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WITNESS - Inspire Bristol - Shout it Out Loud – 6/6 – Nige Burr of the UK; you wouldn’t want someone’s religion rammed down your neck would you? Treating everyone we meet with dignity and respect is one sure fire way of making friends, and one day, God willing, through your true friendship, you may have the privilege of introducing your friends to Jesus Christ.
2 Jan 2008
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Make a self powered, incredibly loud airhorn from stuff you can get for free from a pharmacy just by asking, that sounds amazingly like an elephant!
25 Jan 2008
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2:00 This apartment was a rental for us in Palermo, Buenos Aires, Argentina for about $1500/month. It's over 1,000 square feet, but is off of Godoy Cruz, one of the busiest streets in Palermo, Buenos Aires, and simply wouldn't work for us. Loud, loud, loud... ALL the time.
9 Feb 2009
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Watch this interview with Australian artist Holly Throsby where she talks about the recording of her new album A Loud Call. A Loud Call features Holly's new single A Heart Divided
8 Jul 2008
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This tutorial descibes a method of making a loud banger out of ordianary household items... amazing results.
27 Jul 2008
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Follow me on Twitter: Episode four in our the Don't Be That Guy Series. Leave Comments with your stories of That Guy who is orders too loud at Subway. Thanks for watching!! Written with: Jason Enright Music by: Apple. Music under copyright used in accodance with the "Fair Use" Act
11 Aug 2008
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Fireworks - The 25 shot Thunder King is very very loud, it just comes under the UK legal sound limit for a firework, which is 120db. It is a shame that YouTube's video player supresses the sound, it is awesome!
28 Sep 2008
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Star Wars Theme Live and Loud (ZI CARLOS & G.E COLLECTION)
14 Oct 2008
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This is a simple way to achieve one of the loudest whistles ever! It's very simple, anyone can learn. WARNING: turn your speakers down because it could be very loud. Try it yourself, and you will find that the whistle is actually much louder in person than on video!
23 Oct 2008
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You can listen to music loudly by using your mp3 player, earphone and tape recorder without any connecting cable. It's really interesting... You can surprise your friends with this interesting feature...
29 Oct 2008
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My cat is on the right and pounces on our neighbors cat.Very loud...much hatred
4 Nov 2008
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On the eve of their next monthly party PLAY IT LOUD, one of the 3 resident DJ's Doug Gomez shares a few words. ***Exclusive video by Muema for
15 Dec 2008
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Wonderful 5W Megaphone BULL HORN Loud SPEAKER! This megaphone with compact size, clear louder sound, lightweight and portable, it's perfect talk or speech for meeting, assembly, propaganda...etc. Loud-Speaker made of ABS Plastic, and built-in microphone!
19 Dec 2008
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Well, after 3 tries this was the best of them. A bit of rushing at the beginning intro, after that fairly smooth until the 'disaster' at about 3:16! - The original drummer for Loudness: Munetaka Higuchi, died late 2008 of cancer. R.I.P Munetaka. better quality here:
1 Oct 2009
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sometimes it takes more than actually getting fouled to get a foul in the NBA. Check out Gosol's attempt at getting a foul called...sometimes screaming really loudly is just what you need.
22 Jan 2009
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When You Need Loud [ ] Work hard, play hard. Drive hard, listen hard. This car stereo power amp let’s you rock a small city. 4 channel / 60 watt, quality design. Another example of Chinavasion car audio audaciousness. To learn more about this great power amp, visit: [ ] Or check out some other amps or car stereo equipment from Chinavasion at: [ ]
9 Feb 2009
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