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Kids attending a Mad Science workshop at Better U. Better U Mind, Body & Soul organised by Eton Institute on May 30 brought the vibrant Dubai community together and attracted over 600 people. The event was a one of a kind non-commercial event with various free activities such as dance classes, language classes, art and craft activities and social etiquette lessons. Visit for more.
1 Dec 2009
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www.ricardomoran**** / Diversas imagenes del programa de televisión Mad Science Ciencia Divertida de Frecuencia Latina
17 Jan 2010
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Compare $75hr Kids Car Races vs Mad Science birthday parties Burnaby BC
16 Dec 2010
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This is a slightly-mad science parody of Blendtec's popular webseries: "Will it Blend?" (*******www.willitblend****/). My take is "Will it Burn?" It asks the question many ask, but with a twist. Which is better, the Mac or the PC? I figure more than enough people tangle with the typical issues regarding that. I wanna see how well they handle high voltage (15,000 volt transformer) and fire!
5 Apr 2007
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Using a neon transformer, a resistor (to reduce the current), and layers of insulated gloves, I made electric arcs jump between my fingers. It's going to be part of the new intro for Slightly-Mad Science episodes. Oh, and don't try this at home.
22 Mar 2007
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Ever want to try some electrical mad-science at home? Be warned, there are some dangers involved. 'Splodey hot-dogs are the least of them. Demo includes both household electricity and a high voltage transformer. If you like it: Digg it!
28 Mar 2007
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Using household electricity, a pickle can be turned into a rather stinky/steamy light bulb. This is a clip from Dangers of Electricity: Slightly-Mad Science from www.slightlymadscience****
15 Apr 2007
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I recently obtained a "Violet Wand" (not to be confused with a "Violent Wand" which is what Harry Potter fans use when you make fun of them). It was made over 80 years ago, and still works. It's a nice example of applied physics, and ALSO how some will try to scam you into buying quack medical devices claiming to cure almost every known disease. Perfect for Slightly-Mad Science. Time for some antique high voltage! For more information regarding Violet Wands: Wikipedia *******en.wikipedia****/wiki/Violet_wand Museum of Quackery *******www.museumofquackery****/devices/uv.htm Wacky "Energy Therapy" People *******www.meridianinstitute****/eaem/master1/mastcont.html Links regarding quack medicine: Quackwatch *******www.quackwatch**** Respectful Insolence *******scienceblogs****/insolence/skepticismcritical_thinking/friday_woo/ Quack Medicine *******www.quackmedicine****/
26 Jan 2009
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www.chad****** video of the Mad Science event at Sutton Library, 29th October 2008. For more video news, visit *******www.chad******/video
1 Nov 2008
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Flaming Bacon Lance of Death. from Theo Gray's book "Mad Science"
16 Apr 2009
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Is Mad Science more fun than a $50-hr Robot Craft theme Surrey birthday party?
16 Dec 2010
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ORIGINAL GENIUS MAD SCIENCE ANIMATION *******www.Original-Genius**** MUSIC IANMAKAU**** secret alien autopsy. found on plum island. roswell and knowledge of ancient egyptian pyramids discovered. lol. cartoon network style cartoon from official genius unclegrumpyinc.
13 Nov 2012
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Turning a light bulb into a plasma ball. To limit the amount of electricity that goes into the transformer, there's a 200 watt light bulb in the circuit.
18 Mar 2007
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Turning a 300 watt light bulb into a plasma ball with 900 watts of electricity.
18 Mar 2007
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From www.slightlymadscience**** This is a result of my first viewer suggestion...Use science to melt a Barbie doll. I personally find Bratz dolls more annoying, so I included them too! The demonstration is to see which of the two commonly available and powerful solvents (Xylene and Acetone) affects the dolls more adversely. Keep watching to the end, that's when it gets HOT and a bit 'splodey! This is the AITN Version. Music courtesy of Awake In The Nightmare (www.myspace****/awakeinthenightmare), and used with full permission and understanding of Metacafe's terms. If you like it, give it a DIGG!
15 Apr 2007
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Barbie and Bratz soaked in Xylene and Acetone and are given a Fiery death! This is a highlight from Doll Death: Slain By Solvent Science from www.slightlymadscience****. Music courtesy of Awake In The Nightmare (www.myspace****/awakeinthenightmare) and used with permission.
15 Apr 2007
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