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Magento Custom Menu Extension Installation Guide _ SeashorePartners
18 Oct 2012
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Magento is one of the most popular e-commerce development platforms. Magento Customization is a very specialized area that requires a unique degree of Magento Development experience to accomplish the best possible outputs. Magento Customization consists of various functions of development each of which will generally require a smaller or greater level of custom Magento web development. Get the best Magento Customization Service for customized Magento theme/extension design & development. Customize your eCommerce store at best price with MagentoGuys. Visit our store & get free analysis report!
9 Jan 2018
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*******www.mag-manager****/useful-articles/magento-inventory-management Use Store Manager for Magento to work with your inventory as easy as never before! Save hours each day and push your business to the next level! Try Store Manager for Magento now! Get a free trial at *******www.mag-manager****/free-download
25 Mar 2012
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*******www.mag-manager****/useful-articles/magento-inventory-management Use Store Manager for Magento to work with your inventory as easy as never before! Save hours each day and push your business to the next level! Try Store Manager for Magento now! Get a free trial at *******www.mag-manager****/free-download
9 Apr 2012
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Hidden Brains offer professional & productive optimization of Magento power for store management under our eCommerce services to clients.
5 Jun 2012
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Customer Feedback Extension allows customers to offer feedback for their magento e- shop with this powerful extension where Admin can control & manage extension from admin side. People can Install it free of cost from *******www.magentocommerce****/magento-connect/feedback-1959.html . Feedback Extension developed by *******www****techconsultancy****/
17 Jun 2013
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With Advanced Contact Us Extension you can replace standard magento contact form. You can easily add new fields such as and insert Map code from Gmap or Yahoo map to form. You also can update your contact information as you want Advanced Contact Us extension is a Magento module which allows you to customize the Contact Us form of your store by adding field such as Last Name, Google Map and twitter feeds.*******www.oscprofessionals****/magento-extension/advanced-contact-form-magento-extension/
3 Sep 2016
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Magento Advance Product Designer is an online product designer tool that allows your customers to create their own printable designs that they can use on the products they order. It can be used by any ecommerce entrepreneur looking to sell custom printed products like t-shirts, trousers, caps, cards, certificates, mugs, photo frames, mobiles skins and covers, laptops skins and covers, posters, hoardings and lots more.
28 Dec 2016
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Magento 2 Custom Options extentionn is the ultimate solution to manage products' custom options in Magento2. Now you can configure options for different store views separately and translate options or change prices for your stores. The extension provides additional tools for advanced use. Moreover, you can add your custom CSS styles and JavaScript associated with the options.
24 Oct 2017
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7 Tips to Increase the Lifetime Value of Your Potential Customers for Consistent Earnings 75% companies bring in return on investment by launching a loyalty program, 6% can’t gain sufficient profits and remain simply don’t track or think about it. (Source: Experian, Business Data, Analytics and Marketing Services company) It takes 7x more costs to bring a new customer in comparison with convincing and selling to existing customer. (Source: MarTech) Moreover, approximately 40% of companies’ revenue is generated from persistent 8% customers. Business needs to make an influence in each of its dealings with customers or they will not come back. Your salesperson may be out of the mood, yet he/she has to attend customer with great care for leaving a good impression. As a responsible business owner, do you really take any action to get the same customer buy again from you? How you do it? By sending greetings, birthdays etc. mails, by word of mouth on-call/voicemail or by another way possible around? It is vital to know that from all new inquiries, chances for conversion are only 1-2%. Most established unit of businesses enjoys 60 to 70% repeat customers. This is certainly a number that no business owner wants to lose. While there is no fix customer lifetime value formula(CLVF) which works flowingly all the time, it is good to know ideas related to customer lifetime value marketing as opposed to sitting idle. Customer lifecycle management is essential, it can make or break a business. Today, when increasing number of customer engagement strategies are not yielding fruitful outcome for businesses, it is best to hold up existing customers who are paying big cheques every month over hunting for new one. Let us take a deep dive into tips that help to boost customer retention rates.
1 Jun 2018
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On 2nd May 2018, Magento Inc. released a newer Magento version 2.2.4, the latest build of the software. Therefore, if you are planning to create an ecommerce store, you can directly use Magento 2.2.4 framework and create a Magento theme based on it as opposed to purchasing older 2.2.3 or version 2.2 based Magento template. There are many rumors surrounding Magento 2.2.4. Approximately 200 small contributions are made by Magento community – which all are added in 2.2.4 release. These contributions comprise of -performance-tuning improvements -80 incidental engineering fixes. Magento is again improvised with many bug fixes, we will see only major ones.
4 Jun 2018
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*******www.mag-manager****/useful-articles/magento-configurable-products - Magento Configurable Products allow your customers to select the variant they desire by choosing among the various options. For example, you want to sell T-shirts in two colours and three sizes. In this case you would have to create six Magento simple products as individual products (each with its own SKU) and then add these six products to a configurable product, so your customers could choose a size and a colour of a product, and add it to their carts. Similar functionality is available by using Magento custom options of Magento Simple products, but in the case of Custom Option the inventory will not be checked or updated. Get more details here *******www.mag-manager****/useful-articles/magento-configurable-products
8 Dec 2011
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