronna DeLoe, keys, synthesizer, organ and vocals; Harry DeLoe, alto, tenor and baritone sax, congas, bongos, timbales and vocals; Kevin Martin, guitar and vocals; Dwight Burtis, soprano, alto, tenor and baritone sax, flute, clarinet and vocals; John Keyser, drums and vocals; Bobbi Berracah, lead vocals; and Jacob McCarthy, bass. Freeze Frame is part of the 99%, pooling its resources to record this audio and video. Freeze Frame has Maine roots but also has members originally from Rhode Island and New York. Freeze Frame is available for weddings, parties, corporate events, outdoor events, festivals, bar mitzvahs, political events, etc. See website for details and contact information. Lyrics to Chorus: Occupy, Occupy We're the 99, Reaching out, out of reach We're told everything is fine, Middle class, lower class, Now we're all the same, Mad as hell, won't give in, To their money game. (Last time: To their stinkin' game).
6 Dec 2011
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21 Jan 2007
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After a first opus released in 1998, a live recorded in the Bledstock of Algiers in 2000, a Berbero-Celtic detour with Thalweg, produced in 2001, then the well-known El Bandi in 2003, Cheikh Sidi Bemol comes back with 10 new songs terrifically rock. Buy the new Cheikh Sidi Bemol's album "Gourbi Rock" on Après un premier opus paru en 1998, un live enregistré au Bledstock d’Alger en 2000, un petit détour berbéro celtique avec Thalweg, publié en 2001, puis le très célèbre El Bandi en 2003, Cheikh Sidi Bémol revient avec 10 nouvelles chansons terriblement rock. Nouvel album de Cheikh Sidi Bémol Gourbi Rock, en vente sur
18 Mar 2007
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0:16 Interesting and exciting stock footage - computer renderings and live recordings
7 May 2007
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a live spontaneous ode to the spirit of this beautiful lake ... and prior apologies for the mix ... its a live recording with a handy cam so the drum volume may affect the mood electric guitar ~ prashant trivedi snare/tom ~ adi iyer
12 May 2007
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live recording made in Minsk, 15th of July 2007
17 Aug 2007
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