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A little boy at the Renaissance Festival thinks it's funny to poke the Llama in the back of the head.
23 Mar 2009
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the llama song
23 Jan 2009
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A visit to a Newberg, Oregon farm 2008. Up close and personal with the Llamas. Distributed by Tubemogul.
17 Dec 2008
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Puppies just cause drama, Obama, so get yourself a llama.
18 Dec 2009
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The new Llama song....
5 Sep 2009
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When Whaels rule ill be damned - metacafe all the way
From *******www.llamas-information**** comes this llama training video showing noted llama trainer Bobra Goldsmith demonstrating her slow-motion haltering technique. As you watch her training a young and somewhat reluctant llama to accept being caught and haltered, you hear her commentary explaining what she is doing and why. Why does she massage the llama's neck? Why does she put the halter on so slowly? Bobra has trained countless llamas, and her methods have been widely used by llama owners and also with alpacas and other camelids. (Camelids are llamas, alpacas, and their wild relatives guanacos and vicunas.) This video is a short selection from a DVD called "Llama Training with Bobra Goldsmith: What Every Llama Should Know." This two-hour program demonstrates catching and haltering a variety of llamas. You see Bobra doing it and you see a student giving it a try. You see loading into vehicles. You see a variety of llama training projects, complete with llamas who resist vigorously. The program includes Specific methods for initial contact Her “slow motion” technique of haltering Leading with a light hand Loading into vehicles Kushing (sitting down) Developing trust and willingness. Llama training is great fun, as the animals are so responsive. That's due to their intelligence and and curiosity -- a great combination. If you have been thinking of training a llama, do give it a try! It is great fun, with Bobra's methods or with any gentle method. And visit our website to find out more about llamas and llama training. Distributed by Tubemogul.
5 May 2009
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Demo reel from the debut album, "Under the Hurricane", from Portugal Hard Rock band, Dollar Llama, released on Sik Man Records in Nashville, TN. 2009
21 Sep 2009
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Llama Lou's, *******www.llamalou****, provides reservation services for all summer and winter activities in the Jackson Hole, Wyoming area.
19 Dec 2009
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At the Mitad Del Mundo (the equator in Ecuador), we witnessed Llamitas (little llamas) creating more little llamas. Just a short and fun video of llamas at the center of the world. *******www.CarrieAndJonathan****
9 Mar 2010
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Rich Clarke playing Llama Lounge 2008
9 May 2010
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WDKF LIVE Dali Llama Lounge#1 March 09
15 Jun 2010
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WDKF LIVE Dali Llama Lounge#2 March 09
10 May 2010
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