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I run out of food to give to my turtles. Looks what happened when I showed them the empty food can.
8 Nov 2006
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must see
21 Jul 2011
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i never see a giant bats before thousand of them looking for food during the day.
21 May 2008
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A rat is looking for food in a trash bin
3 Dec 2009
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Cat walking that leaves from a low and small vegetation, looking for food, is black and white, is a very nice animal, but looking for, perhaps his companion, has many hairs and walks his way as a lonely.
4 Feb 2017
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Bear turning rocks looking for food. Shot from Kayak 15' from bear off Vancouver Islland.
3 Sep 2006
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A sweet bird looking for food...does she have any luck? Let's see...
9 Jan 2007
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A 3-year-old juvenile bald eagle (A32) tries to steal K10's breakfast. When that doesn't succeed, she makes herself at home on the nest for over an hour. Several interesting places to watch for... 1) 0:59 - an eagle flashes by from top middle to the lower left side. 2) 1:24 - when K10 first notices A32. 3) 1:35 - 2 shadows zoom across the canyon. 4) 1:38 - K10 zips across the top left corner. 5) 1:42 - A32 lands on the nest. 6) 2:21 - As A32 is shown in a defensive stance, a wing tip appears for a scant second in the top right corner. K10's or K26's? 7) 3:16 - A32's first departure. 8) 3:20 - K10 returns to the nest. 9) 3:36 - an upset K10 voices an alarm. 10) 3:41 - K10 takes off. 11) 3:44 - A32 lands. 12) 4:29 - A32 looking for nestovers. 13) 5:53 - A32 resting her foot? 14) 6:17 - A32 lightening the load. 15) 6:23 - A32 leaves 16) 6:26 - A32 flies up the canyon behind the nest. QUOTE: "A32 is a Santa Cruz eagle. She was released on the island in 2004, so she is just turning 3 years old this spring, hence the mottled plumage. It is unusual to have another eagle land on the nest. I do not recall ever seeing another eagle land at a nest during the breeding season, but often times there are other eagles in the area. Perhaps Peter has seen other eagles at nests before? As far as we know right now, A32 is not a breeder and is not territorial, so she is just cruising the island looking for food, etc. She may not remain long (although she looks pretty comfortable right now), and I'm sure K-10 and K-26 will return to normal nesting activities. However, it will be interesting to see what happens. She is pretty big (did you see the way the branch lowered under her weight?), so I imagine the adults are perched close, just keeping an eye on her, not wanting to get in a fight with a big, perhaps aggressive, eagle. Not worth it. Interesting goings on nonetheless. Jessica IWS Eagle Crew" To learn more about the Institute for Wildlife Studies (IWS), A32, this nest and the bald eagles that made history in 2006 on this nest and what's in store for the coming year go to IWS**** and *******z7.invisionfree****/CHIL_EagleCAM/index.php?act=idx
15 Feb 2007
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ENGLISH: we were searching for worms to go fishing, but we couldn't find too much. So we were joking that we are looking for food.. that was funny. funny Romanian joke. my friend claudiu said that he is searching for food, but actually we were looking for worms and bugs to go fishing. ROMANIAN TRANSLATION: cautam rime impreuna cu prietenul meu claudiu, pentru a merge la pescuit. si tot cautind, caludiu a facut o gluma zicand ca el cauta de fapt mincare. uitati-va va rog. e comic
4 Mar 2007
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A monkey in and takes care of a baby when his mother is away looking for food. The monkey take care in the morning and spends the whole day taking care of the baby cat and at times even sleeps with little one.
11 Dec 2008
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Rick's 18th day of his video blog finds him discussing the lead story of the local paper: a bear was caught looking for food in the Antelope Valley by a Wal-Mart. He guesses even bears like their low prices, but you could do a lot better by checking out the Free Online Cash System or calling him at 800.617.8755.
11 May 2008
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mom and cubs looking for food
21 Oct 2008
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“Forgive me Sir” he said in an Irish Accent “but we were on our way to America and our ship encountered fog and we have lost our way. My wife is expecting our fourth child and we are starving Sir, I was only looking for food to feed my family.”
27 Feb 2009
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Raccoon Eating some bread and just browsing our back porch looking for food.
13 Jul 2009
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Not too sure what happened here because I just came in at the end of it. It appeared that 1-3 hawks were near a tree that had some birds in it. The crows took out after them. One hawk is seen flying and the crows come after and dive at it. (Probably need to turn up the sound to hear the crows scolding the hawk.) Another hawk flies in from the left and is chased by the crows. Yet another bird flies up from the ground. Several other birds appear at the edge of the video and then fly back out of range and several more come into focus and then disappear. A woodpecker, which may have been in the tree all along and may have been the target of the hawk, continued looking for food. However these birds had been fighting for a while, before I got my camera loaded and got outside. Additional Hawk videos include: HAWKS VS. TURKEY VULTURES/BUZZARDS FIGHT OVER KILL ***********/watch?v=urbIK0pJ9Ug Wild Red Tailed Hawk fly scream dive & Kestrel Eagle Bobcat ***********/watch?v=zrCmHuHBwfs HAWK BUZZARD STANDOFF-WILD RED-TAILED HAWK CONTENDS FOR PREY ***********/watch?v=OjUzg0-zvL0 Crows attack Red-tailed Hawks ***********/watch?v=sUF06LhE_QE RED-TAILED HAWK SWOOPS, ATTACK, CAPTURES, PREY, FLIES TALON ***********/watch?v=em49DakrxYA Red-tailed Hawk attack, use tools, swoop, eat ***********/watch?v=GnzfY0uMudA Red-Tailed Hawk attacks, tears prey, drops it, prey escapes ***********/watch?v=B-3YnxuoUuM Snake Attacks Red-Tailed Hawk - Standoff Hawk loses ***********/watch?v=kPxy1hoK8GA Wild hawk swoops down, makes kill, eats, flies away, perches ***********/watch?v=n1kuS0TPFxw Red-Tailed Hawk Stands on Ice Eating Prey, Swan, Duck, Deer ***********/watch?v=wiATZkFIr2M
21 Dec 2009
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In Haiti more than 2,000 people are crowding in the stadium in Port-au-Prince looking for food, shelter, and medical help... The Christian Broadcasting Network CBN ***********
27 Jan 2010
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