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Of course science can explain what happened, however, the car and the driver was saved from a bad crash by pure luck and continued the race.
8 Jul 2018
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This is the case where you have practically not much gaming skills mixed with crazy ideas but still, you can do it for your extremely good luck.
15 Jul 2018
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Best of luck with the new dialogs In hindi
19 Jul 2018
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the wooden bridge was not in its best condition to handle the weight and motion of the truck. Still, as the driver pushed his luck the bridge broke.
5 Jul 2018
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Molly was learning to ride a skateboard. It was as hard as it can get for her, on the top of that her luck was out of positive vibes and she dropped her *ss.
5 Jul 2018
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I wish every fisherman had things this easy. This might be the fastest and easiest fishing method in the history with the greatest luck.
19 Jul 2018
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This footballer did not intentionally kick the ball at the cyclist, it was his bad luck that he got in between. poor guy was hurt very bad.
20 Jul 2018
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Hill Climb Racing is a Vehicle game. You can choose a cabriolet easily to begin the Hill Climb Racing On The Computer. Read the guidance in the game which tells you how to drive along the roads safely. Make sure you have fuel if needed. As you possibly know, you have to drive enough distance and collect sufficient cash to upgrade and unlock new cars. Good luck and have enjoyable driving different vehicles along all roads.
27 Jun 2018
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Thanks to luck no human was present in front of the car or they would be injured by the blast of the car engine. Just imagine if the car was on the road running!
9 Jul 2018
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Bad time and again, have not lost the pain when falling, plus hit by a motorcycle falling from a motorcycle, suddenly this guy was again hit by a motorcycle, really bad luck
11 Jul 2018
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Meet Taranjeet Kaur, a women with courage and determination. She had multiple pregnancy loss due to MTHFR gene defect with very low egg reserve ; but she never give up and ultimately blessed with a healthy baby without undergoing IVF treatment with the help of medical management only in our centre. She is a inspiration to all the women around the world who are suffering with infertility and recurrent pregnancy loss. Women who test positive for a mutated MTHFR gene may have a higher risk for miscarriages, preeclampsia, or a baby born with birth defects, such as spina bifida. India IVF Clinic congratulates Mr and Mrs Kaur and wish them Good Luck for their health life!! So as Mrs Taranjeet Kaur has said that "Never loose hope! and always keep hope in you and have faith on your Doctor and you will acheive your happiness."India IVF Clinic congratulates Mr and Mrs Kaur and wish them Good Luck for their health life!! If you are one of the couple who is facing such kind of problems do consult with us before it was too late. To book consultation with our IVF Specialist Dr Richika contact us at +91-73538 73538
18 Jul 2018
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a video made for fun with basement jaxx and lisa kekaula's song GOOD LUCK.. Made with a digital photo camera in Haugesund,Norway
25 Dec 2006
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