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Over 9 years ago I bought this old Chevy from a Farmer right off his front lawn.. It was named "Evelyn" after my grandmother who had recently passed away.. All of the really old stuff on it was sold-off as the plan was to make it roll once again using a combination of newer/safer parts hidden under old sheetmetal.. To make a long story short I once worked on it day and night and had it about 50% complete then had to put it away.. I never sold it.. but it remained apart a good 5 years or more.. Now It's time to get it rolling.. This winters project will be at least getting the rolling chassis together with a running drivetrain.. Since most of the parts are here (just gotta find the little things) It should go together rather fast.. But again.. I have ALL WINTER -Rob
19 Nov 2009
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Or get a *******www.gogostand**** that fits in your wallet. I created the GoGoStand since we needed a more portable solution. Keep reading for the paper clip template... Get the template at my website (in PDF): *******www.deanying****/PermaLink%2Cguid%2Ca99a1c06-b55b-4001-afeb-46a707055ecc.aspx So I was wanting to watch Napoleon Dynamite. But I didn't have a way to prop up my iPhone. I went online to look for instructions on creating any kind of make-shift stand but all I came up with was some triangle thing made out of a dollar bill and also a retail item called the Bat Rest. The Bat Rest is a great idea... but I wanted something NOW. Anyway, long story short, after a couple of failures, I came up with this shape. FAQs: Will it scratch my phone? No it won't scratch your iphone if you do it right. Check out the video responses to see the stand done with the plastic-coated paper clips. Also notice how the ends of the paper clip are bent outwards so when you rest the phone on the stand properly, those tips don't even touch your phone.
4 Jan 2010
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Malayalam April fool Comedy, funny, There isn't exactly anything wrong with being inspired by a trend setter film; but when the inspiration doesn't really appear to be that inspired, we have a problem. April Fool is almost a literal copy of Bheja Fry, that 2007 Bollywood film that gave the multiplexes a boost. However, since there is the Le dîner de cons (French, 1997) for Bheja Fry to pay respects to, we are not really sure as to where the Malayalam film drew its motivation from. We will stick to Bheja Fry, the more immediate version of the Francis Veber film and believe that it must have a cast a spell on the makers of April Fool. For one, it was Indianised already, and two, it had proved its potentials at the box office. There was absolutely no way then, that a Malayalam adaptation would have a tough run. If only things go as planned in life! The biggest hurdle that April Fool has in its way is that Bheja Fry is not as unseen in Kerala as it would like to believe. I am not just talking about the routine Bollywood aficionados, but this is a film that almost every one who likes good cinema must have seen. Small stars, big film - was what had made it even more special. And to give Sagar Ballary all credit, he made a thoroughly entertaining movie that had us in splits. Even those of us who had seen the French Dinner Game. This is because being inspired is not all about merely doing what someone else has done, saying what someone else has said. A good film that has its roots somewhere else, tells a story that has already been told, but forever ventures into fresh territory and comes up with new exposes of its own. Precisely the quality that makes Bheja Fry a delight and April Fool a disaster. The story is all about a rich man's club that has the members inviting an idiot every weekend, to be generally made fun of. Rakesh Menon (Siddiq), an elite member of the club, finds the perfect prey in Krishnanunni (Jagadeesh) who aspires to become a singer some day. Rakesh isn't having a good day when Krishnanunni arrives, what with his wife Seema (Nayana) having left him, and his back suffering a severe sprain that has almost left him immobile. It's almost impossible not to compare the characters of the film with the original. Jagadeesh's Krishnanunni for instance isn't a patch on Vinay Pathak's Bharat Bhushan, that splendidly unique character that makes Bheja Fry a must watch. And thus goes on the comparison at the end of which, merely two characters stand up to their original. Jagathy Sreekumar is a riot as Sathyakaman, and almost makes us forget that perfect performance from Ranvir Shorey as the haughty Asif. So is Biju Menon, who with his impeccable charm brings a dignity to the affairs around. April Fool has a couple of those funny one-liners, but is never really able to keep the spirit perked up. Sometimes the script looks like a sprawling mess, with all those exercises in frustration never really building up. Yeah, the idea is pretty good, and the execution is pretty lame. To cut a long story short, April Fool is neither half as hilarious as Bheja Fry; nor is it half as riotous. Go grab the Hindi DVD today of the brain fry if you have missed it, or better still go for that dinner with Francis Veber and crew
1 Jun 2010
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TRACK: MOMENT-O-SILENCE Artist: BRICK CASEY LABEL: Awareness Media Group, Inc. Avail: Itunes, CDBABY, and more... ******************************** Gang violence has quickly become one of Americas' leading social problems. It is not that there are so many, (to date and estimated 30,000 gangs), but it is that the lives being taken by the acts of violence that takes place because of them are. Every individual in the community has a duty to make sure that gang activity is minimized. Please our children of the harmful affects of gang activity. Teach them that there are many other constructive things that can be done with ones spare time. We need not to lose any more lives to gang violence. Long story short...can we get a moment of silence.
8 Nov 2010
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Note: Just because a boss is in the video - doesn't mean I hate the games. Far from it. I'm posting this here because there are a billion and one Sonic fanboys that freak when-ever anyone says anything negative about their beloved classics. Listen. Sonic 2 is definately in my top 3 favourite games of all time. Definately. I love it to bits. But the Hill Top boss is just terrible. Even as a kid, I discovered that trick almost straight away. It hardly counts as a boss. Right. Now that's over and done with... hey a video. I expect about 50% of the comments on this video are going to be "Er.. welcome back again ACE". This year has been a little bit silly, eh? There will be a full on apology when I upload the X3 video. Long story short - no my wrists and hands (yes. HANDS. Both of them were affected) are not better, but yes i'll be trying to update in spite of it. My playing ability will just be a bit crap for a while. Very Quick Note: I may be a bit unfair on the Busby fight.. there's nothing overly wrong with it.. except I got such a blergh vibe whilst playing it I just can't think of anything positive about it. You're watching my first recording there folks. That's no joke. That is utterly ridiculous for a final boss.
19 Nov 2010
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The link to download this house is over here: *******www.thesims3****/assetDetail.html?assetId=2006118 Here's a little story for you all, I planned this house to coincide with the High End Loft stuff pack release so I can build a loft and use all the new items, THEN, February's Sets were released soon after! For those who know of them, one was the BauHaus set which mainly consisted of awesome modern windows. Long story short, I withheld progress on the house until I obtained the said sets, obviously, I have and voila!!! I also planned to do a mini introduction to the new stuff pack items but the game glitched out on my while i was recording so that never ended up happening. =\ Anyway, now talking about the house. XD I'm doing a first here, DIAGONALS WALLS!!! The picture for the BauHaus set on the Store page was my inspiration for this house. Mainly the use of diagonal walls and the basic layout. I LOVE the BauHaus set! I'm still experimenting with ways to make new design out of them but the standard ones are boss! I used some of my Sims 2 house building expertise for the front of the house, go have a look at my Sims 2 houses to know what I mean, I miss the flowers and stages from that game =[ So this house is actually a "loft", and it's another bachelor pad because I have this thing in my head what tells me that all lofts are bachelor pads. =] I use quotation marks because clearly this isn't a loft loft. It's more of a house loft, but building a loft loft would mean I'd have to build some sort of condo which I really didn't want to do, so deal! You know the drill! Stay tuned! Get excited! and Enjoy!!! Add me on Twitter, why not? *******twitter****/DWCDR or Becoming a fan of yours truly on Facebook: *******www.facebook****/pages/LuigiRules-YouTuber/268584659395?ref=mf
9 Dec 2010
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Late Night with Jimmy Fallon Season: 1 Episode: 360 Jimmy talks to Colin about impressions and his Broadway show 'Long Story Short.' Part 1 of 2.
14 Dec 2010
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Late Night with Jimmy Fallon Season: 1 Episode: 360 Jimmy talks to Colin about impressions and his Broadway show 'Long Story Short.' Part 2 of 2.
14 Dec 2010
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It's time to go back... in time that is! See how it all began as Harry sets off for his very first year at Hogwarts. He's ready to go but our hero is in for a surprise or two when he meets Ron Weasley and finds out that he's no ordinary 11 year old wiz-kid, he's the most famous guy in the wizarding world... He's Harry Freakin' Potter! "A Very Potter Sequel" is an unofficial, fan-made, parody show. Harry Freakin' Potter - music and lyrics by Darren Criss RON: You're Harry Freakin' Potter! You don't understand you're a legend, man, to us all! Every son and daughter-- RON & THE KIDS: [spoken] "SAFE!" RON: ... From You-Know-Who, all because of you! You were small, but I wonder if you can recall... [CHORUS: Oooo...] RON: Long story short, this guy, [whispered] "Voldemort" was super cruel... HARRY: [spoken] "Voldemort?" THE KIDS: [GASP!] "SHHH!!!" CHORUS: Oooo...] RON: ... Tried to kill you & your parents, and this is where it gets intensely cool... Even though you were a tiny little boy, you shoulda died but you survived and then destroyed this evil guy and it's story we enjoy to tell.... RON & THE KIDS: You're Harry Freakin' Potter! We don't prefer Gandalf, Merlin, or Oz, You're a whole lot hotter! With that lighting scar, you're a superstar to us all! If we're in trouble we know who to call! [DANCE BREAK] RITA SKEETER: You're Harry Freakin' Potter! I wouldn't wince at all, you're invincible to all harm! Like betty crocker-- RITA SKEETER & THE KIDS: [Oooh!] RITA: ... I wanna eat you up! No one'll beat you up with that charm! Remember, Harry, kid, you're the Boss, you're the King, you're the Bomb! HARRY: But this is all so sad, I mean, my Mom and Dad were killed, long ago... THE KIDS: [Long ago they died!] HARRY: ... I wanna be psyched, but being unliked is all I know... CHORUS: [... All he knows, that's why--] HARRY: I never thought I'd be a part of such a fate, an opportunity eleven years late... I guess it's time for me step up to the plate and show 'em that I'm something great! I'm Harry Freakin' Potter! I'll do what I can if what you say I am is true! I can't be bothered by my awful past, I've found at last something I can do, so it's time I knew exactly who I am... I'm Harry Freakin' Potter! THE KIDS: You're Harry Freakin' Potter! HARRY & THE KIDS I'm/You're Harry Freakin' Potter-- HARRY: ... And I'm the Man! THE KIDS: [Ahhhhhh] HARRY & THE KIDS: [spoken] "HARRY FREAKIN' POTTER!" *******www.teamstarkid****/
23 Dec 2010
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Late Night with Jimmy Fallon Season: 2 Episode: 415 Colin talks about 'Long Story Short' appearing on HBO and does his Darrell Hammond impression.
25 Mar 2011
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For more info about obtaining this New Mother Son Wedding Song USE THIS LINK BELOW to obtain A ''STUDIO QUALITY DIGITAL DOWNLOAD' AND CDs of this 'Perfect Mother Son Wedding Dance Song' *******wedalert****/media/NewJersey/A_Perfect_Mother_Son_Wedding_Song_On_This_Day/ You can also contact us for our 'WEDDING SEASON SPECIALS' for this terrific mother son song at EMAIL: OnThisDaycomcast**** "On This Day" An Original Mother Son Wedding Song Music written and performed by Steve Zuccarello. Lyrics by Steve Zuccarello and Denise Christinzio. Vocal performance by Mr. Christian Barnes. (C) Copyright 2005 As Posted on Professional DJ Sites by DJ Jerry Beck Hello fellow DJ's, "I want to share a gem that I came across. I did a wedding where the groom was in search of the perfect Mother Son song. I made some suggestion but none were the "perfect fit" according to the groom. He then told me that he heard a song on the Internet that described he and his mother to the tee. He remembered the song title was "On This Day". I told him that I would research and try and find the song if at all possible. With a little searching I found the song on YouTube. I then contacted the email address that was listed on the video and immediately someone got back to me! I want to step back to the point when I heard the song on Youtube. That is where the magic was! The song is hands down the best Mother and Son song I have EVER heard! Definitely rivals the tried and true like "Dear Mama" by Boyz II Men, What a wonderful world etc. If you want to hear the song you can go to my Website, www.becksentertainment**** and on the front page I have it. To make a long story short, very impressed with how quickly the creators of the song got back to me. I then relayed to the songwriters my client's wishes to use the song and inquired how to get it. They directed me to a link--- *******www.tradebit****/filedetail.php/2083652-Music --- What makes this story so unique is that after I played the song for the groom and his mother at the wedding I actually told a story of the process to getting their perfect song. There wasn't a dry eye in the place! It actually was the first time I have every done anything similar to a "Love story" at a wedding. To add to the personal touch the writers of "On This Day", Steve Zuccarello and Denise Christinzio provided me with an elegant binder that held the beautiful lyrics to the song with a special note that was hand written by them, (the writers) for the bride, groom and his mom. I am highly recommending this song because it's a sure shot, slam-dunk mother and son hit! Once you hear it you will know what I am talking about!" "On This Day" An Original Mother Son Wedding Song Music written and performed by Steve Zuccarello. Lyrics by Steve Zuccarello and Denise Christinzio. Vocal performance by Mr. Christian Barnes. (C) Copyright 2005 As Posted by DJ Jerry Beck Song Lyrics: EVEN THOUGH I SEEMED TO CHANGE MY STYLE EVEN THOUGH I CHANGED MYSELF FROM FASHION TO MY SMILE YOU HELD ME UP AND BELIEVED I WAS WORTHWHILE GUIDING ME WITH GENTLE HANDS THAT HELPED SET MY DIRECTION PAVED THE WAY BEFORE I WALKED EACH MILE YOU WERE THERE FOR ME, MOM YOU'D ALWAYS BRUSH THE TEARDROPS FROM MY EYES TODAY I WIPE THE TEARS FROM YOUR'S I NEVER WANT TO SEE YOU CRY AFTER ALL, THIS TIME IS MEANT FOR SMILES ON THIS WEDDING DAY I JUST WANT TO SAY I LOVE YOU, MOM CHORUS OOOOOOH I MADE MISTAKES AS I BECAME A MAN YOU'D ALWAYS UNDERSTAND JUST AS A MOTHER CAN I PROMISE YOU TO TREAT MY WIFE THE SAME AND I'M PROUD TO SAY YOU HELPED ME FEEL THIS WAY INSTRUMENTAL REPEAT CHORUS I MADE MISTAKES AS I BECAME A MAN YOU'D ALWAYS UNDERSTAND JUST AS A MOTHER CAN I PROMISE YOU TO TREAT MY WIFE THE SAME AND I'M PROUD TO SAY YOU HELPED ME FEEL THIS WAY EVEN THOUGH I SEEMED TO CHANGE MY STYLE EVEN THOUGH I CHANGED MYSELF FROM FASHION TO MY SMILE I LEAVE YOUR GUIDING HAND TO WALK THE AISLE ON MY WEDDING DAY I JUST WANT TO STOP AND THANK YOU I WANT TO SAY I LOVE YOU, MOM OH YES I DO OH A OH A OH (SPOKEN WORDS) I LOVE YOU, MOM
28 Jun 2011
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To make a long story short, my son dropped my rifle one week before this hunt and did not tell me it was dropped, after making two repetitive shots with custom loads, I knew it was not me. 15 minutes later, buck came back out and I had a chance to get my other gun from my truck and harvest him, however I did not film the fatal shot, but I have pictures. Please notice innocent bystander (rabbit) on the first shot. I was shooting a 7mm Magnum.
1 Jul 2011
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Just laying it down on one of our most common questions about the software we use. But here's the list: Editing: Final Cut Pro 7 Effects/Compositing: Adobe After Effects CS4 Color Correction: Apple Color Music: Apple Logic Pro Sound: Pro Tools 8 with an Mbox 2 3D Elements (Jedi Mailboxes, e.g.) - 3DS Max Long story short - don't look at me for what I use - use whatever you can get your hands on! Photo of Tiger Woods taken by Keith Allison, and used under CC A-SA License: *******creativecommons****/licenses/by-sa/2.0/deed.en
4 Jul 2011
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Primus performing "Tommy The Cat" for MTV's Spring Break 1992. I captured this from my own VHS-recorded copy of the broadcast from back in the day. :) For the higher quality video and audio version, add &fmt=18 to the end of the URL. There have a been a TON of comments about the "Primus sucks" thing, so I wanted to post up here a recent comment by "heymanthisisfun" who shares some history behind it..... -------------------------------------------------- "Simple misunderstanding bro, ya see 'Primus sucks', (long story short) is an old school Primus joke that actually Les started himself by saying at shows 'We're Primus and we suck' and people started chanting it at shows and it kinda stuck ever since and even still you'll hear people at the nowadays rare Primus shows, yellin 'PRIMUS SUCKS!!!!' its just one of those things ya know!" And, yes, that IS Tia Carrere at the end of the video. ;-)
18 Jul 2011
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This is one of my personal favorite songs because of all the songs that I've ever written, this is the most personal. What I mean is that it is truly biographical in the sense that I wrote it for my wife when we were still practically newlyweds. In fact I wrote it for her because as in a lot of marriages where at least one of the two is a teenager, one of us was totally immature. Well long story short, though she was the teenager, I was the one being totally immature. But the good news is that love prevailed and we are still spite of me...what a lucky man I am!!!
24 Aug 2011
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[WITH AMAZING ANNOTATIONS] This time i thought id try getting enough watermelons together to be able to see the roofs of the houses in the Imperial City. there's an interesting twist near the end but long story short - there were too many NPC's About the music : I always have a hard time choosing what music to put in my videos , so I thought id leave it up to random to decide. As fate would have it , its probably the best part of this video. Song : ABBA - The Winner Takes It All
15 Nov 2011
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