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Dew Underground Keir Dillon hits the snowy streets of Breckenridge to get a taste of the local sweets. Keir treats himself to tasty snacks from crepes to Crème Brulee in search of Breck's unique town favorite treats whilst getting to chat with the locals who create them!
4 May 2011
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First english translation project by Project Marego! *******www.projectmarego.blogspot**** ------------------------------------------------------------------- Hye ,this is Yuki :D FYI I do this translation job by myself and english is not my first language so my grammar is so terrible.If you find any flaw in this video,please comment, so that I know :D ----------------------------- Chocolat no Mahou: Meringue au Chocolat Kanashimi no Senritsu [ 2011 ] The Magic of Chocolate ~ショコラの魔法ムラングオショコラ哀しみの旋律~ Manufacture : Japan Genre : shoujo Type : OAV (2 ep.), 15 min. Issue : c 03 . 03 . 2011 by 02 . 04 . 2011 Anime based from manga by Rino Mizuho. TheOAV was a bonus for shoujo magazine Ciao for April and May 2011. Shokora Aikawa - the mysterious owner of Chocolate Noir, where any visitor can fulfill their wish come true, having tasted a slice of the local sweet goodies. Here are just a magical chocolate - not a cheap pleasure. What is the need to pay Miyatani Shion, the distinguished pianist, for her heart's desire?
27 Dec 2013
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