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From: LoZ-Ocarina of Time Music by: Koji Kondo Arrangement by: LokaNaranja Sheet Music/Tabs: None :( Ocarina: Double Ocarina Once again, in honor of the OoT 10th Annivesary (11/21/08), here is July's Zelda song...uploaded on the last day of the month, lol. I want to thank my special guest for taking time out of her very busy schedule to help me out with this song...she played it beautifully! Please drop by her channel and check out her work: *******youtube****/lokanaranja
2 Aug 2008
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Improvised guitar at Green Goddess in Fernwood Square, Victoria, BC. *******www.stevendelrizzo****
9 Feb 2009
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Just wanna make someone sleep
11 Jan 2009
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A song I wrote for my nephew or niece when he or she comes along. Also kind of a sentimental touch with photos from some cool people who've passed on the last few years.
27 Aug 2008
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A :)
16 Apr 2011
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Instrumental version of the song Nana de Amor, by Amigos Musical Group. A Bachata that can be danced with the softness and cadence of this wonderful dance. We hope that you´ll enjoy it. Thanks for your support.
22 Oct 2008
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markie´s art
30 Oct 2008
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Anime music video using kite liberator movie and afi preludes 12/21, please comment on my work, thank you
22 Jan 2009
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disclaimer: I dont own anything NO COPYRIGHT INFRINGEMENT INTENDEDSONG DOESN'T BELONG TO ME NOR DOES THE RIGHTS TO NUMB3RS.don/megan warning: Character DeathsDon and Megan were in a steady relationship for sometime but Megan decides to break it off with Don. Don can't seem to get over it and does something unthinkable. As time passes Megan can't forget the events that happen.
7 Jul 2009
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Piano Tutorial, This is the right hand tutorial, suscribe my channel and wait for the left hand to be uploaded. Haha im still recording it!
4 Mar 2009
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Turkce Ninni
13 Mar 2009
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What can I say I couldn't help myself so I just threw this clip together[=
3 Jun 2009
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Atv deki “parmaklıklar ardında “ dizisinde “bizim ninnileri “ kullandılar. Güzel de kullandılar. Anne baba adaylarına, hoş bir görsel ve dinleti oldu. Malumunuz türkiyede 65 adet yabancı bebek müziği albümü varken “bizim ninniler “ albümünü üretmek bize nur Onur ve sevgili Üstadımız Emin İgüs’e düşmüştü….. iyi seyirler dinletiler….. www****imninniler****
19 Jul 2010
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I wrote this song because I miss my little boy. I hand-inked all the art in this and even made drum brushes (the montage at the end), since I can't afford to buy them. :D I'm using my modified Squier Strat, Casio Privia PX-300, home-made tom tom and brushes and Hohner Chrometta 8 harmonica in this song. Thanks for listening.Aster, I love you very much and miss you terribly!Lyrics:Peace, Peace, Peace,The crickets all sing, "Peace."Hush, Hush, Hush,The trees all whisper, "Hush."Don't worry, my baby boy,The stars still shine at night.And though it may feel dark,The moon still lends us light.I know that I am far,Too far away to hold you,But I pray every night,That God will send His angels to watch over you.Love, Love Love,Your daddy sends his love.Hope, Hope, Hope,Hope falls from above.If Joy is like a fountain,I pray it springs up daily for you.If faith can move a mountain,then please have faith that I'll be with you soon.
6 Jul 2009
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You can see pink unborn babies and hear gentle music here. All you would feel is "Hope, Happiness and Holiness."
4 Nov 2009
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Credit goes to Mandah for the song, and the creators of the pictures. This is my creation out of boredom. Enjoy!
8 Nov 2009
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