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Kids attending a Mad Science workshop at Better U. Better U Mind, Body & Soul organised by Eton Institute on May 30 brought the vibrant Dubai community together and attracted over 600 people. The event was a one of a kind non-commercial event with various free activities such as dance classes, language classes, art and craft activities and social etiquette lessons. Visit for more.
1 Dec 2009
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www.ricardomoran**** / Diversas imagenes del programa de televisión Mad Science Ciencia Divertida de Frecuencia Latina
17 Jan 2010
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Compare $75hr Kids Car Races vs Mad Science birthday parties Burnaby BC
16 Dec 2010
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This is a slightly-mad science parody of Blendtec's popular webseries: "Will it Blend?" (*******www.willitblend****/). My take is "Will it Burn?" It asks the question many ask, but with a twist. Which is better, the Mac or the PC? I figure more than enough people tangle with the typical issues regarding that. I wanna see how well they handle high voltage (15,000 volt transformer) and fire!
5 Apr 2007
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Using a neon transformer, a resistor (to reduce the current), and layers of insulated gloves, I made electric arcs jump between my fingers. It's going to be part of the new intro for Slightly-Mad Science episodes. Oh, and don't try this at home.
22 Mar 2007
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Ever want to try some electrical mad-science at home? Be warned, there are some dangers involved. 'Splodey hot-dogs are the least of them. Demo includes both household electricity and a high voltage transformer. If you like it: Digg it!
28 Mar 2007
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Using household electricity, a pickle can be turned into a rather stinky/steamy light bulb. This is a clip from Dangers of Electricity: Slightly-Mad Science from www.slightlymadscience****
15 Apr 2007
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I recently obtained a "Violet Wand" (not to be confused with a "Violent Wand" which is what Harry Potter fans use when you make fun of them). It was made over 80 years ago, and still works. It's a nice example of applied physics, and ALSO how some will try to scam you into buying quack medical devices claiming to cure almost every known disease. Perfect for Slightly-Mad Science. Time for some antique high voltage! For more information regarding Violet Wands: Wikipedia *******en.wikipedia****/wiki/Violet_wand Museum of Quackery *******www.museumofquackery****/devices/uv.htm Wacky "Energy Therapy" People *******www.meridianinstitute****/eaem/master1/mastcont.html Links regarding quack medicine: Quackwatch *******www.quackwatch**** Respectful Insolence *******scienceblogs****/insolence/skepticismcritical_thinking/friday_woo/ Quack Medicine *******www.quackmedicine****/
26 Jan 2009
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www.chad****** video of the Mad Science event at Sutton Library, 29th October 2008. For more video news, visit *******www.chad******/video
1 Nov 2008
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Flaming Bacon Lance of Death. from Theo Gray's book "Mad Science"
16 Apr 2009
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Is Mad Science more fun than a $50-hr Robot Craft theme Surrey birthday party?
16 Dec 2010
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ORIGINAL GENIUS MAD SCIENCE ANIMATION *******www.Original-Genius**** MUSIC IANMAKAU**** secret alien autopsy. found on plum island. roswell and knowledge of ancient egyptian pyramids discovered. lol. cartoon network style cartoon from official genius unclegrumpyinc.
13 Nov 2012
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