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A low budget monster movie lovers dream, The Mad Monster is a fiendishly absurd killer werewolf film from the early nineteen forties. Not to be missed is George Zucco playing one of the greatest evil-genius-mad-scientists ever to appear in film. Zucco has devised a way to fuse a man and a wolf, the only problem is deciding what to do with it. Should he build an army to create a new militaristic world order, or unleash the bloodthirsty creature on his former scientist friends? Ah, the difficult decisions of the deranged experimenter! Unintentionally funny, intentionally absurd, and continuously entertaining, The Mad Monster is a masterpiece of guilty pleasure freak creature cinema.
21 Oct 2011
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Hell of the way to get to the finish line.
12 Nov 2006
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Cookie monster busting out in mad rhymes with Kermet
15 Jun 2008
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This is my fourth music video that I mainly made just for fun! As the title describes, it is a metal tribute to one of the best games of all time, Banjo-Kazooie! The song I used is a fan song called Bk Jampak, which I found on bthive******. However, the site is no longer around, so I could not find the original creator. All video rights go to Rare and Microsoft. All music rights go to whoever made this awesome song! \m/ Rock on! \m/
27 Jul 2009
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Monster based on the 1941 Movie "Mad Monster". Its a Musicvideo for "Abends im Park" a Composition from the Album Spielfilm.
23 Feb 2008
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