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Alan Hunt Band - Long Ride Arkansas Internet Radio www.arkansasinternetradio**** Distributed by Tubemogul.
14 Mar 2010
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done by me(parminder1532) on my pulsar 150 DTS-i stock bike.. in second gear speed 55/60/65 kmph....its too hard to ride a bike for 8 min 9 sec....
7 Jan 2008
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Kid Rock tells Howard Stern that he believe Justin Bieber is about to take the same downward spiral that Vanilla Ice faced at the peak of his career, and he feels bad for him.
20 Jun 2013
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just driveing around
26 Feb 2008
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Photos taken while driving from Virginia Beach to Richmond in a moving car
23 Jan 2010
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See what it's like to ride a motorcycle all day long. This is a first-person view of a day-long ride that's been sped up to play in less than 3 minutes. Come along for the ride!
16 Oct 2007
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Electric 3 wheels scooter by Vectrix is finally ready. Misterhelmet tested it with an exclusive long ride on external Vectrix mini track during EICMA. Still something to tune,of course, (too soft suspension) and too much reaction on limb compelled me to put the leg down but the scooter is easy to handle and really's ok! By: Misterhelmet Gianluigi Ragno
7 Oct 2008
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Well, my trip to the US got cut short. Waaaay short. So short it ended before it had even really begun. I'm sick of the handcuffs already. Thank you to the people who tried to help me while they had me locked up and for being an ear when I needed one. You know who you are. It really meant a lot and helped me not freak out as much. It's a shame they denied me access and sent me home. I think I would have really enjoyed your country. Maybe someday I'll summon the money and the will to try again.. If they even let me. Or maybe I'll just go to bloody Canada. :) I'll explain this all in more ranty detail soon when I get the energy. * A lot of people have been asking about me saying I was "banned from the US" and about the terrorism thing.. just some info on that. I am permanently banned from entering the US under the Visa Waiver program. What I have to do now if I want to try to come back is apply for a special tourist visa through the American Embassy. Even if this is approved there is no guarantee I won't be sent back AGAIN when I get there. And they certainly don't look less suspiciously on someone who has already been denied entry before. I was obviously cleared of any suspicion of terrorism after investigation or I wouldn't be back right now.. however they still found other reasons to send me home and deny me access to the US. I'll be talking about these reasons in upcoming videos and why they were baseless and unfair. Will post more videos on this in good time. Stay tuned. It's gonna be a long ride folks.
28 Apr 2008
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Heavenly Ski Resort at Lake Tahoe, CA installed a zip line ride early March 2008. The 3300 ft long ride lasts 80 seconds and reaches speeds from 40-50 m.p.h. Video by Scott R. Craig. Too see a higher resolution video, visit *******vidoes.sacbee****
2 May 2008
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Just a quick vid whilst on the way to subway for dinner. I talk about the condition of my bike after that long ride at Colo. My concentration was more on how the bike was feeling during the ride so i was mumbling heaps bad in this one
9 Jun 2008
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On tonight's Show & Tell, Jeff Burns stops by to show his video mashup to "Long Ride" by The Pimps of Joytime and tell about it.
19 Jul 2008
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We will take you on a 1 hour long ride on the largest speedboat on the East Coast of the USA. Dolphins love the Sea Screamer boat and they are often seen jumping in the waves that the boat creates as it zooms through the Gulf of Mexico.
18 Sep 2008
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