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Ever wondered what behind-the-scenes of the explosions in the Die-Hard series would look like? You can get a glimpse here in this video where we see how two food carts explode as a result of a Portland parking lot catching fire. Breathtaking (literally)!
20 Oct 2017
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Aww....!! These four dogs are looking so cute like babies swinging together in this garden. It looks like they are having a good time swinging and in this swing is just made for them.
20 Oct 2017
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Black-cats are believed to bring bad luck to others if they cross your way. But looks like this kitty crossed its own way somehow!
24 Oct 2017
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Info: Dual footage. GoPro footage of Christian Michael getting caught and swimming an avalanche, as well as an Iphone's Vantage Point capture of the initial slide. Occurrence Date: January 15th, 2016 Location: Sugar Bowl Resort, Lake Tahoe, California Info From Licensor: "We were at Suger Bowl resort having a great time. We found this bowl that looked like a lot of fun. We took several runs through the bowl taking things step by step. We did a lot of things to see if the face was gonna slide. It never slid. We did know that if anything was gonna slid it would be this hit over the cliff. Every run we talked about what to do and what would happen if it did slide out on us. We were mentally and physical prepared for whatever happened next. We knew what the run out looked like and had a lot of discussion about the whole bowl. Then the face popped. I was trying to get to the tree so I could cling onto it but I missed it. So after I went down the chute I was buried about chest deep. So I started swimming and manage to get my self to the top. That's when the snow stopped moving and I found myself on the top." Christian Michael
26 Oct 2017
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Info From Licensor: "We were about to go to Panukulan when someone called the purser to pull them to the seashore. When we arrived their boat was not in good condition. It looked like it was about to sink, but the crews were fighting to retrieve it. Suddenly, the moment that we all feared happened. The boat started to sink, but the passengers would not get off the boat. One by one, the crew and passengers of our boat rescued all the people from theirs. The twenty-three survivors, three children, one teenager, and 19 adults, are now safe and no one is severely harmed. There were no casualties."
4 Nov 2017
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On MEITAR FINE-ARTs videos, Meitar Shpits will share with you her style and passion about interior design artwork, home décor, incorporate fine-art and abstract painting to your living room, finding the perfect artwork for your interior design and cetera. Meitar shpits videos will show you Illustration of her work, and give you examples and ideas on how to find artwork for your living room, how to make your home look like a million dollar, how to complete your interior design project and how to make your guests be blown away when they visit you..
7 Nov 2017
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So much of our advice is centered around being dressed to the nine’s that sometimes we forget people don’t need to look like a million bucks ALL the time. What if you need to look more casual in your suit? What are ways to turn your work outfit to a party look?
7 Nov 2017
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This dog just looks like a stuffed animal that is unbelievably cute and alive. This video of him swimming is just heart melting and adorable beyond words.
10 Nov 2017
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Their speed makes them look like they are not even using the road. Don’t know how they walk with their balls so huge, massive respect.
11 Nov 2017
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15 Nov 2017
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My cat Skrallan looks like a cow.
5 Jun 2007
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Go to MusicPlusTV****/metal for the full interview In early 2002, Jesse Korman and Justin Pedrick both met thorugh a mutual acquantaince, and recruiting Christopher Conger, Jamie McIlroy and Alexis Pareja, formed the bass-free outfit And Ever. After releasing a five-song demo and playing a handful of songs together, the bands style began to change slightly[1], and they soon changed their name to The Number Twelve Looks Like You, a name taken from the the title of an episode of the The Twilight Zone.
11 Sep 2007
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*******vitalcoaching****/datingformen.htm How to ask her out without looking like a fool - Dating for men - Too formal - Casual invitation
23 Apr 2008
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I show you how to get your old ass XP to look like a now with the startbar that is a circle. Idk y my hypercam left out the start bar and the dock but what ever. RATE & Subscribe!!
9 Nov 2009
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