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(Image Source: CNN) BY ADNAN S. KHAN ANCHOR ANA COMPAIN-ROMERO “Out of control” is how a leading human rights organization is describing post-Gaddafi Libya. CNN reports. “An Amnesty International report says some of the Libyan militias that helped toppled former Moammar Gaddafi are now quote ‘out of control,’ engaging in torture and abuse of prisoners.” Amnesty International says most of the violence is being carried out against alleged former Gaddafi loyalists. But the report says African migrants and refugees are also being targeted. One of the report’s co-authors tells euronews, “The problem is that these militias are defective about the laws. They are not being held accountable for what they are doing and the authority is not there to do so.” That authority lies in the hands of the National Transitional Council — or NTC — but The New York Times says the council has no muscle to enforce any sort of law. “…the powerlessness of the government is such that the national army is treated like just another armed group. As a result, Libya’s leaders have been unable to rein in the large number of lawless militias with regional or tribal allegiances who fight one another with disturbing frequency.” According to The Tripoli Post some consider Amnesty’s report to be exaggerated, but Al Jazeera says there is some credence to it. “Since the war’s end with the capture and killing of Gaddafi last October, the NTC has struggled to extend its control over the vast desert nation. It has largely failed to rein in the hundreds of brigades that fought in the war, many of which now run their own detention centres for those accused of links to Gaddafi's regime.” At the end of the report Amnesty International listed a number of recommendations, saying if the country doesn’t act, it risks another civil war. “In a period of transition, it is imperative that the authorities firmly demonstrate their commitment to turning the page on decades of gross and widespread violations in Libya.” Click here for link to the report.
17 Feb 2012
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With the election finally over, Nixie talks Halo, Steam for Linux and a drop in iPhone loyalists!
9 Nov 2012
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What makes the 'Legends Football League' all the more ridiculous is that, this year, it changed its name from the 'Lingerie Football League' because chairman Mitchell S Mortaza felt its uniforms and image were hurting its credibility. For those not aware of this phenomenon, it involves seven-a-side teams of scantily-clad women playing full-contact American Football. Starting as throwaway half-time entertainment for Super Bowl viewers, it gained in popularity to become established as a fully-fledged 'sport' of its own. Whatever your personal views of the objectification of women for entertainment purposes (I'll return to that later), the LFL is degrading -- not to the women involved (who are just happy for the attention), but to the sport. Watch the video and you'll see what I mean. Ogom Chijindu of the LA Temptation (yes, really) celebrated what was actually a powerful, physical tackle on her opponent Riki Creger-Zier of the Seattle Mists by shaking her rear end on her opponent's helmet. The dance move is called twerking, which the Urban Dictionary defines as 'the rhythmic gyrating of the lower fleshy extremeities in a lascivious manner with the intent to elicit sexual arousal or laughter in one's intended audience'. Either intent probably doesn't belong in sport. I have no problem with the getting of Crunk in the correct context, but a time when the NFL is on a broad charm offensive in order to boost its global popularity, the wider display of such garbage (and in terms of sporting level, it's of as much value as an episode of Gladiators) surely only harms the sport. Does this variation on America's Game serve in any way to boost its popularity? You have to feel not -- its target demographic is, by the LFL's own admission, "beer drinking college students aged 21 and up", although I would lower the age range significantly (US drinking laws forbid associating teenagers with boozy frat-boy antics, but that is patently the intent). All very well -- but that demographic is already gridiron loyalist territory. There is no clear commercial value beyond half-time entertainment, milking an already over-flowing teat, if you'll forgive the analogy. Surely the promotion of women playing Football could be used to draw in more female viewers? I fail to see how the LFL fills that brief. Women's soccer (apologies for the term, but we have to distinguish between the two) and cricket have been taken significant strides in recent years, precisely because calls from dinosaurs such as Sepp Blatter for players to wear skimpier outfits were ignored. Surely forcing LFL players to jiggle their booties in scanty 'performance wear' merely undermines these efforts? Surely fining them for over-dressing (as has been reported) simply reinforces the stereotype that women can't play sports? And here is the crux of the LFL's problem. The objectification of women in American Football is, as followers of US affairs will be aware, a hugely sore point at the moment. The shocking recent case in Steubenville, Ohio, saw two High School Football stars jailed for getting teenage girl blind-drunk before subjecting her to a gruesome, night-long rape and sexual assault, which they gleefully documented and shared on mobile phones. The case exposed a culture in Football where teenaged prospects, even before the trappings and wealth of NFL stardom, act with impunity, brushing off serious sexual misconduct as mere horseplay. Their coach thought it was all fun and games, apparently happy to let such 'japes' slide so long as they did the business on the pitch. It is a culture not just restricted to Football -- the similarly-named game we Europeans play has its fair share of such incident -- but to all-male team sports where personal and social education are de-prioritised to the extent that illiteracy and a lack of comprehension of personal responsibility are far from the exception, if not the rule. For the game's organisers to deem such a spectacle appropriate is irresponsible -- the buck, frankly, should stop at cheerleaders. The level of athleticism in US female sports is high enough that a genuine Football product can be packaged and sold as a sporting event. And really, if semi-clad women engaged in full contact are your thing, there are plenty of age-restricted websites "beer drinking college students" can peruse.
24 May 2013
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"The Bleacher Preacher" CreateSpace eStore DVD: www.createspace****/403885 "The Bleacher Preacher" BitTorrent Now Bundle VOD: ***********/bundles/bleacherpreacher "The Bleacher Preacher" pays homage to one of the biggest Cubs fans with an interview taken in 2010 with die hard Cubs fan Jerry Pritikin aka Bleacher Preacher. The interview takes you down baseball memory lane through the historical stories told by a devoted Cubs fan of 65 years that reveals what it means to be a Cubs loyalist. "The Bleacher Preacher" is a fan's story of love for ones favorite baseball team. Baseball is not just a game for some FAN-atics. It's a way of life! "HOW DO YOU SPELL BELIEF? CUBS!!!"
5 Oct 2016
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From the movie The Bounty - Bligh (Anthony Hopkins) and his crew of Loyalists are given scarce supplies and cast off-board by Christian (Mel Gibson) and the Separatists.
26 Aug 2011
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A look at how the confused loyalists in northern ireland deal with the religious inbred loyalist offspring emotions against catholics. Yet another loyalist suicide bombing. UDA youth wing young militas political loyalist suicide bomber protestant british irish scotch ulster billy wright lenny murphy michael stone ian paisley peter robinson IRA pira rira oira cira inla iplo crf sinn fein gerry adams 12th july orange order parade loyalism results in suicide bombings lol sad middle east towlheads Glen Hugh Branagh ulster volunteer force uvf uda uff freedom fighters defense association
29 Jul 2012
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Despite the fact that opposition forces claim control of 95 percent of Libya's capital, Tripoli, Sky News' Alex Crawford reports that Qaddafi loyalists are still fighting.
24 Aug 2012
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Footage filmed on the road to Sirte on Monday allegedly shows rebel fighters capturing two suspected Moammar Gadhafi loyalists, who are travelling towards the checkpoint, before turning their truck around and attempting to flee under heavy fire from the rebels. One appears to be injured and immediately after escaping from the truck falls to the ground. Another alleged loyalist is seen running at the scene, repeatedly shot at by rebel fighters. After surrendering, the two suspected loyalists were taken to Misrata, rebels said. RT on Twitter: *******twitter****/RT_com RT on Facebook: *******www.facebook****/RTnews
16 Oct 2012
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3 Dec 2009
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Manchester 2008 Glasgow Rangers V Zenit
18 Jul 2010
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6 Oct 2010
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11 Oct 2010
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NBC TODAY Show As rebel forces are preparing to launch an attack to gain control of the Libyan dictator’s last stronghold, his forces dig in. NBC’s Jim Maceda reports from Tripoli.
1 Mar 2011
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Manchester 2008 Rangers v Zenit St. Petersburg
11 Jun 2012
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50 Hour nonstop TATTOO! Extra Info: "Alexenburg Entertainment, our agency, recently advised "Off The Hook TV" to delay Leatherface's Guinness World Record Attempt for the longest tattoo session. Leatherface will be making media appearances to discuss the event and its new date, which should be sometime in September. Stay tuned to 98 Rock and****/offthehooktelevision for updated information." Over the weekend of July 7th and 8th, Leatherface and Wade Darby performed a practice run for this Guinness World Record Attempt. Wade will tattoo 10 people 5 hours each running from Midnight Friday to Midnight Sunday, plus 2 additional hours. Leatherface will be receiving a Ghost Rider Tattoo the final 5 hours. Wade will be sitting down, tattooing on Leatherface with the goal set at 50 hours. This event was going to take place on August 4th and 5th, but the new date will be announced soon. FOR FUN, spot the girls kissing the Cane made of a Bull's Penis! We call it the "C*CK CANE"... Music in beginning - "Guitar" By Leatherface and main segement music "Papa Roach". For more info go to: www.myspace****/offthehooktv OFF THE HOOK! ABOUT THESE VIDEOS! 1) WHAT WE DO TO GIVE BACK TO OUR FANS: We subscribe to everyone who leaves a comment on our videos. Just our way of saying "thank you" and staying in touch. We also check out some of your videos and rate them as well. 2) WHAT YOU CAN DO TO SUPPORT OFF THE HOOK TELEVISION: Make the world a better place by watching this video over and over again and by sharing it with everyone you know. If they do they same and the people they send it to do the same, everyone in the world will see this video. That would be such a good thing. Oh, and tell everyone to rate it even if they hate it. Oh, and if you have the chance, meet some new people and ask them to watch it. Thanks for your time. 3) SPECIAL NOTICE TO OFF THE HOOK TV LOYALISTS: If you wish you can create Off The Hook Television Fan support sites featuring all of our content you can find and display . We grant permission for use of our videos on youtube for fan support so no Copywrite B.S! POST POST POST our videos anywhere you can respectfully! Don't forget to sign up at the official OFF THE HOOK TV forums at *******www.offthehooktv****/community 4) OFF THE HOOK BIATCH! 2008 Stoic Management
21 Dec 2008
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LTTE leaders' gathering location and Training Camp raided The Sri Lanka Air Force has launched an attack on an LTTE training camp and a location where LTTE leaders gather.. Air Force Spokesman Wing Commander Janaka Nanayakkara giving details about the raid on the training camp said the incident happened at 7.30 this morning. The attack was carried with Air Force fighter jets. The camp was located four kilometers, North of the Muthiankattu Tank in Oddusudan. The Air Force Spokesman opined that the raid was successful. Meanwhile, he pointed out that an LTTE leaders' gathering centre was raided at around 2.30 this afternoon with Air Force fighter jets. It was located two and half kilometres East of Thunnakkai. Demonstrations in Europe against terrorists Sri Lankan expatriates take the lead against LTTE loyalists injecting oxygen to the outfit, which is suffering a major defeat in the Northern operations.. Our Special Representative Anura Medagedera reporting from London said the series of demonstrations will be staged in European cities for three days beginning from tomorrow.The Anti Terrorist Sri Lankan Organisation is planning the demonstrations in European cities under the theme "Victory for Motherland and Defeat for Terrorism". These will begin tomorrow and continue until Sunday. Its purpose is to make the European state leaders aware of LTTE terrorism. The demonstrations will begin in the Finland capital Helsinki tomorrow. Demonstrations in Athens, Berlin and Paris will be staged on Saturday, while another massive protest is arranged near the official residence of the British Prime Minister on Sunday. Our Special Representative opined that many Sri Lankans have already expressed their willingness to join in these demonstrations. Another purpose of this effort is to counter false propaganda unleashed by pro LTTE elements against the Sri Lankan Government and the gallant soldiers who are achieving many victories in the North. Military operations against the LTTE will continue The Government has emphasised that operations to liberate the innocent Northern civilians from the clutches of the terrorists will continue unabated.. Minister Anura Priyadharshana Yapa said the Government was working to protect the sovereignty of the country although certain politicians had acted without considering the nation. Addressing the Cabinet news briefing at the Parliamentary Complex today, the Minister observed that the Government had clearly stated it cannot agree to a ceasefire. They are not prepared for any talks until the LTTE disarms. Many LTTE dominated areas as well as civilians have been liberated after the security forces embarked on humanitarian operations. It was possible to hold elections in the East. The Government's intention is to vanquish terrorism and create a conducive environment for the civilians to live according to their whims and fancies. Therefore, the Government is not prepared to be trapped. It strongly believes of a period in which the Sinhala, Tamil and Muslim communities can live unitedly with a Sri Lankan identity. Minister Anura Yapa opined that air raids were carried out at terrorist targets after clearly monitoring these locations. He added that there was no need to halt the raids as the attacks are targeted at LTTE camps. Wanni operation - Sri Lankan Army - Defence Ministry
30 Aug 2008
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