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LME Investments is looking to partner up with you and build a long term relationship. We are looking to build solid relationships with home sellers, home buyers, home owners, and investors.
23 Mar 2010
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Trabalho para Laboratório Multimédia e Educação sobre a Educação na Cidade (Porto)
19 Dec 2009
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Cirkus came to town. (LME 07 / 08)
10 Jun 2008
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Cirkus came to town. This one is with pingvins. (LME 07 / 08)
10 Jun 2008
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Heide Park in Germany. It's placed just above Hamburg. This crazy ride accelerates from 0 - 60 mph in 2.4 seconds. Really fast! LME 07 / 08
30 Jun 2008
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COMEXGOLDSILVER.COM is a Financial Advisory firm with a vision of offering Accurate and Profitable calls in Bullions (Gold and Silver), Copper, Crude Oil and Global Indices. We provide Market news and calls which are totally based on Technical Analysis. We also provide tips in Comex Gold, Comex Silver, Nymex Crude, LME Natural Gas, Global Indices by SMS on Mobile.
14 Jun 2013
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Fashion TV showroom at LME bangkok, Thailand
7 Nov 2010
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Finally started the engine for the first time!!!!
28 Oct 2009
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foam aluminium skull halloween from a light foam skull to a 5 kilo aluminium skull lost foam casting For God's Sake not a Damien Hirst diamond skull first time i melted and made a mold and first cast i ever made neighbour whas sitting on the roof waiting for things to go wrong laughed when my leather motorgloves shrinked 5 sizes and cought fire by the immense heat off the molten alluminium laughed when a black smoke arised when i poored in the molten alluminium (foam burnout) but he whas impressed by the result off this first skull foam skull i used 5x foam skull + shipping to holland = 100 Euro *******www.brandsonsale****/hg-004627.html another cheaper *******www.centerstagestar****/lisirefoskha.html hee im dutch so cheaper *******halloweentownfl****/product/36523975-8ae5-db11-9100-001676ca3a71.aspx or search for "realistic foam skull" from F.I.T.C.O. ***********/images?hl=en&client=mozilla&rls=org.mozilla:en-US:unofficial&resnum=0&q=realistic%20foam%20skull&um=1&ie=UTF-8&sa=N&tab=wi FITCO (First Imperial Trading Company) Straight From The Grave *******www.firstimperial****/ the foam is burned away when aluminium is poored into the mold think i used brusselse aarde no i used bindolzand (rode kneedbare zand / red sticky sand) from ******* 25kilo = 44 euro a petrobond sand mold. ? wasted my motor gloves because off extreme heat and wasted the chickens water pan next 2 videos inspired me ***********/watch?v=3rb8BdMn7B0 ***********/watch?v=yR3ekOrQ1sw i do not understand the price i payed for the scrap aluminium on the londen metal exchange LME the price is 2700 usdollar per 1000 kilo 2.7 dollar per kilo 2.7 U.S. dollars = 1.82679296 Euros 1.82 euro * 22 kilo = 40.18euro and i paid 25 euro could get sleeping rich if i where a scrap metal dealer An average aluminium can (without its contents) weighed 16.55 grams in 1992. By 2005 the aluminium can weighed about 14.7 grams. thats 68 / 69 cans in a kilo aluminium can price is 1.5 usd a kilo or 1500usd per ton so this skull is aprox 345 cans Aluminium has a melting point of 660°C compared with 1540°C for iron If all the aluminium cans sold in the UK were recycled for cash it would raise more than £30 million for collectors. Setting up an aluminium can recycling scheme is a great way to raise funds for a charity or good cause without having to ask for donations.
20 Sep 2008
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ni lah akibat skian lme tidak pulang ke kg halaman..sksi kn la vdeo yg mnrik ini..
24 May 2009
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Screen caps from all of Marina's available work in chronological order. 1. Raffles - "The Last Laugh" 2. Minder - "Aces High and Sometimes Very Low" 3. The Return of Sherl ock Ho lmes - "The 6 Napoleons" 4. The Wicked Lady 5. Death Wish 3 6. Blind Date 7. Hunter 8. Star Trek: The Next Generation - Season 1 - "Haven" 9. Season 2 - "The Child 10. Season 3 - "The Survivors" 11. Season 4 - "First Contact" 12. Season 5 - "Conundrum" 13. Waxwork 2: Lost in Time 14. Season 6 - "Descent" 15. Season 7 - "Phantasms" 16. Star Trek: Generations 17. Star Trek: A Final Unity 18. Gadgetman 19 Gargoyles 20. Star Trek: First Contact 21. Diagnosis Murder - "Murder at the Finish Line" 22. Star Trek: Insurrection 23. Paradise Lost 24. The Outer Limits - "The Grell" 25. Earth: Final Conflict - "The Cloister" 26. Star Trek Voyager - "Pathfinder" 27. Star Trek: Voyager - "Life Line" 28. Stargate: SG1 - "Watergate" 29. Star Trek: Voyager - "Inside Man" 30. Casualty - "Something from the Heart" 31. Terminal Error 32. Star Trek: Nemesis 33. Through the Fire 34. Net Games 35. Threat Matrix - "Dr Germ" 36. Spectres 37. Crash 38. Enterprise - "These are the Voyages" 39. Fist of the Warrior 40. The Closer - "L.A. Woman" 41. Girlfriends - "Party Over Here" 42. Without a Trace - "Fade Away" 43. Grendel 44. Trade Routes 45. The Deep Below 46. Mass Effect (X-Box game) 47. Inalienable 48. Holby City - "You're So Vain" 49. Oranges 50. Green Street 2: Stand Your Ground 51. The Grudge 3 52. Family Guy - "Not All Dogs Go To Heaven" 53. Otis E 54. 31 North, 62 East
5 Feb 2010
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You guys can use this video if you want. PLEASE SUBSCRIBE ME, it would really help me being interested on this video. Thank you. Thank you guys for the people who got my video in so much funny ways... Twistedavenged ***********/watch?v=Tb7IT8pWfW0 bowser872 ***********/watch?v=ggG9MiqJIoA thatGUYfromSKWL ***********/watch?v=H6haK4erSEE KomatBacon ***********/watch?v=WkiZACJ-lME bestcomics1 ***********/watch?v=97yOGx4gJ7s TrollFaceLoquendero ***********/watch?v=RCpP05o3210 madisonqwe ***********/watch?v=0LM9zPjawGc gomtwo ***********/watch?v=Cxnkk-MaEn0 FruitFucker88 ***********/watch?v=ktgC45ANig0 FANZOIFY ***********/watch?v=BKls6RNcmEs JustShotsForStego ***********/watch?v=g2kMQDs46aQ livesoccerball0123 ***********/watch?v=PTBbcSi3oRo MrMcMAGz ***********/watch?v=AfUdP-eP_6c RIPxUUSERNAMEgom ***********/watch?v=2Y_E8OZKtEs 11polly4 ***********/watch?v=HEACXqS-OuM LevelTheOrange ***********/watch?v=tmYtrP1GM6M TeamPengu ***********/watch?v=WtCrjenvv28 Please subscribe to these people! More awaits... FFFFUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU-!!! U MAD?
20 Jan 2012
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