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*******www.crimesolutionsstore****/walther-beretta-m92fs-airgun-laser-sight.html?action=preview Walther Beretta M92FS Airgun Laser Review - 360-244-4231 If you own a Walther Beretta M92FS Airgun and would like to have an aiming accessory for it, or if you are collecting Airsoft guns and accessories and are currently looking for laser sight category, or even if you are looking for an accessory for Walther Beretta M92FS, then we would like you to know Walther Beretta M92FS Airgun Laser Sight, a laser sight which is specifically designed for your loved Walther Beretta M92FS Airgun. Walther Beretta M92FS Airgun Laser Sight is very ideal for fast target acquisition due to the laser sight which will enhance your aiming capabilities. Just a reminder, the trigger guard must be dismounted and replaced with the laser mount. This baby will certainly be a great addition to your accessories and will improve your aim! Invest on your safety and security by getting the best crime prevention, self defense/self defence, personal protection, personal self defense, or home security tools that we offer at crimesolutionsstore****.
16 Nov 2011
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Well my friend thought it would be funny if he shot himself in the toe with an airsoft gun...... well it was funny, but i thought the fact he agreed to shoot himself again is funnier. If you're wondering about the airsoft. Its a M92F military version Beretta from Tokyo Marui. Its an electronic blow back, its not that great more like a novelty item, but if you get shot by one it still hurts.
31 Jul 2007
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3rd SF Frag Movie ;) -------------------------------------------- Primary: PSG-1, M4a1 Secondary: Berreta m92f -------------------------------------------- Programs Used Sony Vegas Pro 9 Fraps -------------------------------------------- Songs Used Disturbed- Fear Disturbed- Prayer
4 Aug 2010
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M92f airsoft Gas Blowback gun
23 Jan 2010
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I should do more shooting practice...
6 Sep 2009
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11 Nov 2009
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A small promotional clip from Beretta aired at the 2010 SHOT Show celebrating the M9's 25th year as the official sidearm of the United States Armed Forces. Originally winning the military pistol contract in 1985, the Italian firearms company was re-awarded an additional contract for 450,000 more pistols in 2009. For a complete history of the Beretta M9, be sure to visit *******www.americanrifleman****/ArticlePage.aspx?id=2000&cid=19
5 Jul 2010
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Here's a video that Sammie and his Airsoft team sent to us after being selected as our winner and receiving his Xbox 360, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 and 12 airsoft guns, including shotguns pistols, sniper rifles and AEG rifles.
5 May 2012
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Questions, comments, or concerns? Leave a reply, send me a message, or e-mail me at: soviet21live**** For the lazy person: nexonconfigmanagergmx**** Mod:Acct.Connect::Config.Manager.RMB Mod.Acct$ "Your Nexon Passport ID" AcctPass$ "Your Nexon Passport Password" AcctMail$ "Your e-mail address" ConnectIP::99.243.322.543.33.1 RouterIP::99.243.322.582.78.1 Run_configmanager Mod.Slot1 "weaponcode" Mod.Slot2 "weaponcode" Mod.Slot3 "weaponcode" Mod.Slot4 "weaponcode" Mod.Slot5 "weaponcode" Weapon Codes SR - Sniper Rifle ___________________________ L96A1-SR001 L96A1 GILLIE - SR002 M14 [BR] - SR003 M24 -SR004 M24 WOODLAND-SR005 MSG-90 - SR006 SR25 - SR007 ST25 Sandfire SR008 AR- Assault Rifle ___________________________ AK-103 AR0001 AK-47 AR0002 AK-74U AROOO3 AUG A1 AR0004 G36E AR0005 K2 AR0006 M16A3 AR0007 M4A1 AROOO8 M4A1 CQBR AROOO9 MK16 SCAR-L AROO10 SCAR-L BLACK AROO11 SMG - Sub Machine Gun ___________________________ K1A SMG001 K7 SMG002 MAC-10 SMG003 MP5 RAS SMG004 MP5A4 SMG005 UMP SMG006 UZI SMG007 PIS - Pistol ___________________________ Anaconda Black PIS001 G23 PIS002 G23 SE PIS003 K5 PIS004 M19911 MEU PIS005 M9 PIS006 M92F SE PIS007 M9FS PIS008 P226 PIS009 USP PIS010 USP Tactical PIS011 SGUN - Shotgun ___________________________ M590 CBQ SGUN01 M590 Military SGUN02 R870 SGUN03 SPAS-12 SGUN04 SPAS-12 Stock SGUN05 MG - Machine GUN ___________________________ K3 MG001 K3 SPW MG002 M60 MG003 MINIMI MG004 MK.48 MG005 SUPP - Support/Grenades ___________________________ G7A Gas SUPP01 HB sensor SUPP02 LAW SUPP03 M16A1 AP Mine SUPP04 M18 Smoke SUPP05 M-23 Incedniary SUPP06 M67 Frag SUPP07 SA-18 SUPP08 XM84 Flash SUPP09 MLEE- Melee ___________________________ M11 Tactical MLEE01 Machette MLEE02 Ninjato MLEE03
12 Oct 2009
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This is how to make a pretty nice and simple beretta m92f handgun that shoots!
26 Jan 2013
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'Like' me on Facebook! *******www.facebook****/ermac97 Follow me on Twitter! *******twitter****/RevolverOcl2 If I should happen to be selling a gun, then the price and link to the eBay listing should be next to the name of the gun. Here's the list of each gun in order of appearance: 1. WE Tech Full Metal 1911 MEU Desert Warrior - SOLD 2. KWA Full Metal M1911 DS PTP - SOLD 3. Tokyo Marui Sig Sauer P226 - SOLD 4. KWA M93R W/ Metal Slide NS2 Model - SOLD 5. SOCOM Gear Full Metal M9A1 SOF (Tan) - SOLD 6. WE Tech Samurai Edge (Biohazard M9) - NOT FOR SALE 7. Tokyo Marui M92F Chrome Stainless - SOLD 8. Tokyo Marui Custom Samurai Edge (Wesker's Gun) - CURRENTLY OUT OF STOCK 9. KWA USP NS2 Model - NOT FOR SALE 10. HFC HG-189 Dark Hawk - SOLD 11. HFC HG-199 Full Metal M190 - NOT FOR SALE 12. WE Tech Samurai Edge (Two-Tone Stainless) - NOT FOR SALE 13. KWA KP45 Tactical - NOT FOR SALE 14. Magpull PTS FPG (by KWA) - SOLD 15. ECHO 1 E90 (P90) - SOLD 16. LWRC M6A2 - NOT FOR SALE 17. Classic Army 416 - NOT FOR SALE 18. Magpull PTS Masada - NOT FOR SALE 19. Classic Army MK17-H (SCAR Heavy) - FOR SALE ($349.99) 20. AMC M500 - SOLD
2 Jun 2013
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Download: *******www.gta4-mods****/vehicles/grand-theft-auto-ultimate-vehicle-pack-v7-epm-f10325 (now supports both patch 1.4 and patch 1.7 the installer will detect your patch version and install required supported asi loaders) facebook fanpage: *******www.facebook****/pages/Grand-Theft-Auto-Ultimate-Vehicle-Pack/227938903895000 i strongly recommend environment mod to go with my pack it is not enb series it is just a modified timecyc *******www.gtaforums****/index.php?showtopic=397854 This is the download for my WIP vehicle pack that I started in August 2009, after seeing all the other packs containing only super cars. Grand Theft Auto Ultimate Vehicle Pack will feature realism, quality, and variety. It will also feature unique handling made by "Killatomate85", maker of "Realistic Driving & Flying", made after request for this pack. The vehicle list follows below. Notice not all vehicles has 100% correct resemblance. The way I see it, real world doesn't follow a pattern, so it's ok to replace the vehicles with other vehicles not 100% resembling, as long as it's realistic and the vehicles has the same features (but many vehicles resembles the original vehicles. I've been searching for months on gta wiki to find out which one resembles which one). This pack will be optimized for high end pc's, that means it will only contain high quality vehicles. my goal is to make this pack as autentic and clean as possible Features: -Over 90 new vehicle models -new handling for all (unknown) vehicles (realistic acceleration, traction, braking, suspension) -Realism -Quality -Variety -New Sound (now optional through the installer for those who wants original) -New Realistic Scripts -Realistic Weapon Models -Properly Working Traffic (this script will allow perfectly working traffic please note it is very demanding) -EPM by threepwood allows for folding headlights and movable vents on the lamborghini V7 ChangeLog: -Alot Of Installer Bugs Fixed ADDED: Option to install 'TrafficLoad' patch (traffic working very demanding) ADDED: Option to install 'Abandoned Vehicle Cleanup' mod ADDED: Option to install 'Airstrike' mod mark a spot on the map then press f12 ADDED: Option to install 'Bleed Heal' mod (you will now bleed out if injured and act injured) ADDED: Option to install 'Car Shop' mod (you can now buy cars from various shops in the game ADDED: Option to install 'SpeedoIV' mod (speedometer) ADDED: Option to install 'FirstPerson' mod (first person view) ADDED: Option to install 'TrafficFelony' mod (smarter police you will not be chased if driving on teh wrong side of the road endangering citizens driving too fast and more) Ultimate Weapon Pack (something i created for my pack) [FPSB] IMI Desert Eagle Chrome Replaces:Desert Eagle Author:Danham Airtronic USA21 Replaces:RPG Author:Danham AK-47 Replaces:AK-47 Author:47 Alabama Slammer Combat Style Replaces:Knife Author:Dr. Toker Barrett M82A1(Light Fifty) Replaces:Combat Sniper Author:Gsister213 Battlefield [Real] Weapon Sound Replaces:Weapon Sound Author:DI_Ghostie_ID Beretta M92FS Final Replaces:GLOCK Author:Danham Navy MP5 Replaces:MP5 Author:Nobeus SPAS-12 Armageddon (w/ New 12 Gauge Shell Belt) Replaces:Baretta Author:Spykeeboy Spas 12 Replaces:Shotgun Author:47(AM-Team) SWAT M4 Replaces:M4 Author:butterhole TMP Replaces:Uzi Author:butterhole Wooden baseball bat Replaces:Baseball Bat Author:Nobeus ADDED: Audi Q7 V12 TDI Quattro On Stratum ADDED: Chevrolet Silverado 2008 On Bobcat ADDED: Dodge Ram SRT10 On Contender ADDED: Ruf Rt 12 On Comet (please note i am aware that this dosn't justify for a v7 but im just releasing this as v7 to avoid confusion) however v8 will be very big i am now starting on my epflc pack as this pack dosn't need updates for a while now it is practically finnished
15 Nov 2013
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