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We Lost One (2001). In 1999/2000 I met members of the Havana hip-hop group Grandes Ligas – meaning major league. They spoke and dressed differently than other people in Cuba. Socially marinated they dreamt of the North American lifestyle and mourned over dead gang leader. Lyrics by Piti.
8 May 2009
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RC spitfire crash, view from tail camera but lost control to one aileron during flight.
27 Oct 2008
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*******www.ChrisQueen****/CB/1AMOR By Annalyn Caras (new Album Version of Win Back Love: How To Win Back The Love Of Your Life by Annalyn Caras). Discover The Proven Secrets To Using Your Breaking and Get Your Love Lost.... Find Out More Now: *******www.ChrisQueen****/CB/1AMOR
30 Mar 2011
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as I said before I came here because youtube sucks and metacafe rocks from what iv seen so far. back on youtube I did generations, at the end of generations I would have an event. this was the end of generation 2, I made an anthology of all the amvs that survived wmgs rampage with a little but added. the band is a band called LOST ONES in wich a friend of mine is the basist, if you want I can give a url for theit myspace page where they have all their songs posted, just ask if you like em. :D
1 May 2009
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Nobody knows what hell our troops go through. They can only imagine. Here is a dedication I made to all our brave soldiers to keep them strong in our hearts until they come home safely for good
24 Jan 2008
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Let EbenGregory tell it, the ultimate test of a relationship is to disagree while holding hands...but apparently Jeezy and Keyshia Cole didn't get the memo. In another random episode of THE JEWELRY REPORT, Keyshia tells Jeezy, let the door hit ya, where the Lord split ya. Two words: Lost Ones.
26 Oct 2007
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Video was filmed on January 7th - 2008. In the last week I have lost one pound and worked out 5 days. So far so good, I think reporting back to the net about my fitness will help. Good idea Nalts with the fitness videos this year. Later Brian
8 Jan 2008
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Mr. Xing lost one daughter to cancer, and then his eldest daughter Yajie was diagnosed with very serious heart trouble.
30 Jan 2008
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Canada drove through the round robin part of this tourney with relative ease They only lost one game that to the Czechs by a score of 1 0
13 Jun 2008
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This film is in honor of World AIDS Orphans Day (May 7th, 2008). Over 15 million children worldwide have lost one or both parents to AIDS -- equivalent to the number of people living in New York, Paris, and Bangkok combined. In sub-Saharan Africa alone, over 12 million children have been orphaned by the pandemic. In addition to the psychological trauma of losing a parent, orphans are often subject to discrimination and are less likely to receive healthcare, schooling and other needed services. Deprived of protection, education, support and love, they face malnutrition, illness and HIV infection and are easy prey to many forms of exploitation: forced labor, prostitution and child soldiering. The Nyaka AIDS Orphans School in southwestern Uganda provides hope to 307 orphans. Learn more about Nyaka by visiting and the music on the video? Check out www.chrisdormanmusic**** to hear more and buy his newly released CD. Chris is a fantastic Lansing, MI artist who lent his talents for free to Nyaka. Thanks so much to Chris for this gift!!! We're truly blessed.
24 Jul 2012
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same spider still very aggressive lost one leg but still a lot of fight in it
18 Jul 2008
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    On April 17, 2009. The season of the cherry blossoms was over, at last. However, the late-blooming double cherry blossoms are in full blossom now. But I feel that time of the cherry blossoms was over. By the way, both of the double cherry blossom and Gyoikou (clothes incense of emperor---it is common name of this special cherry) in my garden are in full blossom now! The double cherry blossoms of a beautiful color are in full blossom now in the gate of neighboring house. DAVE from Edinburgh, coming to Kyoto, will be just in time to see and feel the beauty on this Sunday. The wife of the next door died of cancer one week ago. DAVE took her portrait last time in OMURO 88 places, too. She helped us a lot since we moved to here. She was so kind. She was very openhearted and very very cheerful lady…. Both me and my wife are shocked. Until last early autumn, I met on the path of OMURO 88 places during the taking a walk almost every day. She left for the different world without watching the home cherry blossoms of this year. She was able to watch the flowering of the home cherry, if she lived a little longer. I think the her cherry blossoms looks really lonely this year….The cherry tree noticed she lost one important lady loving her. She knows the sadness….The cherry tree must know the fact…. I seriously felt ---the life is so short. I really feel recently. And I am always thinking the rest of my time. And also wondering about my time. I saw considerably a lot of cherry blossoms this year. Many times! Quite often! Maybe it was the 1st time in my life. By the way, it is a WEISSRAUM report of April. In April, it is the exhibition of the lithograph by Fritz Schwegler. Probably this time will be the last. We held his exhibition three times last year in weissraum. Therefore, I do not want to explain about him. He is so famous and important very important artist. Of course I loved his world. It is a lithograph of DRAWING of 40 pieces of sets with the wooden box which he made 99 sets. He wrote --- on the box. AUF WELCH WEISE EIN IMMER IMMER UBER ALLES IST EN4851 40 ART HUTER BLATTER VON FRITZ SCWEGLER                       They are of course wonderful. If I have enough money, I certainly buy it. Unfortunately, I cannot afford to buy… Of course myself of course weissraum…. I matched our project –Chris & ta--with his DRAWING of the lithograph this time. It is CHRIS & takaya for making use of the surrounding landscape with his work. I am changing the branches and flowers everyday this time. It lets me be tired. It is hard. In addition, it is also hard to make VIDEO. You can see the last part of my video no.2----the moon and cherry blossoms in ARASHIYAMA…. ***********/watch?v=o1WQT4fA4i0&feature=channel_page And also the beginning and end of NO .3 VIDEO, you can see cherry blossom petals flowing through canal and the Takase River in Fushimi. Fushimi is the south part of Kyoto city. ***********/watch?v=P1A2qbWEyVc How do you feel the time of the cherry blossoms of this year? If you feel sympathy for me about passing time, I am very glad. This is NO.4 from 12th to 16th April. ***********/watch?v=RuIUnf7icjQ&feature=channel_page This one is No.5. I do up in youtube today. ***********/watch?v=qMzCe47s8HE&feature=channel_page It takes time to look slowly and carefully. It must be hard like a kind of job. While drinking just see and talk with kids or lover and little bit watch and drink and talk and drink and drink…. It must be the best way. But anyway if you quick watch, I am very glad. If you watch all, you will be the specialist of flower in spring in kyoto. And, In addition, I pray we will be able to have such time ---we talk and drink together.     It became early the time of sunrise every morning. I am surprised that my sense of the time becomes strange recently. I really think what can we share with you in the rest of our time…..
26 Apr 2009
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