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just a normal day at chris brittans but we recorded everything funny as hell lmao
22 Aug 2007
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just another normal day at brittan's. which is crazy and funny as hell lol lmao
22 Aug 2007
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Please look. LoL. lmao!!
26 Aug 2007
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Must watch! This guy thinks he is the real peter pan. Listen to the words of his song! lmao
16 Nov 2007
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cool parody lmao
6 Jan 2008
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LMAO i turned on camera and that was it Matt just sung what ever the hell came into his head lol and i, Ben, tryed to play 12 bar blues LOL. It was not planned at all. Subscribe To Us - More Videos Will Arrive Very Soon
17 Feb 2008
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I was watching my fiance's little brother and sister and they set up a camera and told me that my fiance wanted me to switch the clothes for her. Well I admit they got me, but I had a great revenge idea with a split second and got em back, lmao.
13 May 2008
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Poor man ... LMAO
25 May 2008
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16 Aug 2008
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Lessons to all you exotic dancers/table dancers/go-go dancers/strippers/hoes/wannabes, here is what to NOT do. Watch this fat chick falling down stairs, treadmills, tables, So (I love my big girls) home girl tries to put on a show, wanna hop on table like she's skilled and falls, busts her ass, laid out, flat, and keeps crying :D (FUNNY VIDEO, STRIPPERS, HOW-TO, DANCE MOVIES, HOW TO STRIP, SEDUCTIVE MOVES, FAT GIRL, BIG GIRL, THICK, THIGHS, THICKNESS, VOLUPTUOUS, LINGERIE, STRIPPER BOOTS, HEELS, OUTFIT, SEXY, SLUTTY, WHORISH, SKANK, HOE, COMEDY, FUNNY, LMFAO, ROFL, LMAO, HAHA, BOSSIP, BLACK GOSSIP) *****NO DISRESPECT TO ANYONE INVOLVED IN THE MAKING OF/PRESENT IN VIDEO. _______________________________ Song: Year of the Lover - Lloyd big girl falls off table fat girl dancing on table big girl falls black girl falls fat girl table dancer thigh boots big girl fall fat girl falls off table fat girl falls black girl falls off table negro nappy head singing singer single ladies beyonce scarlet busts her ass. scarlet tumbles. scarlet fat black girl falls. takes a tumble
1 Dec 2008
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idiot part 1 lmao
27 Jan 2009
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Now this is a mean trick to play on your child. How's he going to carry on the bloodline? LMAO *******www.ns-knt****
6 Aug 2009
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Poor wall. At least it went down fighting. You can digg this story Swat Team vs Wall funny video videos haha lol fva hilarious prank lmao rofl Swat Team vs. Wall spoof pranks blooper funny fail epic police
6 Nov 2009
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Lmao.. *******gamehackerz****/cityville-2-cheats-hack-tool-download
26 Dec 2012
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Baby Duck Can't Stay Awake Click Here,,,*******www***pypasteads**** Baby Duck Can't Stay Awake,,,,,,,Duck Run,,,,,Sleepy Bear Can't Stay Awake,,,,,,5 weeks old, can't stay awake,,,,,,Sleepy Baby Bunny,,,,,,Quadruplet Babies Laughing,,,,,,,,Cute Sleepy Gosling falls ASLEEP!,,,,,,Baby and his Cat,,,,,,Animals Trying To Stay Awake Compilation,,,,,Kitten narcolepsy can't stay awake to play,,,,,Animals Trying To Stay Awake Compilation,,,,,,,Kitten can't stay awake! Adorablem,,,,,,,How to Deliver a Baby in a Car How to Deliver a Baby,,,,,,Just...can't...stay...away,,,,,,How to Deliver a Baby in a Car How,,,,,,15 month old baby girl answers Mama's ,,,,,,,,Infants 6 months to 12 months,,,,,,,I'm Yours(ukulele),,,,,,YouTube Challenge - I Told My Kids I Ate ,,,,,,,Baby Zoee's swim lesson,,,,,,,Cat mom hugs baby kitten,,,,baby shakira,,,,,,15 months old Eva going down,,,,,,Baby falls asleep,,,,,,Cutest Baby Laugh Ever!! - Baby ,,,,,,Lullaby (2 hours long) Baby Bedtime,,,,,,sleeping puppy...TOO CUTE!!!,,,,,,,duck, Bird, Can, Stay, Birds, Sleepy, lol, roflmoa, lmfao, lmao, cute, aww, funny, laugh, fail, dexter, duckling, fluffy, baby, falling, asleep
8 May 2013
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Basofe is a word Portuguese wiggers use to designate something or someone that is fashionable (or, like they say, da cena). This wigger is do basofe, a.k.a. fashionable. Followers of the movement are often associated with crimes like assault and battery. However, since most basofian kids are underage, it is uncommon to see a movement follower in prison. They tend to steal little kids’ mobile phones and pocket money just because it is basofe. Because of their often ridiculous style, they are made fun of by people from outside the movement. These are often referred by basofes as pixotos. Basofology Basofologia (basofology in English) is the study of the Portuguese basofian urban movement. It gained notority after a thread started by user Aquaticbeing in the Internet forum *******forum.chupa-mos**** where dozens of pictures of teenage whiggers were posted, along with many comments taken out from their photolog and hi5 pages. This science dedicates itself to understanding the ways of the basofe kids, their culture, personality aspects, and so on. Music: The Music is from a Portuguese home and office furniture Company comercial LOL!!! The Kids: They are from the suburbans of Lisbon (Portugal)
13 Sep 2006
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