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*******www.WarcraftBooster**** WoW Lvl 80 Fire Mage PvP Just a Video i made on my fire mage in soulbound-wow.. (private server) if you want the private server comment and ask for it :) Subscribe and thumbs up!! hope you like it! :) xD
13 Oct 2010
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i hope u enjoy
12 Jan 2009
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This is my first pvp movie and just me doing pvp in battlegrounds and world pvp enjoy
25 Jan 2010
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A Mage PvP Ownage
6 Aug 2007
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wow mage pvp
28 Aug 2007
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download file here *******myfiled****/sheilatai8004/warcraft Frost mage pvp eye of the strom World of warcraft aka WoW
27 Dec 2011
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▶ Personal Channel: ***********/user/Alauran330?feature=mhee ▶ Armory- *******us.battle****/wow/en/character/thrall/Al%C3%A0uran/advanced Please subscribe for upcoming videos! Music: X Ray Dog - Dark Empire 2.0 Two Steps from Hell - Spirit of Champions Two Steps From Hell Love & Loss Metal Gear Solid Peace Walker Main Theme - Metal Gear Solid Peace Walker OST Tell us what you think in the comments below. If you like this video, click "Like" and Subscribe to our channel to get more! =-=-=-= Video Promotion: I already have selected a few videos to be uploaded onto my channel and to help be promoted. Currently I am still accepting videos. This is to help promote unknown videos and channels. Together to the top!!! Send me a message with your video attached. I will let you know the winners once again. Subscribers are eligible to send as many videos as they want. Tags: "World of Warcraft" Cataclysm Blizzard Entertainment "Collector's Edition" Standard Edition wow massively multiplayer online role playing game mmorpg mmo rpg pc windows computer gold power leveling epic loot burning crusade Machinima realm gameplay commentary tips tricks frost "how to" Cartoonz Hogmanlolz Hogman Crit "Dara Mactire" Swifty Zybak Mercader Sacredheals Mage PvP "Rank 1" pwn Tutorial Montage Introduction intro world record
30 Dec 2011
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i will tell you what is the really pvp for mage
7 Nov 2007
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My fire mage obliterates the 40 - 49 bracket in the battleground Warsong Gulch, check out the video to see how! Music: This Is Why I'm Hot - The MIMS Piece Of Me - Britney Spears
30 Sep 2008
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my arcane mage on blizzard
26 Jan 2009
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here is my mage in bgsm ebjoy
5 Jun 2009
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Well, I finally got exalted with AB and AV, and so in celebration I give you my 2nd pvp video. This time its purely fire spec and there is alot more one on one, and alot less editing out the lovely crits (ok the one at the start was pretty lucky, but my god that felt good!) I'm not using the duel trinkets of doom, arcane power or any megga destructive buffs (well, apart from beserking in parts of it). My talent spec, gear and character information can all be found in *******wow.allakhazam****/profile.htm... I hope you enjoy this video :).Additional notes:This is a level 60 video made roughly a year ago (bare that in mind when commenting)Player name: Ziosimo, Server: Nordrassil EUReal life name: Michael - and I don't play wow anymore although I still reply to commentsMusic: Korn.. (and i cant remember the song name)
26 Jul 2009
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