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LEED AP BD+C Exam Preparation: To lock in the current LEED certification rates, projects must complete certification or pre-pay certification fees before March 1, 2017. Green Building Academy
8 Jan 2018
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Exactly how do you run a business without a bank? Imagine you’re running a small, local, grocery store. You have your customers, your employees, your suppliers, etc. Now, at the end of the day you balance your till, lock the doors behind you, and quite literally hide your earnings under your mattress. Sounds crazy right? This is the reality that marijuana dispensary owners face every day. So, how do you run a marijuana business? The Guidelines and the Worries Why Do Marijuana-Related Businesses Need Access To Banks? Where Do The Taxes Go? We've got you covered! Make sure to follow us on Facebook and Twitter
12 Jan 2018
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GALVESTON, Texas -- A mother, father and their two young sons were shot to death early Monday at a Southeast Texas beachfront hotel in what police are investigating as a triple killing followed by a suicide in which the woman was the shooter. CBS affiliate KHOU reports Flor de Maria Pineda, husband Mauricio Morales, their 10-year-old son Mauricio, Jr. and 5-year-old son David all died on the eighth floor of the San Luis hotel in Galveston Monday.  Investigators said Flor shot her husband, two sons then turned the gun on herself.  Galveston police Capt. Josh Schirard said the family from Baytown about 35 miles north of Galveston checked in Sunday evening at the San Luis Resort.  Police were summoned to the upscale 250-room hotel on the Gulf of Mexico after a guest in a nearby room on the eighth floor called police about 4:30 a.m. and reported popping sounds. Officers entered the locked room and found the man and two boys in bed with apparent gunshot wounds and the woman on the floor, also with a gunshot wound.  When police arrived at the room, the door was dead-bolted from the inside and they heard "faint moaning," KHOU reports.
13 Jan 2018
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Turn to Lock and Key Tracy Locksmith Company for all your locksmith needs. We offer a wide range of locksmith services, including lock repair; new lock installation, and key replacement.
14 Jan 2018
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The digital asset lock-CCD A new virtual currency with bolockchain security 3.0
14 Jan 2018
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Amazing solo "Lock eyes".
17 Sep 2006
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A lock that supposedly has never been cracked before was opened 3 times with 3 different methods.
17 Oct 2006
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This is a funny clip were some guy tries to stick a pen into his sleeping friends butt...but he wouldn't succeed thatnks to the lock system...
9 Oct 2006
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Don't take laptop lock security for granted.
25 Oct 2006
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How to create a desktop lock shortcut, and put it into the quick launch bar for easy one click access.
3 Dec 2006
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JUST FOR EDUCATIONAL ! so please DON'T MAKE ILLEGALS USES . Some locks can be open with a fork that we had cut and file the tooth. more info see the vids. a little animation made with flash at the end of this vid show the operation like i think it is . hope you enjoy !(excuse my bad english) Certains cadenas peuvent etre ouvert avec une fourchette dont on aura couper des dents plus d'info dans la video. une petite animation faite en flash a la fin de la video montre la manipe servant a ouvrir les cadenas. en esperant que vous aprecier.
5 Dec 2006
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well this is a short vid on teaching you how to lock your computer!
12 Dec 2006
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