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the most awesome skater you will find :D
28 Aug 2007
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19 Jun 2008
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*******www.karinabradley****/ : Caesar Augustus of Augustus Films is no stranger to working with musicians. He has filmed footage for Bam Magera, and has done music videos for the likes of Asher Roth and Ryan Banks. He first worked with Karina Bradley when she was an extra for Barrington Levy and Kardinal Offishall's "No War" music video, and also featured he in the "We Run This Thing" music video for Phlly rappers Jakk Frost and Freeway. the two formed a strong working relationship,so when Karina Bradley needed someone to direct her first music video, this dynamic director was the natural choice. Distributed by Tubemogul.
10 Dec 2009
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*******www.karinabradley****/ : Caesar Augustus is the Dynamic CEO of Augustus Films; and has done music videos for the likes of Ryan Banks, Barrington Levy, and Asher Roth. Joe Frantz is a dynamic cinematographer and producer who has worked alongside Bam Magera during "CKY" and "Viva La Bam!". The Karina Bradley "Dance Floor Diva" music video was the third time that these two found themselves working together, and they made on hell of a tag team! in this video, the two share a hilarious conversation. Distributed by Tubemogul.
10 Dec 2009
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*******www.karinabradley****/ : Director Caesar Augustus has worked with cinematographer Joe Frantz on a number of projects before. And he knew instantly that he wanted to bring him in to work on Karina Bradley's "Dance Floor Diva" music video as a producer. Frantz is best known for working on CKY and Viva La Bam with Bam Magera as a cinematographer. and he brought the attitude of both projects along with him for some humorous backstage moments, like this one. Distributed by Tubemogul.
18 Dec 2009
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6. *******karinabradley****/ : Caesar Augustus of Augustus Films is no stranger to working with musicians. He has filmed footage for Bam Magera, and has done music videos for the likes of Asher Roth and Ryan Banks. He first worked with Karina Bradley when she was an extra for Barrington Levy and Kardinal Offishall's "No War" music video, and also featured him in the "We Run This Thing" music video for Philly rappers Jakk Frost and Freeway. The two formed a strong working relationship, so when Karina Bradley needed someone to direct her first music video, this dynamic director was the natural choice.
14 Jan 2010
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Die besten stunts von Bam Magera
15 Jan 2010
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Fat to thin, using Photoshop CS3... Photoshoper: Bruno Magera Contact: MSN/YAHOO/GTALK/EMAIL bmagera91[]gmail****
29 Apr 2009
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3 Jun 2009
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I do not own the movie, all rights and credits go to Rob Dydrek.... I decided that i might as well upload my copy off the best skate movie in the world STREET DREAMS! Hope you enjoy ! (: Random tags: Plan B Skateboards Skate Or Dice United Nation The Berrics Expedition One Video Scott Decenzo Felipe Gustavo Eric Koston Steve Berra Volcom DC Etnies Billabong QUicksilver Stone Fan Cool Skaten Skateboarding Snowboarding Recruited Nitro Es Battle Commander Fallen Audi Bam Magera Ryan Scheckler Shaun Malto First Try Fridays Bangin Joey Brezinski Bob Burnquist Tom Asta Trashin Thursdays Zared Basset Wade Desarmo Plan Paul Rodriguez STREET LEAGUE - THE BEST OF BIG SECTION Greatest Skateboarding Tricks 2011 DVS COPENHAGEN PRO 2010 THRASHER'S BURNING OF THE WITCH Montage Copenhagen pro cph skate ski snowboard Song : N.W.A - Chin Check (Dj Mighty Mi Remix) Paul Rodriguez - switch 360 flip down Santa Monica triple set Daewon Song - Bs triple kickflip Danny Way - backflip rocket air body varial Shane Cross - fs nosegrind down El Toro 20 Cory Kennedy - switch fs front foot impossible (Merlin Twist) down Berrics 7 Bryan Herman - hardflip down Bercy big 5 Jordan Hoffart - 360 flip Bob Burnquist - blunt fs 180 out Daewon Song - rock 360 flip out Shane O'Neill - switch bs flip tail bigsping flip out Torey Pudwill - nollie double flip 10 stairs Chris Jatoft - backflip to fakie Chris Cole - 720 triple flip Schuyler Ricketts - bs 180 down Roessler Hall Cory Kennedy - bigspin double flip Cory Kennedy - nollie late double flip Cory Kennedy - bs 360 double kickflip Rodney Mullen - fakie bs casper 360 shove-it underflip David Gonzalez - fs 180 Felipe Gustavo - hardflip bs tail 6 stairs Leo Romero - gap to fs feeble Chris Cole - switch fs flip down Wallenberg big 4 Cody McEntire - bigspin down Wallenberg big 4 Andrew Pott - hardflip down Wallenberg big 4 Youness Amrani - kickflip bs five-o 360 flip out Ryan Sheckler - bs flip 17 stairs Andrew Reynolds - fs flip over the rail 17 stairs Moose - bs 360 over the rail 17 stairs Daewon Song - nollie 360 flip manual ollie manual 360 flip out Manolo Robles - kickflip bs smith 360 flip out Paul Rodriguez - varial heel bs nosegrind nollie heel out Ray Maldonado - fs bluntslide biggerspin flip out Daewon Song - blunt biggerspin flip out Dane Burman - fs 50-50 body varial switch bs 50-50 8 flat 8 Miika Adamov - 360 flip fs noseblunt 6 stairs Paul Rodriguez - switch bs noseblunt 9 stairs Robbie Brockel - gazelle flip 10 stairs Brandon Westgate - ollie Devin Apello - tuck knee Cory Kennedy - switch bigspin flip 11 stairs Dylan Rieder - fakie 360 flip down Irun big 5 Devin Apello - tuck knee down Roessler Hall Danny Way - switch backflip Tyler Bledsoe - bigspin flip down Carlsbad Torey Pudwill - bs 360 kickflip triple set Billy Marks - nollie inward heelflip 6 blocks Billy Marks - switch bigspin heelflip down Carlsbad Billy Marks - kickflip 6 blocks Chris Cole - fakie fs flip 7 blocks Chris Cole - nollie bs 360 heelflip 3 blocks
21 May 2012
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Follow me on Twitter - JosephPSimpson Dave England double head kicks Bam Magera in Jackass 3.5!
14 Jul 2013
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Austin "A Train" Magera is wearing the 99 (borrowed) Pina jersey. Playing up in the 97s. and Yes, he plays ice hockey AAA."All star" fast skater phenom Sniper "best 98,State Wars97" "Fast skater" talented "ALL STAR" " roller hockey,bauer,easton,mission,labeda,revision,high stick,penalty,thrashers,nhl,playmaker,fights,fighting,cross check,skate,kids, sports,extreme sports,playoffs,highlights,stanley cup,dangle,slapshot,puck,rocket,goalie,center,left wing,defense,game,east coast,west coast,wchl,chl,central hockey league,jr, speed, power,usa,ice,olympics,nhl stars,stars
26 Oct 2013
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