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15 Feb 2017
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An M13 original movie idea.
1 Mar 2008
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I was able to catch up and finally got M13's attention. Sorry this took so long to upload. I had to edit out my fellow outlaw's license plates, which was tedious and time consuming.
21 Apr 2008
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Astronomical objects that may be viewed in the sky with amateur astronomers telescopes or binoculars. The summary includes location of Mars, Saturn, Jupiter, when to observe great red spot, comets C2007 Q1 McNaught and C2007 B2 Skiff. Dark sky objects mentioned are M57, the ring nebula, M92, M13, M3, M5, and Omega Centauri.
31 May 2008
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In Memory of Lucas Malcolm Howell 3rd June 2008 – 5th October 2008 I’ve kind of dropped out of the challenge for a few days due to the tragic loss of my very close friends Gareth and Fiona’s baby Lucas. My video today is in memory of Lucas and the desire of my friends to focus on something positive. Gareth and Fiona are looking to raise money for the Neonatal Surgical Unit who took such tremendous care of Lucas during his short life. Although we have a National Health Service in the UK many of the extra facilities provided to care for critically ill babies are done so via donations. In the coming weeks I’ll be sharing with you details of a project Fiona is doing to raise more money for the Unit to help other sick babies. In the meantime if you would like to make a direct donation please send a cheque payable to ‘Neonatal Surgical Unit St. Mary’s Hospital’ and send it to – Neonatal Surgical Unit Saint Mary’s Hospital Whitworth Park Manchester United Kingdom M13 OJW. Take Care, Louisa
21 Oct 2008
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Sous le régime Khmer rouge, Kaing Guek Eav, dit Duch, a dirigé la prison M13 pendant 4 ans, avant d'être nommé à la tête du S21, la terrifiante machine à éliminer les opposants au pouvoir en place. Quelque 12280 Cambodgiens y trouvèrent la mort. En juillet 2010, Duch fut le premier dirigeant Khmer à comparaître devant une cour de justice pénale internationale, qui le condamna à 35 ans de prison. Il fit appel du jugement. Alors que Duch attend son nouveau procès, Rithy Panh l'a longuement interrogé et a recueilli sa parole...
18 Jan 2012
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Custom Shop Fender strat into the Line 6 M13 into a clean Egnater MOD50 (BMAN and SL2 modules)
25 Sep 2009
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Random M13 Topics
3 Jul 2011
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M13 is me. And these are bits and pieces of my videos. Generously edited by UKRedWing. Many thanks to him for doing so.
11 Jun 2013
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The first week was pretty scary.
6 Feb 2009
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When I have some more time I'll put together a proper video explaining everything and whatnot. But I can't ride or drive at the moment.....and I don't feel like making a vlog without a vehicle. I think my son stole all my luck when he was born....ha. Oh well, if I had to lose it...I'm glad that it's him that took it. :-) Scooter was a loaner (the owner of the shop's own scooter), my own bike was in the shop. Check out *******www.m13online****/ if you have a chance.
5 Jul 2013
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M1A1 Abrams utilizing the coax and M240. Code: Operation Iraqi Freedom Equipment: M1 Abrams - The M1 Abrams main battle tank is the principal combat tank of the United States Army and the United States Marine Corps, with three main versions being deployed starting in 1980: the M1, M1A1, and M1A2. The latest versions of the M1A2 have a new armor and electronics package. It is named after General Creighton Abrams, former Army Chief of Staff and commander of the Army's U.S. 37th Armor Regiment. M240 - The M240, formally United States Machine Gun, 7.62mm, M240, is a family of belt-fed medium machine guns firing the 7.62 × 51 mm NATO cartridge (w/ M13 Link). It is based on the FN MAG machine gun. Location: Iraq, Samarra - Samarra is a key city in Salahuddin province, a major part of the so-called Sunni Triangle where insurgents have been active since shortly after 2003 invasion by the United States of America. Though Samarra is famous as a site of Shia holy sites, including the tombs of several Shia Imams, the town is dominated by Sunnis. This has caused tensions, particularly since the 2003 invasion of Iraq. On February 22, 2006, the golden dome of the Al Askari Mosque was destroyed by bombs, setting off a period of rioting and reprisal attacks across the country which claimed hundreds of lives. No organizations have claimed responsibility, however it is believed that the Mujahideen Shura Council, or groups sympathetic to its cause, were behind the attack.
24 May 2009
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M134 Minigun -- This awesome weapon, available in 5.56mm on 7.62mm caliber, is essentially eight (sometimes six) separate guns connected to an electric motor. As the assembly rotates under electric power, each gun fires, causing a hail of bullets which spew out close to 8000 rounds per minute! Meant ro be mounted on aircraft, this monster weapon has been seen in many films being "fired from the hip." Perhaps nobody did it better than Minnesota's own Jesse "The Body" Ventura in "Predator." The gun for that movie, built by Chuck Stembridge, a noted Hollywood gun consultant was powered by a remote battery which was connected by a cable which ran down Jesse's pants leg during the filming. M240 machine gun - The M240, formally United States Machine Gun, 7.62mm, M240, is a family of belt-fed medium machine guns firing the 7.62 x 51 mm NATO cartridge (w/ M13 Link). It is based on the FN MAG machine gun which is based on the Browning Automatic Rifle.
17 Jun 2009
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Instead of doing a swatch video, I decided to do a color comparison of the new Hot Pot single eyeshadows from Coastal Scents, finding the closest comparable to a MAC color. I'm sure many will start doing haul and swatch videos in due time. I think these hot pots are ideal for aspiring MUAs building their kits on a budget. With today's economy, who's NOT on a budget? You'll find that some of the colors are so identical to MAC, hmm surprising... I did a swatch comparison after filming, and much to my own surprise, most of the colors are identical to my MAC ones. EnJoy! Make sure to watch Part 2 - this video only covers the MATTE Hot Pots. Color Comparison to MAC (Recap) M01 - Casa Blanca (LE) M02 - Kelly (pro) M03 - Lime (pro) M04 - Bamboo M05 - Meadow (LE) M06 - Signed, Sealed (Matte2) M07 - Soft Brown M08 - Plum Dressing M09 - Vanilla M10 - Samoa Silk M11 - Fountainbleu M12 - Aqua (pro) M13 - Melton Mauve M14 - Saddle M15 - Cobalt (pro) M16 - Charcoal Brown M17 - Meet The Fleet (LE) M18 - Azalea (pro blush) M19 - Gesso M20 - Brule M21 - Haux M22 - Handwritten (Matte2) & Dark Edge (LE) M23 - Typographic
6 Aug 2009
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FunEL Βαρύ Πακέτο *******funel.blogspot****/ Blogme ******* Μερικά Blogs που ασχολήθηκαν με το θέμα ******* - JimHellas - Isis Unveiled - Λαπούτα - Αμπελοφιλοσοφίες - e-saloni - Mirandolina - Γρηγόρης - Penguin Witch - Gypsy - Bird on a Wire - Arxedia Media - magicasland - Country Boy & Girl plus friends - Πετεφρής - Άβατον - S.Frang - Shraosa Rakasha - VRYPAN - Padrazzo - Στράτος Φουντούλης - Αθήναιος - Γιουτζίν - Site Seein - m13 - Bizwriter - Συκοφάντης Μπαστούνι - Nylon - Τσέλιγκας - Θαλασσομπερδεμένη - RareSteak - Gravity & Wind - Zouri - Ιούδας - Diablog - Ιστολόγιο - ΑΝεμος - Χοιροβοσκός - :::open::: - The vermilion blog - X-Ψιλικατζού - Allou Fan Marx - Αρκούδος - Ανώνυμοι Μελαγχολικοί - Lidas Weblog - Σπιτάκι - MacManus - Sobreviviedo - funEL - Fuctional Artificial - Σκέψεις - lalalala - Για την Ελλάδα ρε γαμώτο! - Μπαμπάκης - Capillus Vulvae - Θέσεις κι Αντιθέσεις - Ημεροδρόμιο - Black Prince - Dilated Thoughts - Ιστοριολόγιο - Μαύρος Γάτος - Ακίνδυνος (δείτε το!!!) - Chadez a l ane - Ροδιά 1 - Ροδιά 2 - GoldieC - Νυστέρι - MindBlog - Anarrima - Versutia - Ιφιμέδεια - Ροδιά 3 - Serenity - Στον Πύργο - Ελληνίδα - Γιώργος Μίχος - Swimming Around - Fairy Smoke - Ροΐδης - Raffinata - Φυσικά καλλυντικά - We are not allone - Art Attack - Μαργαριταρένια - Μάνος Αντώναρος - Your Crazy Diamonds - Sukumus Fabulus Est - M. Hulot - La Cruz Del Sur - Calle Drama - Ανησυχίες & Καταθέσεις - Cyber Στάνη - Dont Kiss the Frog - Phivos - panokato - Le Nonce - Daily Madness - Enlingenment - Ενήλικας Λυγμός - vita moberna - Oίστρος - FinlandHome - Minimalist - Digital Era - Antonisblog X - Alzap - Αστέρης Μασούρας - Ατάλαντος Κούνελος - Old Boy - Διαταραχές - Για Σκέψου - Logic & Chaos - Kyrallina - Λουκρητία - Dream and the City - Vita Mi Barouak - skepsienosanthropou - άωρον - ας φορέσουμε κάτι πιο ανάλαφρο - Γρηγόρης - Ανήλικος - Ημίαιμος - Hmmm - fruit cake love - Νίκος Δήμου - Το Blog του άσχετου - Γιατί και πως η ενσάρκωση της εξωφρενικής μπούρδας, της αχαλίνωτης ανοησίας, της ασύμμετρης σαχλαμαρολογίας, της ξεδιάντροπης ψευτιάς και της κερδοσκοπικής απατεωνιάς φέρει το όνομα Λιακόπουλος (Ισαπόστολος - Προφήτης - Καντηλανάφτης - +Ταπαίρνογλου+)..
17 Jan 2010
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For RSVP and tickets please contact: cinta.movieyahoo****** Please see our Screening Schedule below. Watch and explore the true meaning of love. It's our pleasure to invite you to our cin(T)a The Movie Launch event. Please see our Screening Schedule below. "Cina and Annisa could not love each other because they called God by different names". The Movie Launch event will take place on : - National Film Theater British Film Institute, South Bank, Belvedere Rd, Greater London, SE1 8XZ London (nearest tube station: Waterloo) Friday, 29 May 2009, 14:00 - 17:00 - Birmingham University, Birmingham Sunday, 31 May 2009, 18:00 - 20:00. - School of Oriental and African Studies (SOAS) University of London, Thornhaugh Street, Russell Square, London WC1H 0XG (nearest tube station: Russell Square). Monday, 1 June 2009, 18:00- 20:00. Lecturer Theatre Room 2, School of Business and Law, City East Campus, Northumbria University, Newcastle. Tuesday, 2 June 2009, 18:00 - 20:00. - Leeds University, Leeds. Thursday, 4 June 2009, 15:00 - 18:00. -Manchester Academy 1, University of Manchester Student Union, Manchester, M13 9PL. Friday, 5 June 2009, 17:00 - 19:00. We believe that your attendance will boost the message of this outstanding movie to make an even more lasting impact to society and I look forward to welcoming you there. www.godisadirector****
24 May 2010
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