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Tag your dumb boyfriend... or girlfriend but good luck with that - Amanda Cerny - Funny Vines
30 Dec 2017
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16 Jan 2018
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This poor guy has a very unfortunate luck not in favor. Watch how he is mistaken as the keeper and receives hit without an armor.
29 Dec 2017
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This interviewer randomly selected an aged person to interview who turns out to be a celebrity. Now that’s a very big coincidence, a masterstroke of luck.
12 Jan 2018
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This guy was trying to prank his girlfriend with one of the golden tricks called ‘Cut my finger off’. But to his bad luck it was an epic fail.
16 Jan 2018
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Book your dream home from Asset Homes the best builders in Kochi before 31st March 2018, and be a part of our Jackpot Season 2 also win your home free. And there will be free furnishing for 5 luck winners too. Come lets play Jackpot Season 2 and grab your home free!!!!
4 Jan 2018
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In South Africa if you wish to have your own office or start a business, then it will be a good decision to try your luck in Johannesburg. More for information visit our website.
10 Jan 2018
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If you’ve been looking for and perhaps trying different colic and wind relief products and not finding anything that really works, you’re in luck, soothe me baby tea from giselle&i is your answer to the simplest and safest colic and wind relief treatment for your precious one. When a baby is in pain from gas and in discomfort or distressed from stomach and intestinal issues, baby colic and wind relief products can help to ease the pain. Baby colic medicines can be hit and miss at best, often never working to give your child the relief he or she so desperately needs. soothe me baby is a natural tea that helps with colic, stomach pains, nausea, bloating, wind, indigestion and related gastrointestinal issues and also helps promote healthy, restorative sleep for your child. The active ingredient is organic Pimpinella anisum - It relaxes the intestines while helping to release gas in a healthy manner. soothe me baby tea was developed in 2013 by a mother with a colicky baby she needed to comfort. It was her mother who taught her this medicinal tea widely used in their culture to help relieve her son’s symptoms of colic and wind. Six children later, she decided to release their cultural family tradition and she began the process of perfecting this natural remedy tea to help other parents who were struggling, as she was helped by her loving mother. Soothe me baby is a natural, organic, sugar free tea for babies, it comes ready to use and is individually sealed for convenience, so it’s quick and easy to use anywhere at any time. It has also been tested and is listed with the Australian Government Department of Health, ensuring that is regulated with the highest safety standards. So, if your little one has colic or wind, or is suffering from tummy aches and pains, soothe me baby tea from giselle&i is your answer to help settle your babies pain away.
15 Jan 2018
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Rudraksha is considered as incarnation of Bhagwan Shiva. The person who wears Rudraksha possess always good health, is respected by all and is capable of attracting everybody & any body. Rudraksha worshipped as a source of good luck, good health, prosperity, medical values, success, and financial gains and for eradication of evil forces.
16 Jan 2018
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a video made for fun with basement jaxx and lisa kekaula's song GOOD LUCK.. Made with a digital photo camera in Haugesund,Norway
25 Dec 2006
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Do you have a bad luck in a job? This man had worst luck than you
29 Jan 2007
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Its time to recharge your luck..See it download it then comment..
11 Feb 2007
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