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Inspector Gadget's MAD Dash is an iPhone, iPod Touch and soon to be iPad (HD version coming soon) game created by XMG Studio. App Description: Go Go Gadget Game! Everyone's favorite bumbling detective, Inspector Gadget, finds his way into a new daring, fast-paced adventure where the Inspector uses his collection of gadgets to chase down Dr. Claw and his henchmen and save his niece Penny. In Inspector Gadget's MAD Dash, you play the bionic hero as he swings from cranes; jumps speeding trains; and much, much, more as he avoids a variety of menacing hazards. Do your best to capture the elusive Claw and free Penny. ** GAMEPLAY FEATURES ** - Endless play mode for endless fun - An array of gadget's including rocket skates, umbrella, super jumps and spring-loaded arms at your disposal - Fun and challenging hazards to avoid including speeding trains, power lines, spinning fans, bananas, birds as well as bombs and homing missiles dropped by Dr. Claw himself - Collect Gs (special Gadget coins) throughout the game to be used to unlock bonus content - Game Center integration so you can challenge your friends and see who gets the highest score! ** BONUS FEATURES ** - Gadget Soundboard ("Wowzers!") - Concept art samples - A digital version of the Official Inspector Gadget Comic from Viper Comics (get it before it hits shelves next year!) - Unlock and unscramble an image to reveal the elusive Dr. Claw's face! Inspector Gadget's MAD Dash is the latest game to be released by XMG Studio, the people behind #1 hit games Little Metal Ball and Marine Sharpshooter and featured games Drag Racer: Pro Tuner, Cannon Cadets and Style Studio: Fashion Designer. For more games and info, follow XMGStudio on Twitter!
15 Dec 2010
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John(Me), Lynn, my cousin(s) Matthew, and Paul play a couple matches of Mad Dash Racing (Xbox). This is Match 3. P1- Gex/Me/Da_Gamer P2- Chops/Lynn/Spirit_Gamer P3- Faze/Matthew P4- Tek-9/Paul
26 Nov 2009
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A short film I made by myself for the second annual 'Mad Dash Film Festival" at my college. Meaning I've kind of put off uploading this video for a few months so far. But here it is now! Again, the limit was 5 minutes, with a prompt of "Sticks and Stones". As you can see, I kind of went with a bit of a literal interpretation...
29 Jul 2008
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I made a cool music video using gameplay footage from some really awesome racing games. Enjoy! 1. Aero Gauge- N64 2. Burnout 3: Takedown- Xbox 3. Crash Nitro Kart- Xbox 4. Crash Tag Team Racing- Xbox 5. F-Zero GX- Gamecube 6. Hydro Thunder- Dreamcast 7. Mad Dash Racing- Xbox 8. Mario Kart 64- Nintendo 64 9. Midnight Club 2- Xbox 10. Motor Kombat(MK: Armageddon)-Xbox 11. Re-volt- Nintendo 64 12. Road Rash 64- Nintendo 64 13. Rush 2049- Dreamcast 14. Sonic Riders- Gamecube 15. Star Wars: Ep 1: Racer- Nintendo 64 16. Wave Race 64- Nintendo 64 17. Quantum Redshift- Xbox 18. Need for Speed: Underground- Xbox
22 Aug 2009
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It’s a mad dash, as the team fixes, presses and preps the new samples for the big design meeting just 2 days away.
12 May 2009
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Betrayed by those closest to her, Lisa Lewis embarks on a mad dash across the country searching for a home she's never known. She walk right into Chaz Stewart's cattle crossing and tips his world upside down. For the first time Lisa discovers what it's like to have a home, family and friends, but someone in the town of Pine Forest wants her gone. What begins as dangerous pranks turns quickly turns into life and death struggles.
13 May 2010
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After a mad dash at Macys, The Biebs made a quick (super quick) appearance at the premiere of Monte Carlo to support girlfriend Selena Gomez.
29 Jun 2011
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The gift-giving season is here and I have been spending some time thinking about what gifts I shall be giving my family and friends. In the busy holidays, I have been known to ‘misplace’ my Christmas spirit somewhere between the mad dash from store to store and the long, tedious lines for the cashier. Fortunately, with CraftMe I can cut down on my store visits and retain a sense of a heartfelt Christmas. I like to support local & independent stores so if I see a great gift for someone I love, I grab it. But because I can’t resist this seasonal opportunity to get creative in my studio, I like to think of ways I can combine these store-bought items with my own handmade offerings. CraftMe is a helping me to get affordable but unique handmade gifts. Presenting someone with a new piece of jewellery in a sweet handmade purse can be a nice touch, or think about a new mobile for your friend’s new born baby. Check out the art supplies section where you can get craft project ideas. I made a coin purse from a pattern and the frames are widely available for purchase online on CraftMe. Children can be the easiest people to make things and CraftMe*** has range of patterns, books and tutorials available for all kinds of clothing, accessories and toys. Try a range of fabric and stencils, using fabric paints using heat, to create your own baby doll and to kit her out with a fine set of handmade clothes or miniature cloth diapers. How about buying a wooden doll crib and making a pretty doll-sized quilt or new bedding set? There are plenty of ways to bring a little handmade spirit to your Christmas morning. Once you get thinking, you will come up with no end of ideas for creating unique and heartfelt gift combinations for your loved ones. As long as you get started early, I think you will have more time to relax, sit back and enjoy the season. For sure, craftme*** will give you so many ideas; just browse the variety of arts and crafts made by Australian and New Zealanders, support local communities, and get ready for Christmas.
25 Nov 2011
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Robsten attended a Prince concert in Hollywood and after the show, they made a mad dash out to the car, but of course, photographers snapped them leaving together…
7 Nov 2012
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