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All the Movies submitted from Long Johnsson here was made from me: My Name: Leif Heimerby. I Have all the rights to them. More on my Homepage:
Shrek, Donkey, Puss In Boots and Fiona are back for another fun-and-pun-filled adventure, and this time they're joined by Captain Hook, Sir Lancelot and ... Justin Timberlake as King Arthur?! Long story short: Get ready for some 'Sexyback,' medieval-style.
18 Dec 2006
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When you're dying to tell someone...
21 Jul 2008
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Gang violence has quickly become one of Americas' leading social problems. It is not that there are so many, (to date and estimated 30,000 gangs), but it is that the lives being taken by the acts of violence that takes place because of them are. Every individual in the community has a duty to make sure that gang activity is minimized. Please our children of the harmful affects of gang activity. Teach them that there are many other constructive things that can be done with ones spare time. We need not to lose any more lives to gang violence. Long story short...can we get a moment of silence.
28 Jul 2007
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Elderly Asian women in plastic Chinese boots rock hard in an audition for the Pretenders. I heard about a music video contest sponsored by The Pretenders, You Tube and PETA last week for people to lipsynch to The Pretenders new song, "Boots in Chinese Plastic." I bought four pairs of Chinese plastic boots from Wal-Mart 5 days ago, and my mom and her friends were going to star in the video that I directed. Did you ever try to direct four elderly, hard of hearing, Asian women to sing along with Chrissie Hynde after a snowstorm (they won't drive in the snow)? To make a long story short, I ended up having to do all the lip synching, and Ted and I directed "The China Dolls" to be my back-up band. All props and costumes made from man-made materials. It doesn't take death to look this good! If you like this video, please rate and share it with friends. We love you, Chrissie! And, by the way, YOU look fantastic in your boots of Chinese plastic! TheChinaDolls5gmail****
24 Feb 2009
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THIS IS AN OFFER FOR REPAIR. This much sought after gem of the remote past is often seen on E-bay, and here is some sound advice from the European Master Technician: Be aware!!! These ads typically state something like: “The lights work and the tape runs", or "no fast forward and rewind, but a few belts will do the trick with a link to a belt seller". Be careful, this machine requires an extraordinary experienced technician to bring it up to specs. One of the reasons why the ff/rew does not work after 20 years of playing is that the rubber tire hardens caused by free radical attack and consequently looses its friction properties, yet another reason is that the rubber belt between the ff/rewind motor and an idler shaft stretches and that is not all folks, the tire on the idler wheel needs to be replaced. So here are already not one but three reasons to have this problem and you know what, there is only one single belt in this ff/rew mechanism, and of course a motor, and...Guess what, this ff/rew motor needs to be taken apart as well in order that the bearings can be lubricated and the commutator polished, the brushes reshaped and the centrifugal switches in the regulator be adjusted. Yet the guys who try to sell you these units say: "Replace the belts, and that will cure it" Of course there are other belts, like the capstan belt that drives the left hand dual capstan and there is one counter belt. By the way all of these will be replaced and... Not with the Taiwanese El-Cheapo belts, but...with American precision ground Highly Dimensionally Stable belts and idlers costing Wholesale 3 times the price of these cheap advertised belts and idlers!! Why such belts you may ask? Well it lowers Wow & Flutter. I have the instruments and test cassettes to measure it!! Moreover if you look at the armature (a part of the ff/rew motor) you also see a before and after view of the commutator. You see the shining difference? Technicians as a rule never repair motors, they just replace them, but unfortunately these motors are no longer available and need to be serviced. Your run of the mill tech gives up at this point and says “sorry but trash it". Well to make a long story even longer, this unit was completely overhauled for one of my repair customers and than the unit was calibrated and brought up to snuff and finally tested for a full week to make sure that there were no hidden problems left. I have done hundreds of these machines and can promise you that you have a gorgeous unit when I am done with it. It is not without reason that I am known as the finicky "European Master Technician" HERE IS A COMMENT FROM A CUSTOMER. "Hello, I am impressed by your sincerity and your obvious skill as a craftsman. I expect to bid on a 1250 in the very near future. May I have the seller send it directly to you for restoration and pay you when you receive it and begin work? This would be much more efficient than my looking at it and then sending it on to you. Also, I have a Pioneer TX-9800 that needs you work on tuners? An honest and trustworthy technician is a great find and I feel strongly from your writing that I have found one in you. Best regards, Donald Edwardson" May be you are contemplating... to buy a good deal on Ebay, but are hesitant because the unit has mechanical or electrical flaws. Rests assure, we can take this "Fear" out of the equation. All you have to do now is take your unit out of your sound system or from the basement or the closet, pack it in a single sturdy carton surrounded by a two inch layer of large size bubble wrap and take it to FedEx ground also known as Kinko (they are the fastest, friendliest, cheapest and most courteous people on the surface of our planet). If you are still not convinced yet that I really do what I am saying, why not contact me with whatever question is on your mind. I am very friendly and totally service oriented. I have been in this line of work for 53 years so I can say this with a great deal of authority. One more thing I should mention here: I guarantee my repairs with an "Unconditional One Year Warranty" on labor and parts that have been replaced
24 Apr 2008
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Just log onto Google, Yahoo, AOL or any other search engine and type in my full name, Clive Worth to read a lot of stories about my Internet dating that has been out all over the world and you will see why because Millions of People do Internet dating but why do I make big news about it and still have Media after me for more stories, that I have now written my own book about it, (A Serial Shaggers Guide to Internet dating, My 1001 lovers). Even done a Documentary about it, that is also going around the world, (My 100,000 lovers), however, I have now finally found love, Yes I have given up thousands of women, for the one I now love and that again is another story to my chapter, Yet a few years ago I was an alcoholic, drinking everyday, lost in this world who no one wanted to know but now famous around the world, so how did all this come about, well it is such a long story that you will have to read my book to know how, not that I am trying to get you to read my book but that is the truth to my long and hard, complicated life, that a journalists from Wall Street New York, said to me, (one day, a film will be made about me), so Brad Pit, Move over and make way for another star, me, Clive Worth,
14 Jun 2012
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Sadly I have dated a lot of women like Amy Winehouse, who come across when you first meet them as very nice and then once they drink they turn on you, they can be very aggressive and fight like a man, I once lived with one and even married one because there is no way of telling when you first meet them that they are so aggressive in drink. Go to Google Search and type in my name, Clive Worth to read about my Internet dating that has been out all over the world because my news when I was band from the biggest Internet dating site for having sex with to many women went out on Reuters all over the world, I was in most papers and magazines in every country back in Nov 2004, Since then everyone wanted my story and now I have witten my own book about it, (A Serial Shaggers Guide to Internet dating, My 1001 lovers), Also done a documentary that has gone around the world 3 times, (My 100,000 lovers), type it into Google search to see this, Yet over 8 years ago I was an alcoholic, lost in this world on my own drinking everyday and no one wanted to know me or did I blame them but now famous around the world, so how did all this come about, well it is such a long story that you will have to read my book to know how, not that I am trying to get you to read my book but that is the truth to my long and complicated life, A journalists phoned me for a story from Wall Street New York and said to me, (one day, a film will be made about me),
18 Sep 2009
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Ok, standing joke with a few of my biking friends is that I have a Baloo costume, which they dared me to wear at a recent motorcycle trackday, I did and they thought it was funny, then me and my girlfriend decided to take it one step further.... As for the references to Veet and Renthal, long story ;o)
7 Aug 2006
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I'm writing this while driving through the beautiful vineyards north of Los Alamos... thanks to our awesome new EV-DO card we bought for the trip. With Adrianna Krikl playing off the ipod it's *almost* very relaxing - if it weren't for a few straps between the roof and the rack vibrating wildly in the wind, creating what some might describe as the world's most annoying sound. But I'm glad I finally have a moment to slow down and write a post - the last two days have been go-go-go, and on almost no sleep to add icing to the 'cake'. I'm so excited about being featured on Have Money Will Vlog - it's been something I've been waiting a long time to announce, and the timing couldn't be more perfect. Jan and Ryanne recored a Skype conversation they had about Pedal's interesting history with HMWV, how things have evolved since I started working with Ryanne and then later with Jan. In the video they mention how Jan gave me the kick in the butt to ask Nokia (WOM) about sponsoring us with a video-phone, something I wasn't considering before for a number of reasons. A: Didn't think they would give me one. B: Didn't think I would use it. But, long story short, I asked, they gave the project a phone, and I can't wait to take full advantage of it. Thanks Jan! It's a great addition to the mix of media we are packing: 16mm, HDV, HDV with a 45 adapter ('HDV35'), mp4 cameras, Polariod, a wide range of SLR cameras and lenses we plan to do specific time-lapse shots with... I'm very excited about having so many different 'looks' to choose from. But I have to run for now, we just parked at OSH to buy something to muffle the vibration.
4 Dec 2007
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Long story short, wordpress blogs when created correctly, will give you a big advantage with search engine rankings over regular websites. This video lists 10 basic reasons why you should be using a wordpress blog.
22 May 2010
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My Friend blew an Airhorn just as another kid was walking across a tree branch. Long story short, He felt this one in the morning.
3 Dec 2006
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soooo i'm a go go dancer...and my boss has me dance at this one new club...apon my arrival it seems normal I get escorted to my fitting room it's a mop closet behind a kitchen... to make a long story its not just a regular club night..It's lesbian night!!! lol....what was even more strange...after we were done dancing for our new lesbian friends...they cooked us burgers!!lol..idk suttin about sweat from booty shaking and burgers doesnt mix well for me...just another random might as a go go dancer
17 Jun 2007
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