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The clip Objecting the gunfighter from High Plains Drifter (1973) Faster! Fire! Pull that trigger! Any improvement? Some. Lew and I were thinking. Maybe we were hasty in our decision. What do you mean? Maybe we don?t need any outside help to solve our problem. Hell, Dave, maybe we don?t even have a problem. Every man that ever got sent up... went away saying he?d come back and get even, right? But can you actually remember anyone ever comin? back and doin? anything? I can?t think ofone. Can you? You want to get rid ofthe gunfi ghter, is that it? Dave, we?ve got to before it?s too late. He?s making a mock ofthis whole town. Making that little dwarf the sheriff. Kickin? my own people out of my own hotel. Got halfofthe women in town sewing bedsheets together. Got those Mexicans down there building long picnic tables. Lutie Naylor barbecuin? a whole damn steer. Some kind ofa picnic. Right here in our own town. Sounds pretty good to me. What do you mean? It sounds like a good idea bringin? everything out in the open. This whole thing?s all for nothin?. They?re probably all three blind drunk in some Nogales whorehouse. Well, ifthey?re dead drunk in Nogales, we?ll know in 24 hours. Surely we can put up with the man for one more day. No. He?s got this whole town so people are turnin? on each other.
28 Nov 2011
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