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27 Nov 2011
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Heading for Heaven is a quaint and amiable comedy about small town life. Stuart Erwin (Our Town), a congenial everyman, became a Hollywood star portraying small town characters and his role in Heading for Heaven is perfect for him. Erwin is a realtor with a loving family who overhears his doctor saying Erwin has three months to live. While Erwin is off rediscovering himself, his family comes to believe he’s taken his own life in distress. Throughout all this deathly subject matter, the film proffers plenty of jokes and gags to keep the tone light and fun. But what really gets the chuckles are the well constructed absurd coincidences, like Erwin happening to show up while his spirit is being invoked by a swami. Ridiculous, engaging, and downright fun, Heading for Heaven is vintage family entertainment.
11 Jan 2008
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Academy Award winning Hollywood knockout Ginger Rogers stars in Heartbeat, a film that charms, romances, and melts the hearts of viewers. In a love story peppered with hilarious situations, Rogers is a reform school brat who graduates to a pickpocket university. The head professor, played humorously by Sherlock Holmes purveyor Basil Rathbone, makes Rogers into his best student. But when Rogers gets to high society to steal, she falls in love with the lavishness - and a handsome diplomat. The classic romance between those of different backgrounds soars as the conflicted Rogers attempts to find happiness. Heartbeat takes heartthrob Ginger Rogers and showcases her talents to perfection
11 Jan 2008
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A pianist at the Blue Heaven Nightclub falls for the beautiful singer that he works with but is too shy to do anything about it. So the nightclub owner tells the singer, June, that the pianist, played by Arthur Lake of Blondie movie fame, is really a masked wrestler called The Devil to impress her. In order to keep up the ruse, Lake must do many hilarious things, including feign a broken leg that the actual wrestler sustains in a fight. When the real Devil announces his engagement to another girl during one of the fights, June, who’s in the audience, finds out the truth. Lake must explain everything, and he wins his love in the end after being honest.
15 May 2008
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Send Love or Romance flowers in Ottawa – *******www.Flowermania**** is the leading provider of flowers for all type of floral needs in Ottawa ON area.
25 Mar 2010
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*******www.lets-find-love**** - One of the most popular love finders on the dating scene.
23 Aug 2012
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18 Jun 2011
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anime love romance's
12 Apr 2007
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Trailer for teleplay production - Queen Sheba and He; details love, romance, adventure, action, fiction, heartfelt, heart and soul. Sheba Queen is a private detective and He is a He-man named Jonas.
24 Feb 2011
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*******www.twssshow**** Does that arm touch mean something? What about when she crosses her legs toward you? Why is he flexing so much? Body language and signals are ways to tell if someone of the opposite sex likes you, but how do you know what to look for? We explore these dating mysteries once and for all. TWSS Love Romance Sex Dating Advice Body Language Signals Flirting Boyfriend Girlfriend Kissing Teasing Eye Contact Intimacy Breakups Heartbreak Heartache How To Cuddling Ice Cream
26 Jan 2010
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This is a teaser for a new series of books coming up called The Magic. She's powerful and he's a 333 years old witch. Love, romance and... facing foes together in metaphysical battles.
27 Jan 2010
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We only showed a very brief snippet of Joey watching a romantic comedy from the 80s. Our audience demanded more, so we listened. Here is an extended Director's cut of everybody's favorite lovable loser with his trusty sidekick. It was trimmed to around 2 minutes, because it was pretty much an hour and a half of the same thing.*******www.twssshow**** TWSS Love Romance Sex Dating Advice Body Language Signals Flirting Boyfriend Girlfriend Kissing Teasing Eye Contact Intimacy Breakups Heartbreak Heartache How To Cuddling Say Anything Ice Cream Pathetic Crying Boston Terrier In Your Eyes Peter Gabriel Lloyd Dobler John Cusack 80s Hot Tub Time Machine Romantic Scenes Boombox
28 Jan 2010
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