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Dane DeHaan holds back on spoilers for the upcoming production of Spider-Man 2, while acknowledging that the romantic plot involves Harry Osborn in a love triangle.
20 Jan 2013
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Dead Space 3 carries the series' standard admirably. FREE game download►*******◄ Dead Space 3 doesn't want to take sides in the debate over what constitutes a true survival horror game. It would rather leave the choice up to you. This is a game rife with options and flexibility, building on the strengths of the franchise with clever new ideas that let you tailor the experience to your liking. It hits a few sour notes in its story and struggles at times when it steps away from the core combat, but Dead Space 3 is a thrilling and worthwhile sequel. Dead Space 3's story follows closely in the footsteps of its predecessors. That is to say, it's nearly incomprehensible. Isaac Clarke, now caught in a confusing love triangle, has been sent off to the frozen ice planet of Tau Volantis, believed to be the marker homeworld. You remember every last scattered detail having to do with markers and their sundry effects on humanity, right? If not, you're out of luck: aside from a brief "previously on Dead Space" video buried in an extras menu, the game makes precious little effort to explain anything of remote importance. It's an issue compounded by a dearth of interesting characters, and this ultimately makes it difficult to feel attached to anything that occurs in the haphazard, quickly moving narrative. •Additional Tags• "buy Dead Space 3" "Dead Space 3 free download" "Dead Space 3 ps3 game" "Dead Space 3 ps3 game free download" "Dead Space 3 ps3 gameplay" "Dead Space 3 review" "Dead Space 3 trailer"
9 Feb 2013
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Winner of multiple audience awards internationally, including the 2010 Sundance World Cinema Audience Award, UNDERTOW (Contracorriente) from Peru is the outstanding debut feature film of Javier Fuentes-León. Capturing the hidden beauty of the sweeping Peruvian coastline, this haunting, bittersweet tale of a unique love-triangle examines the quest to define sexual identity, when confronted by dogma and tradition. In a small fishing village on the Northern coast of Peru, where religious traditions run deep, Miguel (Cristian Mercado, Che), a well respected local fisherman and his beautiful bride, Mariela (Tatiana Astengo), are about to welcome their firstborn. But Miguel harbours a secret; he is also in love with Santiago (Manolo Cardona, Beverly Hills Chihuahua), a visiting artist who has been ostracized by the local community because of his homosexuality. Forced to deal with the consequences of his acts, Miguel must come to terms with who he really is, even if by doing so he risks losing everything, including the people he loves the most.
1 Apr 2013
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Join us! www.facebook****/HetJill ~ www.twitter****/HetJill Trailer for the upcoming lesbian feature film, "Heterosexual Jill," a pseudo-romantic comedy about being in love with who you think you are. Coming to film festivals in mid-2013! Synopsis: Unable to make progress with her ex-lesbian conversion path, a neurotic "All American" Jill tracks down her butch ex-girlfriend Jamie to prove to herself that she is no longer attracted to her. Strung along by guilt and desire, Jamie agrees to the preposterous plan of "dating" Jill so that Jill can close this chapter of her life and move forward with men. Meanwhile, David and Lola compete for the affections of José , a sexually ambiguous and seductive man from Brazil, and they compare notes on their differing opinions of his sexuality. As complications arise with Jill and Jamie's relationship, Jill starts to see José as her ticket out. However, when the love triangles shift and realign, Jamie has her own identity crisis that she is ill-equipped to handle. A mix of over-the-top comedy, sharp wit, and pathos, Heterosexual Jill rides the edge of laughter and pain, desire and repression, and explores the complicated attachment to one's sense of self in the face of love. Written/Directed/Produced by Michelle Ehlen Produced by Charlie Vaughn Cinematography by Olivia Kuan Production Design by David Monster Composed by Harold Squire Featuring "Calling 4 U" by Kevin Gerdes Cast: Jen McPherson Michelle Ehlen Keye Chen Shaela Cook Geovanni Gopradi Lauren Nash Katy Dore Shaun Landry Ken Rambo
14 Apr 2013
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"Cinema Diaries - Arbaz Khan The First Choice For Dhadkan! ""Cinema Diaries brings you stories from bollywood that are not much known.This story is about the blockbuster movie Dhadkan in which 'Arbaaz Khan' was signed to act the role of Dev, which was originally played by Suniel Shetty in this romantic love triangle. " For daily dose of entertainment news log on to: *******www.lehren*** Like our Updates: *******www.facebook****/LehrenEntertainment Follow our tweets: ********twitter****/lehrentv
25 May 2013
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Cinema Diaries - Arbaaz Khan was the FIRST CHOICE for "DHADKAN" Exclusive Story ""Cinema Diaries brings you stories from bollywood that are not much known.This story is about the blockbuster movie Dhadkan in which 'Arbaaz Khan' was signed to act the role of Dev, which was originally played by Suniel Shetty in this romantic love triangle. For A Retro:For daily dose of entertainment news log on to: *******www.lehren*** Like our Updates: *******www.facebook****/LehrenEntertainment Follow our tweets: ********twitter****/lehrentv
25 May 2013
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Aimee Teegarden talks about the love triangle in 'Star-Crossed' at the 2013 Comic-Con TV press line
5 Aug 2013
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We thought we'd take a look at something creepy and monsterish. But also leathery, because everyone loves leather. So we went with Underworld, one of the best werewolves-versus-vampires-with-a-love-triangle movies ever.
21 Jan 2014
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Ask questions, share ideas, and draw pictures in the Pencilmation Facebook Group: *******facebook****/groups/pencilmation A funny love triangle between an ordinary doodle, a beautiful doodlette and a rock star. It all takes place in a very "lively" house, but who will win who? Pencilmation is an animated web series created by Ross Bollinger in which pencil drawn stick figures and doodles come to life. Help me out! Buy the Pencilmation DVD!!! It features some rare animations I made a long time ago and how to videos. You can find it here : *******www.pencilmation****/dvd
26 Jul 2016
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Classic love triangle with a super twist...and a sea monster! --- Directed by Ross Bollinger Animated by Virus Mecanico (Rodrigo Martínez, Adrián Villarespe, Diego Acevedo, Sarah Páramo) Music by Adam J. Eros Voices by Ross & Ama Bollinger
11 Aug 2016
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Frente! - Bizarre Love Triangle
29 Apr 2009
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I music video tribute to a love triangle between Ardala, Buck, and Wilma that was hinted a few times but never happened. Who would you have picked if you were in Buck's shoes?
30 Jun 2008
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Bizarre Love Triangle [Live in Glasgow] by New Order
5 Nov 2009
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This is the 1994 version of "Bizzare Love Triangle" by New Order which appears on the "Best Of" album from the same year.
23 Jan 2010
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Make it or break it - First season Love triangle : Lauren Kaylie Carter
25 Jan 2010
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Popstar! Magazine & PopstarOnline**** had great spots on the red carpet for BANDSLAM's world premiere! Here, check out Hutch Dano's interview with us, and find out his thoughts on love triangles, insecurity and the 2nd season of ZEKE & LUTHER! *******popstaronline**** *******twitter****/popstarmagazine *******myspace****/popstarmagazine
14 Mar 2010
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