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Looptroop - radio Remixed by the Norwegian hiphop producer, Thomax aka Chriskezn (me).
23 Sep 2007
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EUROPEAN PLACE FOR HIP HOP... DIVERSIDAD SINGLE EXPERIENCE ! ON FREE DOWNLOAD NOW !!! *******www.myspace****/diversidadexperience Even if the artists come from all over Europe and don't use the same words, they speak the same language: The urban culture language... For the 1st time, European rappers are together in a recording studio No need to make endless presentations: Just Listen !! Featuring : AKHENATON / SHURIKN (IAM - FRANCE) ABD AL MALIK (FRANCE) NIKKFURIE (LA CAUTION - FRANCE) PROMOE (LOOPTROOP ROCKERS - SWEDEN) CURSE (GERMANY) BALOJI (BELGIUM) NOORA NOOR (NORWAY) SAM THE KID (PORTUGAL) DJ CRUZFADER MUCHO MUCHACHO (7NOTAS7COLORES - SPAIN) PRODUCED BY SPIKE MILLER (FRANCE)
22 May 2008
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Rundown of Nomadic Wax at SXSW. Marketing 21st Century African Music panel with Ngozi Odita, Toni Blackman, Esau Mwamwaya, Yolanda Sangweni and Ben Herson. Breaking Borders International Hip-Hop Showcase 2010 with International Movits, La Melodia, The Paranoids, Looptroop, Timbuktu & Chords, Adam Tensta, Rebel Diaz, Mr. Sicc, Young Sid, David Dallas.
2 Apr 2010
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27 Jun 2011
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iTunes: ******* First single from the upcoming Looptroop Rockers album - also entitled Professional Dreamers - set to be released in the second week of March. "Dedicated to everybody who's set their mind to living their dream. We knew pretty early on that we wanted the new album to be called 'Professional Dreamers'. A few pieces to this album's Looptroop puzzle magically fell in to place on a beautiful day in the fall of 2009. Supreme had just had a meeting with our good friend and documentary film maker Simon Klose, where they had discussed Simon's uncle and his research on dreams at the Lund university back in the seventies. Apparently his uncle had been the first in the world to take photos of the brain using different colors to indicate the brain's activity during sleep - and that way actually seeing when the person was dreaming. So he was literally photographing dreams. Promoe on his hand had just been inspired by a comment in Werner Herzog's movie 'Encounters at the End of the World', to the new Looptroop album's title - Professional Dreamers. Him and Supreme spoke on the phone the same day, and it was just so obvious - the title and the album cover was already there! Now all we needed were the songs... Fast forward to a little more than a year later - Barcelona, December 2010. We teamed up with 19 year old pro skater Josef Scott Jatta - who is the very essence of a professional dreamer - to shoot the video in his hometown for the moment. Originally hailing from Majorna, Göteborg but constantly on the move - skating and traveling. He's living his dream and creating some beautiful art on wheels, representing for Sweet Skateboards, DC shoes, Analog clothing, Independent trucks and Junkyard****." Video directed by Isak Lindberg and Supreme Shot by Isak Lindberg For more info: *******www.looptrooprockers**** *******
20 Nov 2011
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"The Building" is the first single from the new album "Good Things" that will be released on April 23. Looptroop Rockers have worked with Rakaa Iriscience of the Dilated Peoples, Cunninglynguists, Timbuktu, Adam Tensta, Mapei, Lazee, Allyawan, Alibi and Svante Lodén of Damn! for this album. Go get it when it hits the stores. *******www.looptrooprockers****/ *******www.discobelle****/
10 Feb 2012
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"9/19 what a day of shame for, the most enlightened country or you say so..." Following the latest election in Sweden (September 19) we wrote, and recorded this song - responding to a racist party being voted in to the Swedish parliament in particular, and to the extreme right wing winds blowing over European and world politics in general. The feelings of frustration and anger had to be channeled some way, and the very day after the election we met in the Wax Cabinet studio to voice our opinion about history repeating itself, and Sweden being an even colder country this fall... // Looptroop Rockers Brought to you by: LTR/DVSG - Svante Lodén (Director, Photographer) - Johan von Brömssen (Editor)
1 Sep 2012
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good shit
13 Jun 2009
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Ill Music
24 Jun 2011
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The Struggle Continues Looptroop The Struggle Continues 2002
2 Nov 2012
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'And this a fucked up world, so many things go bad. Yet here I'm smiles and laughter, outside is cold and sad.' Magic is the new, and fourth, single from the album Professional Dreamers. It's all about giving thanks for everything that is good in our lives. A lot of times we make songs about things we feel are wrong, that we are trying to change - but this one is about all the blessings that we have received. It's a tribute to the beautiful, magical powers that, often unexplainably, guide us through this world of uncertainty and fears. On another level those powers have also guided us, as a band, on the sometimes pleasant, sometimes agonizing journey of creating an album. And with the exception of the musical magician Embee, who according to the lyrics "already knows what the album 'pose to sound like" - we were all amazed by how everything just seemed to fall in place during the creation of Professional Dreamers. The song Magic is a perfect example. Until the very end it didn't have a hook, and we were almost giving up on it when Chords visited the studio, and wrote and recorded the beautiful chorus in only a couple of hours. Then, when we were in Havana, Cuba at the Peace and Love festival in March, we met Viktor Rising who offered to shoot a video for us in that magical city. The video was edited by Cosmic and you can see the result below! We're surrounded by magic, we just need to open up to it and embrace it. Peace! /Looptroop Rockers - - - - - - - - - - - - Music by Embee Lyrics by Supreme, Cosmic, Promoe and Chords Video shot by Viktor Rising ( Video edited by Cosmic for Time Will Tell (
26 Jan 2014
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0:00 22-24 sierpnia 2008, Hradec Kralove, Czechy - Hip Hop Kemp 2008. Muzyka: HHK Polish Anthem - HHK Polish Underground Allstars (Flint, Oka, Exo, Skrag, Ras). Bit: Święty Mikołaj. Na Hip Hop Kemp zaprasza Agencja Joytown (
27 Aug 2008
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Swedish Hip-Hop
2 Nov 2009
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Promoe from Looptroop Rockers - Svennebanan Track from new album Kråksången.
5 Aug 2009
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Loop troop - chana masala video
27 Aug 2008
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promoe videoclip
7 Sep 2011
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