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Ricky Martin started off his singing career in 1984 as a member of the teen group Menudo. He rocked some hip hairstyles. From a front swoop style to the classic 80’s mullet. In 1988 he released his self- titled debut album, and followed that up with his second album, Me Amaras. As his career progressed, Ricky’s look also changed. He grew out his hair and rocked long wavy locks. After a star making Grammy performance, Ricky released his first English single, "Living la Vida Loca." With his flipped up hair and frosted tips, Ricky was rarely seen without leather pants, or a tight shirt. These days he's more of a loose fitting clothes type of guy.
13 May 2013
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Maddie uses the InStyler to style her long wavy hair, and whips some style into her bangs! $14.99 to try and you get one free* Friends will love your hair so much you can gift it! Go to *******getinstyler****/2306
13 Oct 2013
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In our ongoing quest to bring you every single side of the entire world of music, we're proud to announce Style Stage, Noisey's new style section, in partnership with Garnier Fructis. Here's why we did it: Our friends at Garnier Fructis brought to our attention a basic fact: Hair has played a pretty major role in the expression of musical artists and the evolution of pop music since its inception. Think about it: Little Richard's pompadour, Michael Jackson's jheri curl, or whatever is happening on top of Diamond Rings. There are songs about hair, like Rush's "I Think I'm Going Bald" or Zeppelin's "The Girl I Love She Got Long Wavy Black Hair." Once we started to see it, we couldn't unsee it, and we started to realize that bands' and fans' hairstyles have pushed music and culture forward in a major way. We're extremely excited to tell that story, and to shine light on the past and present of music, hair, and style. Also, for some reason, this story has really never been told, so we figured we should be the ones to tell it. We're excited to share a groundbreaking documentary, a music video series, daily editorial, and some amazing new video franchises. We're also going on a college tour this spring searching for one guy and one girl to be the host of one of our new shows, and we want it to be you, because you probably have better style than all of our editors combined. Check out more from Style Stage at *******www.noisey****/style-stage ** Subscribe to Noisey on YouTube to stay updated on our daily releases: ***********/noisey Videos, daily editorial and more: *******www.noisey**** Like Noisey on Facebook: *******fb****/noisey Follow Noisey on Twitter: *******twitter****/noiseymusic Read our tumblr: *******noiseymusic.tumblr****
30 Jul 2013
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Have something to say about this? Please go to: *******desteni***.za/forum/viewtopic.php?f=136&t=15871&hilit=shave+hair *******www.faceworldfaceoff**** The last logo is not an official logo! it is a logo designed by Joseph Koe. Introduction to Desteni: *******desteni***.za/forum/viewtopic.php?f=248&t=18348 The initial reason why I shaved the first time (some months ago) was to donate hair to releave some of the aftereffects of the oil spill in mexico on the coastline and the animals. see: ***********/watch?v=emgdzjDzFWg Music by Matti Freeman from desteni www.desteni***.za MattiFreeman1 on youtube And check out my blog! *******theatomdecides.blogspot****/
8 Feb 2013
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CelebTV**** After growing out his hair into long wavy locks for the past two years, the singer and infamous ladies man debuted his much shorter, cleaner looking cut at a party for Mindy Kaling in Hollywood.
28 Aug 2012
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So My friend Kandi Comes and picks me up and we go to the mall and when I walk in I see this Hot Pink really really short dress that's low cut in the front and its on sale my friend Kandi whispers in my ear"MJ Would eat u alive with that thing on by it u know u want to"i bite my lip and go inside and i ask the sale's lady"um..excuse me miss is this dress on sale"i say pointing to the it she looks at me and says in a weird tone"um..hun aren't u a little to young to wear that dress"she laughs a little I look at her she looked like she was 25 so i said"I happen to be going to see Michael Jackson tonight and I'm sitting on the front row so there for i need to look my best u understand now"she looks at me startled and shocked and says"um ill see if the dress is on sale ill um be back"she says as she walks off to get the dress"Kandi was looking at some other dresses and i get nervous and ask her"um...kandi u think my mom will let me wear that I mean I'm only 14 and Not 24"she looks at me and puts her arm around me and says"Listen i know your nervous Just relax and if she does say no then wear something else problem solved"i looked at her and said"no no i have to look hot he has to like me i need that dress i wont wear my ugly clothes no"she laughs and says"calm down ok i have an idea the concert wont start until 9:30 so what u can do is wear on outfit in front of ur mom and another at the concert so what u do is change in the bathroom take all ur makeup and hair stuff with u in a backpack so MJ sees u and ur mom will never Know"i look at herand say"thats a great plan thanks"she nods and says"ur welcome"and then the sale's girl comes back and says"yes the dress is on sale it was 20%off so it use to be 60$ now its 28$"i look at her and smile"thanks i have 100$ just enough to get the dress and some after i pay for my dress me and kandi go to the shoe store then as soon as i see these cute 6inch black pumps i just had to ave them so i ask the shoe lady"how much are these"she smiles and says"24$ we also have them in red and white"i smile and say"no these are perfect can i have them in a 7 please"she smiles and says"sure"and she go gets them as i sit there and wait i hear this girl behind me talking about MJ and she says"Yea I'm not going yea i don't get off work today"she says to the other girl so then the shoe lady comes back and hands me my shoes and i pay for i was walking out i felt bad for that girl i knew what it was like to be on the other side like that. when i get home its 7:30 and my mom leaves for work at 7:48 so i jump in the shower wash my hair I didn't have time to picture MJ in there with me so i get out of the shower and brush my teeth and then i blow dry my hair and then i hear my mom yell from downstairs"I'm Leaving for work hunnie bye!!"and with that she closes the door i put on my strapless padded and push up bra and then i went into my sister room and found these red lacy panties and a strapless padded pushe up bra to match so i took off mine and put hers on and then i lotion my body up and put on my strawberry vanilla perfume on and then i take my dress out and put it on and then i put my black pumps o then i put on these black bracelets on that i bought then i look at the clock and it says 8:17 so i rush and curl my long wavy brown hair and put on my makeup then i grab my hot pink clutch purse and then my house keys and money and my moms credit car and leave the house around i get to the concert and i go check my makeup and it still looks fresh then i go and take my sit this was going to be a night ill never forget a night to Remember. To Be Continued................
16 Apr 2010
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Augustana Jade Evans is (also known as A.J.).. a 16 year old girl with long wavy blonde hair and sparkling jade green eyes. She is sweet, funny, and sarcastic. She is totally awesome unless you get on her bad side, well then you see her inner mean girl. She will make you laugh till it hurts. Augustana Jade is a hopeless romantic that is afraid of getting hurt again. She is on her search for prince charming; maybe hes closer than appears. (Shown as Aly Michalka) Blake Andrews is (16) The bad boy heartthrob of Alcove Canyon High School. He has dark curly hair and chocolate brown eyes that will make you melt. The bad boy image is just a cover for a broken heart; he is going out with the ditzy, evil, way to perky head cheerleader, Sarah. (Shown as Nick Jonas) Chase Andrews (17 and a ½). Blakes older brother and the nicer one of the two. He is disgusted with the way Blake treats girls. He also is the smart one (and the clumsy one), but hes no nerd. Hes like a smart rock star (and looks it too)! (Shown as Joe Jonas) Jason Andrews (21).. The basic big brother type. He takes care of his younger brothers because his parents are never around (theyre always jet-setting somewhere).He is trying to show Blake the right path before he goes down the wrong one. Jason is really sweet, and will help you out any time. (Shown as Kevin Jonas) Jasmine Evans (17).. She is Augustana Jades older sister. She is totally in love with her guy bff (Chase Andrews), but would never tell him. Shes a sweet girl but has low self esteem and even lower confidence. (Shown as A.J. Michalka) Leah Powers (21).. The girls older cousin who is like a sister to Augustana Jade and Jasmine. She lives with the girls because her mom died in a plane crash when she was 13 and her dad is a no good piece of crap. Leah is a totally sweet girl who has big dreams and an even bigger heart. Quiet, sweet (Shown as Demi Lovato) Sarah Lexington (16) The bad girl, the heartless snob. The perky airhead cheerleader (also Blakes gf) who is out to get Augustana Jade. (Shown as Miley Cyrus) Kedra Madison (16) A.J. bff (What more can I say?) (Shown as Jasmine Richards)
30 Jun 2009
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