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******* skype: igor.kheifets In this Video Igor Kheifets talks about the importance of taking action in our lives. Without Applying the knoweldge you possess it will simply go to waste. inspiration success journey apply massive action life changing achievement goals drive unlimited powers beliefs life
16 Jun 2008
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It is sad to live without a father,But it is even harder to live with more than one father.In memories of 11 bastards .Diploma Film of Shinu:-This synop will be replaced by its own director,Untill then.....Copywrighted to C-Dit
26 Jun 2008
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Vertus is the maker of Fluid Mask 3, a plug in for Photoshop that allows you to easily mask out people from their backgrounds. It's seriously a killer plug in that once you use it, you'll wonder how you ever lived without it.
4 Jul 2008
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북한, 社会主义好. No Motherland without You (Tang-shin i Eops-eu-myeon, Jo-guk do Eop-da !) 1. You pushed away the severe storm. You gave us a belief, Comrade Kim Jeong-Il ! We can not live without you. Our country can not exist without you. 2. Our future and hope depend on you. People's fate depends on you, Comrade Kim Jeong-Il ! We can not live without you. Our country can not exist without you. 3. Even if the world changes hundreds of times, People believe in you, Comrade Kim Jeong-Il ! We can not live without you. Our country can not exist without you. 당신이 국민 앞에서 정책을 발표하지 않으면, 공화국은 없다 ! 사나운 폭풍도 쳐몰아내고 신념을 안겨준 김정일동지 당신이 없으면 우리도 없고, 당신이 없으면 조국도 없다 ! 미래도 희망도 다 맡아주는 민족의 운명인 김정일동지 당신이 없으면 우리도 없고, 당신이 없으면 조국도 없다 ! 세상이 열백번 변한다해도 인민은 믿는다 김정일동지 당신이 없으면 우리도 없고, 당신이 없으면 조국도 없다 ! Music from DPRK. Video by Jari Tuominen, tv.vunet**** productions.
10 Jul 2008
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How to say I Can't Live Without You in Bisaya or Cebuano . Learn Cebuano and Bisaya More at *******lessons.wikapinoy****
25 Sep 2008
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Movie: Guru Starring: Abhishek and Aishwarya Lyrics: Gulzar English Translation: Dum dara dum dara mast mast Dara dum dara dum dara mast mast Dara dum dara dum dum Oh humdum bin tere kya jeena Oh my love, what's the point in living without you Tere bina beswaadi beswaadi rathiyan oh sajna Without you the nights are tasteless oh darling Ho, rookhi re oh rookhi re Dry and parched they are Kaatoore kaate re, katenaa. Trying to pass them, but they dont (Dum dara..) Na jaa; chaakri ke maare Don't go, because of the job Na jaa; souten pukaare Don't go, the other wife calls Saawan aayega to puchega If the rain comes, it would ask Naa jaa rey Don't go Pheeki Pheeki beswaadi yeh rathiyan. Dry and tasteless these nights are Kaatore kaate na kate na Trying to pass time, but it doesn't Ab tere bina sajna sajna Now without you my darling Kaate kate na Even time doesn't pass (Dum dara...) Tere bina chand ka sona khota re Without you, the moon's golden is impure Peeli peeli dhool udaave jhoota re The yellow dust flying is false Tere bina sona peetal Without you, gold is brass Tere sang keekar peepal With you, the keekar plant becomes peepal Aaja kate na ye rathiyan Come, these nights don't pass at all Tere bina beswaadi beswaadi rathiyan oh sajna Without you the nights are tasteless oh darling (Dum dara...)
29 Jul 2008
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Pet friendly apartments for rent in Minneapolis! Finally an affordable, contemporary urban lifestyle in the City's most historic neighborhood. The Stone Arch Apartments live up to the highest expectations for what urban life on the river should be. Life in Minneapolis never looked like this before. Finally, an affordable, contemporary urban lifestyle in the city's most historic and exciting neighborhood: The Stone Arch Apartments live up to the highest expectations for what urban life should be. Whether you want to relax, shop, exercise, dine, or enjoy the theatre, life in Minneapolis never looked like this before. Warehouse-style Living Without The Warehouse starts with open style floor plans and the industrial chic of exposed beams, ductwork, high ceilings, floor to ceiling windows and lighting reflecting an earlier time. Mix in retro finishes like art deco era tile baths with pedestal sinks and tubs. Ask about our income limit apartments. View these apartments for rent online at ForRent****: *******www.forrent****/apartment-community-profile/999909109.php
31 Jul 2008
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You here make us so happy and we are here to say that you are everything for us. Jonas Brothers we love you,and we can't live without you have you here is a dream. Jonas,Jonas,Joonas we love you
28 May 2009
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Samantha Who? That's what I wanted to know, and this video summarized a show that I now cannot live without!
5 Jan 2009
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5 Firefox addons I couldn't live without. LINKS ON THE YOUTUBE VERSION OF THIS VIDEO. CLICK THE LINK!!
31 Oct 2009
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Go Green and check out livinggreenchannel**** Hey everyone, I'm Elizabeth Chambers and you're watching LivingGreenChannel.Com, your online Video source for living an eco-friendly lifestyle. For big business, going green has become the trendy and profitable thing to do. On the shelves of any store you can find products that boast green claims such as eco-friendly, energy efficient, Organic, and partially recycled. How many of these claims do you think are untrue or completely false? If you guessed 99.9% are false you would be correct. According to a study from Terrachoice Environmental Marketing out of 1,018 common consumer products reviewed only one product didn’t commit one of the “6 sins of greenwashing.” When looking for an eco product that backs up it’s claims and is good for the environment where can you turn? Unfortunately, as this study proves, these products don’t exist. And here is why. According to Terrachoice’s research over 50% of products tested with eco friendly labels fail to mention the enormous environmental drawbacks such as containing hazardous waste and travel costs. These need to be factored in when considering to buy and eco-friendly product. For example even eco-popular CFL (Compact Flourescent Lightbulbs) contain mercury (meaning they can not be thrown in your trash) and over 90% of them have been manufactured and shipped from China. This is called the “sin of hidden trade-off,” by Terrachoice. Think of it this way, no matter which way you slice it a can of soda will never be good for your health or the environment. Diet Soda has replaced the sugar with an artificial sweetner that has proven to be a slight carcinogen that may or may not cause cancer. In many cases the diet sodas still contain excessive amounts of caffeine, artificial colorings, and flavors, not to mention not nutritional value, which are harmful to your health. When you factor in a manufactured can that needs to be recycled and travel costs what is the health and environmental impact of a single can of soda? The wise and green consumer would stay away from Soda and unhealthy foods altogether. The path to sustainable living is fairly simple: Make a conscious choice to live your life with the least impact on the environment. What does this really mean? It means that when faced with a choice to purchase one product over another instead of choosing the energy efficient product vs. the non energy efficient product you would choose neither product. A real green product label would boast “You could live without this.” And In most cases you could. These products reflect an economy built on mass consumerism and energy waste. We live in an era where it has become far cheaper to throw out our old one and television or computer and buy a new one than to repair it. It’s not just the products that are misleading we are misleading ourselves by buying a product with a green label to make ourselves feel better. Until we are ready to consume less, and choose sustainable living greenwashing will always be a trendy and profitable way to conduct business.
23 Aug 2008
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Live performance of song Nunu in the club Clap, Mataro. The lyrics: You and you alone can make me forget this hell of shattered dreams unsuccessful plans so many broken bonds and thwarted desires. You and you alone can make me forget this hell You and you alone can make me feel like a king with the strength of a hero the instinct of a huntsman the pride of a great warrior and the spirit of a god You and you alone can make the fear disappear of expecting the worst of losing myself in the dark suffering intense pain imagining the horror You and you alone can make the fear disappear You and you alone can spark in me the desire to change the world again to aim for happiness to survive destiny and live without fear You and you alone can spark that desire in me
27 Aug 2008
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Some killer James Bond-style gadgets, designed to foil crime in the 1950s. After all, who could afford to live without a telescopic suitcase?
10 Sep 2008
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The affordable Samsung black unlocked GSM SGH-X836 swivel phone offers a world of communication and multimedia options in a compact design that radiates sophistication and elegance. The SGH-X836’s abundant feature set includes camera & camcorder, music player, Java-based games, web browser, multimedia message service, voice recorder, and hands-free Bluetooth tecahnology. Other outstanding features include phone book & contact list, timer, stopwatch, alarm, and memo function. The new Samsung SGH-X836 – easy to love, and hard to live without. Imagine what Samsung can do for you!
11 Sep 2008
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While recently attending my mentor Ryan Lee's Bootcamp for fitness professional, I had the honor of finally running into registered dietitian, Jayson Hunter. Jayson is a highly respected and trusted expert in the area of general and sports nutrition. In fact, I have used a few of his programs as well, especially when I need to get photoshoot ready for my modeling gigs. However, I make sure I do what is needed to be done to answer your hard-hitting questions, you email, ask, or blog to me. I know the media continues to confuse us, in regards to "Carbs," by stating they are all good, bad, we should avoid them, we need them to survive, etc. Thus, in my never ending quest to debunk big fat "loss' lies, I asked the author of the no b.s. book, "The Carb Rotation Diet," to just give me the facts about carbs, without and spin on the subject. Peep the following video, and see what nutrition expert, Jayson Hunter, had to say in regards to all fo this Carb madness. You can find out more about Jayson and his complete take on how carbs affect our fat loss programs, and how to cut through the marketing crapola, by hopping over to *******thecarbrotationdietbook****. What carbs do you simply avoid? Which can you simply "not live without?" Let me know in the comments section below. I would love to read your experiences.
24 Sep 2008
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How did we live without machines?
25 Sep 2008
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