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a mad mobile cockatoo
10 Aug 2007
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After Don wins an award, his photo is featured in Advertising Age. Don must deal with the fallout as the photo brings back a past he isn't ready to confront. New episodes of Mad Men premiere Thursday nights at 10PM/9C only on AMC!
14 Aug 2007
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this cute.... Insanity, or madness, is a general term for a semi-permanent, severe mental disorder. The concept has been used in a number of ways historically. Today it is most commonly encountered as a generic informal term, or in the more narrow legal context of criminal insanity. In the medical profession, it is nowadays avoided in favor of specific diagnoses of mental illness.In popular culture, "insane" could also refer to something extremely foolish, while persons may be deemed "insane" if their behavior strongly deviates from accepted social norms; in the past, insanity has been used to refer to individuals who have exhibited apathetic, cruel, hypersexual and homosexual behavior. The term is typically negative, but departure from established norms may also be seen as a positive quality; in this case, being "insane" is being daringly unconventional or individualistic. This use of insane is illustrated by the following quote from Henry David Thoreau's A Plea for Captain John Brown, an essay supporting the well-known militant abolitionist:
20 Aug 2007
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A taboo office romance is revealed. At a brainstorming session, Peggy proves to be more than a secretary, opening up new opportunities for her at Sterling Cooper. Meanwhile, Rachel faces her conflicted feelings for Don after he seeks out her advice on a new campaign. New episodes of Mad Men premiere Thursday nights at 10PM/9C only on AMC! For more info, visit: *******media.amctv****/originals/madmen/index.html
21 Aug 2007
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Check out Andy Serkis going mad in this brilliant clip from Sugarhouse
24 Aug 2007
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Crosswalk Madness Continuous cycle of students cross the road
27 Aug 2007
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Roger joins Don for an evening of dinner and drinking, during which Roger's behavior leads to a rift in their friendship. Though Don accepts his apology, there are further consequences for Roger. Pete faces trouble at home as he continues to struggle with the demands of his new marriage. New episodes of Mad Men premiere Thursday nights at 10PM/9C only on AMC! For more info, visit: *******media.amctv****/originals/madmen/index
27 Aug 2007
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Airs 10pm 24/09/07 on FIVE Johnny Mad Dog Adair teams up with ex-Neo N4zi leader Nick Greger. Together they embark on an adventure involving guns, terrorism, murder and blood diamonds. Airs 10pm 24/09/07 on FIVE
29 Aug 2007
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Mad Happy - Amazing Kid
8 Oct 2007
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Celebrities Partying Like Mad --Sent via *******heyspread**** : Upload videos to multiple sites quickly
30 Aug 2007
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from vezoom - How Gao Gai Gar and Gundam Seed Destiny come together? It was made by MX ~Mad Express~, a Japanese Artist, big thanks to him/her for the fun. You can found more details here, this is movie work No.8: ******* (Japanese) Besides, at the end of the video they actually give a little apology to GGG fans, so dun be mad ; ) (more) --Sent via *******heyspread**** : Upload videos to multiple sites quickly
9 Sep 2007
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【MAD】 2007高校野球
9 Sep 2007
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mad dog's
10 Sep 2007
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Ah totally new trick where the mad ace of spades change his color to blue and red again. A little routine created by me. If you wanna have a tutorial , then please rate the video high and comment it!
11 Sep 2007
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Mad World
14 Sep 2007
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what a mad girl
14 Sep 2007
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