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mad lover after a man fall in love with a ladey
19 Jun 2009
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A Tango by Egriega, set to film clips from the 2000 Kar Wai WOng film "In the Mood for Love" starring Maggie Cheung and Tony Leung. Music and Lyrics by Egriega Thieves, Lovers and Hooligans is the most recent in a range of songs produced by Tango Songwriter Egriega. For more information on Egriega go to www.egriega****
22 Jun 2009
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BOYCOTT BENCHMADE and go to ******* and file a TTAB hearing to get the BALI-SONG trademark revoked on the basis that it is generic and stop Benchmade from behaving in this immoral and corrupt fashion.*******AssistedKnife**** Go to my website and click on the BOYCOTT BENCHMADE link and learn the disgusting and morally corrupt behavior that Benchmade condones. I urge anyone who is a knife collector, a knife seller, a knife lover, a knife wholesaler, a knife fan to file a TTAB Hearing against Benchmade.Benchmade is attacking people's freedom of speech and attacking quality made US companies and behaving just as all the corporate monsters behave in the United States. Enough is enough with the corporations thinking they can take away civil liberties, the right to free speech, when they themselves are the most guilty of being ethically bankrupt and morally corrupt. Join in the BOYCOTT and support what is right, don't just sit on your ass about things because if we continue down this path of apathy nothing will be left. Benchmade is attacking knife sellers on many grounds this is the beginning of the series of events that are going on. If I loose it will effect everyone who sells knives just as everyone else's cases. Once one of us looses then it will give case law to Benchmade to attack whomever they feel fit to attack. The war is on with Benchmade and its corporate bullshit. They want sole control of particular styles of knives, which if we loose the battle it will kill all the small businesses out there. The matter is serious and I am going to begin to post the aspects to the case on the internet and expose Benchmade. Not just to get sympathy for my problems but to supply evidence to other people who are having the same problems with the company and not let them continue on this path of destructive behavior. I will get support from people who know me that is given, because I do have alot of people who I respect and know have a brain and see this as an attack on civil liberties. I also know alot of other sellers are in some trouble and if I can supply information to them to help defend them in their lawsuits then it is crucial because none of us can afford to let anyone of us loose a case against Benchmade. They have used this new tactic as a means to make money and are attacking small businesses who have no money to defend themselves. This is a normal tactic of corporate abuse in the United States and Benchmade has now taken this approach after they have lost the government military contract. So whether you like me personally or not this situation will effect everyone of us who are in the knife community in the United States.
5 Jul 2009
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For more information on this video go to my blog: *******throwingstonesatyou.blogspot****Here we have The Loverly Pathological Lovers playing a particularly inspired version of Bonnie Tyler's classic at CBTG's. Check them out at *******www.myspace****/thepathologicallovers
6 Jul 2009
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Artisti: Akcent; Track: Lovers cry; Anul 2009; Casa de Discuri: Roton Music; Videoclipuri in format HD pe *******video.industriamuzicala.roVersurile piesei:I dream of youAnd it feels like I`m flyingI think of you when I`m smilingI`m lost into your eyesI sing our songAnd it feels like we`re dancingMy broken heart can`t stop restingI love but is it wise?She`s born to run awaySo sad that she can`t stayI wish she gives me one more dayI kiss my love goodbyeI hold her one last timeAnd suddenly I don`t know whyLovers cry?Tell me the meaning of being togetherIf you keep running foreverI don`t understandWhy is the purpose of loving each other`Cause every day I keep wonderIf I see you againShe`s poor to run awaySo sad that she can`t stayI wish she gives me one more dayI kiss my love goodbyeI hold her one last timeAnd suddenly I don`t know whyLovers cry?She`s poor to run awaySo sad that she can`t stayI wish she gives me one more dayI kiss my love goodbyeI hold her one last timeAnd suddenly I don`t know whyLovers cry?
27 Oct 2009
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Lovers of Paradise" عشاق الجنه ........................................ ........................................ لا تنسى صيا يوم الأثنين و الخميس ........................................ ........................................ حب محبة حبيب الله صلى الله عليه و سلم محمد عبرة اسلام محمد رسول الحرم الله العفاسي ماهر المعيقلي سورة القيامة القران تلاوة العبادات الوضوء الراشد الموت صلاة الأذان مشارى راشد السعودية مصر موبايل رنة الصدقة الجارية الخير ضحك حزن جن امريكا إسرائيل إسرائيل ضحك نكتت يوم القيامة محاضرة محمد القران الاسلام التوبة الله قصة اسلام الداعية الامريكى ISLAM, MUSLIM , ISLAMIC ,UMMAH ,QURAN ,MOHAMMAD, ALLAH, AKBAR, GOD ,MUSLIMS ,EGYPT ,WORLD ,ISLAM ,55A ,ISLAMWAY, CONVEY حب نشيد,قناة,الناس قرآن مؤثر جميل الله دين دروس أناشيد محمد حسان توبة قصة جاد جديد,رمضان كريم قبسات و نسماترمضان
22 Jul 2009
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Love Horoscpes tell you about yourself, and also your lover. Love Horoscopes usually used for knowing love condition or love status.Love horoscopes includes forecasts for all facets of your life, but the most popular is the forecast of your romantic relationships and love life. These romantic forecasts, or love horoscopes, focus on your individual characteristics and compatabilities as they relate to your romantic relationships in both dating and marriage.
26 Jul 2009
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Mastermind with animal lovers across the globe through this BraveHeart women community.
27 Jul 2009
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www.dogloversanonymous**** Shelby Linstrom shelbylinstromgmail**** Welcome to Dog Lovers Anonymous! I have many great videos that will help you with your dog. If you ever have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact me.
23 Aug 2009
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UK London based Glam / Punk / Rock 'n' Roll band The Ghosts of Lovers perform 'That Girl' Live at The Drill Hall, Lincoln, UK. The song was filmed by a friend of the band on VHS Video and we had it transferred to digital. The quality varies but the clip is worth it for Guy's solo alone.
17 Jan 2010
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UK London based Glam / Punk / Rock 'n' Roll band The Ghosts of Lovers song - 'Tonight' - Slideshow of images
24 Aug 2009
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UK London based Glam / Punk / Rock 'n' Roll band The Ghosts of Lovers song - 'Iona' - Slideshow of images
24 Aug 2009
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Michaeal Jackson was $500 million in debt and was going to try his hand the lottery. He created an amazing strategy, but never used it. The strategy hung in his home in a frame until he died. A former employee got the strategy, used it and won $25,000. The strategy is called the MJBP (i.e.) the "Michael Jackson Bunch Pick." Needless to say, everones trying to get their hands on it. If you're a Die Hard MJ Fan, go to mj-strategy**** and get the King Of Pop's creation for yourself. You won't be sorry. I guarantee it. Also find out who his Secret Lover was and be in for a total shock! Ty
15 Oct 2009
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dream lover
8 Sep 2009
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Best way I can get back with my ex lover fast. We all have experienced break ups. And it can really be very painful.
21 Sep 2009
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*******myosource****/ The Kinteitc Bands area a great way to get fit while you walk or play with your pet. This animal lover walks her dosg twice daily and lovew wearing the bands during the walk. She is able to get a great work out while she performs her daily routine walking the animals she loves. The animals are getting a great work out while she is able to multi task walking her dogs and getting some great extra fitness training. Distributed by Tubemogul.
23 Sep 2009
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